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Taking clothes to a laundromat saves 1,500 liters of water per month

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Mr Jeff, the Spanish company that has revolutionized the laundry sector, has estimated the savings for each family of four that uses its services, compared to doing an average of one laundry a week at home.

In total, it estimates that regular use of one of the Mr Jeff stores saves around 70 euros per month (between 16 and 19 euros per week), since less water, electricity and cleaning products are used, as well as saving on the purchase of various household appliances (washing machine, dryer and iron). Users will save time and be more comfortable.

Regarding the water bill, although it’s not the most expensive bill, Mr Jeff estimates that annual water savings per person can be as much as 1,500 liters, or 6,000 liters for a family of four. A person who does an average of one washing machine per week consumes 5,000 liters of water per year, compared to 3,500 liters if they were to do it through a laundry service.

Saving electricity is the most important factor, since the washing machine, dryer and, to a lesser extent, the iron, are among the appliances that consume the most. This is particularly important since the new schedule regulation system came into effect a year ago, which forced more than half of Spaniards to change their consumption habits to save on their bills, according to a survey conducted by Mr Jeff. On the other hand, Mr Jeff laundromat customers have not been as affected by the new electricity regulations.

We should also take into account how much is saved on the various cleaning products (detergent, fabric softener, distilled water, etc.), which families will be able to do without. Finally, outside the estimate, there is the cost of washing machines, dryers and irons, three fairly expensive household appliances that, thanks to the use of a laundromat, can be avoided.

Jeff is currently present in thirty-five countries, including the United States, where it recently launched and already has four locations. Through its offline stores, website and mobile app, Jeff offers various services aimed at facilitating users' daily lives.

The company, based in Valencia, was born in 2015 under the name Mr Jeff, with which it started its activity of laundry and dry cleaning delivery services. Currently, the Jeff brand encompasses all the platform's activities: Mr Jeff, Beauty Jeff -beauty services-, Relax Jeff -wellness services-, Fit Jeff -athletic services-, Jeff Works -co-working spaces- and Coffee Jeff -to-go coffee shops-

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