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I specialised in elderly care in the NHS for 20 years, now I’m bringing my skills to help the community with my new home care business

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Good Oaks Home Care Wokingham and Bracknell Director Shweta Mahadik. Credit: Good Oaks Home Care

Shweta Mahadik has been an NHS physiotherapy specialist in elderly care for 20 years, specifically Parkinson’s and Dementia care, and now she’s putting her experience to good use and has opened her own care business to help the local community.

Based at Indigo House on the Mulberry Business Estate in Wokingham, Good Oaks Home Care Wokingham and Bracknell, has just received its accreditation from the Care Quality Commission and is now open for business. The CQC is the independent regulator of health and social care in England and is also responsible for reporting on standards in home care.

Good Oaks Home Care provides quality live-in and visiting care to help people live safely and comfortably in the home they love. The Bracknell and Wokingham team are already helping clients in the community and are currently recruiting further.

Shweta said: “I was a physiotherapist working with the NHS for 20 years in elderly care mainly. That gives you a real appreciation for the care sector and the importance of good quality tailored care.”

Working as a specialist in Parkinson’s and Dementia care Shweta said one of the most important things that she wanted to achieve was to help families understand the changes their loved one would be experiencing. She said: “It’s important to educate people to ensure they understand the importance of good care and to ensure their care is tailored to them. With my background, especially in fall prevention and elderly care, I think it gives me a unique skill set. It is something I am really able to use to help our clients. When I do their care assessment I can look at these things and think about the additional help or support they will need day to day. It’s a very rewarding job to be able to help people. I live locally too, so it’s good to know you are helping your community.”

Good Oaks Home Care pays industry-leading rates of pay with a focus on helping give carers a clear career progression. Live-in and visiting carers can help with a variety of jobs to make life easier – from cooking, cleaning and laundry to personal care, helping get your loved ones up in the morning or to bed at night. They also provide respite and care for those being discharged from hospital.

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