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Embed Reviews - New App

Now, yoNow, you can store all your online reviews in one place; analyze and sync them into interactive social proof widgets for your website.

The EmbedReviews app allows users to aggregate and display thousands of reviews from their Facebook pages or Google locations in seconds.

This is possible due to official integrations with the social media platforms' APIs and constant platform compliance updates with the APIs requirements.

In addition to that, the app can sync the reviews into web widgets that are mobile responsive, interactive, and more engaging, resulting in a boost in trust and brand authority.

So, once connected, the widgets will continue to pull fresh content from verified reviews, so you can rest assured that your visitors are seeing the most up-to-date information.


  • Generate social media reviews in one place, on autopilot – such as reviews from Facebook and Google
  • Receive and respond to reviews from one single platform
  • Create interactive web widgets that will sync all reviews on your website
  • Hand-pick or moderate which reviews to display on your website

Facebook reviews

  • No more stock photos. Give valid data about the testimonial sources.
  • Collect Facebook reviews automatically through an approved API integration

Google Reviews

  • Live sync - The system integrates with an official Google API that will constantly update your Google reviews.
  • Multiple Google locations: Generate Google Reviews from multiple Google profiles

Multiple sources

All social media sources are included in every paid plan, such as Google and Facebook reviews widgets.

Bulk import

Import reviews that you've collected through email, chat, or other review websites, upload them to a custom source, and display them on any website.

Reviews reply

Reply to one or multiple Facebook pages or Google locations from one spot

Custom Reviews

Submit and create a web widget with your custom reviews.

Custom CSS

Create beautiful on-site widgets that match your brand entirely.


Make it sync hands-free or have control over what displays on your website.

Filters and Tags

Categorize online reviews by tags and organize them by date, rating, or filter by keywords.

Automatic sync

Reviews you get will be automatically generated and displayed on your website.

Various templates

Slider, Carousel, Grid, Column, Table, Page, SliderV.

Responsive design

A modern widget that loads fast and fits any website design.


Below are the top benefits that collected reviews can bring to your business:

  • Increase organic reach
  • Boost credibility
  • Promote positive and direct customer service;
  • Gain immediate trust

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