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So, 2022 is just about done! How would you sum up your year? Most of us would say it’s been a mix of the good, the bad, and the challenging – both on a personal level, and professionally. But, would you say you made the most of the opportunities given to you?

At The Wheel Specialist, we’re excited by what we’ve accomplished in 2022. But, like any successful brand, we know this is already in the past and we’re inspired as we look to 2023. Although there are challenges ahead for all of us, at The Wheel Specialist, we’re confident we will work it through together – supporting our network through every twist and turn.

Changing customer focus

Every year, Deloitte look into consumer behaviour, to understand how businesses can support their customers, by matching their lifestyle choices. In 2022, they discovered consumers choose sustainable living by only buying what they need[1]. This is obviously being driven by concern for the rising cost of living, as much as it is about climate issues.

With a business like ours, we’re built on consumers who choose a more sustainable approach by investing in their cars, rather than replacing them by ensuring their car looks as good as when it left the forecourt. It’s why we’ve refurbished over 1,000,000 wheels! And it’s why our franchise partners have enjoyed breaking their own sales records during 2022, including John Leggat who owns TWS Bristol and enjoyed six months of record sales this year.

We’re not saying when you invest in your own franchise with us, you’ll immediately be at the top. But, by helping customers wanting to keep their wheels looking as good as new through your new business, you’ll soon earn back a return on your investment… and then some, as you grow. The top earning franchisees in The Wheel Specialist’s network report earnings in excess of £150k p/a*.

Improving customer experience

According to a report by Experian[2], creating “inspiring and enjoyable experiences for your customers will become even more important in 2023. With the cost-of-living crisis, consumers are likely to think harder about where they spend their money, and who with.”

At The Wheel Specialist, this is something built into the heart of what we do –exceptional customer service experiences. In 2022, we took this a step further when we redesigned the look and feel of our Showrooms, making them even more comfortable for customers to visit when they bring in their cars. This is to match the exceptional service we provide with our range of refurbishment options.

When you invest in your own The Wheel Specialist franchise, we’ll work with you to deliver this, too – because first impressions count. So, from the moment customers walk through the door of your Showroom, they know they’ll have a truly positive experience with you and your team.

When you join the network, we will help you identify the best location for your new Showroom. We’ll also provide you with the details of suppliers, so you can kit it out to The Wheel Specialist’s standard – both in the customer-facing lounge, and your team’s workshop.

Small Business trends

There are many “trends” being forecast for small businesses, in 2023. But, we believe investing in something with longevity, and a sustainable future, is better than merely following a trend, if you want to start a business which is a little less risky in this current economic climate.

The Wheel Specialist has been around since 1955, and we’ve worked through many economic challenges and recessions. Our franchise opportunity is more than a trend, although we continue to identify on your behalf the market trends which best suit your business, with our model.

Dave Stanley, who owns The Wheel Specialist Leicester, says he invested in his franchise, because he felt empowered to enter a marketplace he was interested in, and could achieve his personal goals.

If he can do it… you can too!

So, why not give us a call, and discover how to take your first step into a better future for yourself.

* £150k earnings is based on adjusted accounts from a high performing franchisee, rather than audited or submitted accounts


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