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TaxAssist Accountants Oxford and Abingdon charity success

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David Lushington and his team have been supporting the B1G1 charity (formerly Buy1Give1) for the last three and a half years and recently received notification that their business activity has funded over 10,000 impact measures.

This includes access to learning for children and adults, access to microloans for adults looking at setting up their own business and supporting the environment through carbon off setting.

David said: “We have been sharing our business successes with some of the most disadvantaged individuals on earth, on a monthly basis by ‘living a legacy’ in the words of one of the charity founders.”

TaxAssist Oxford and Abingdon team’s activity included:

  • Every time they submit a personal tax return they provide five days of primary school education to an underprivileged child in Zimbabwe
  • Every month they create 43 positive environmental impacts to offset their offices’ carbon emissions
  • Every month they create 235 positive environmental impacts to offset the carbon emissions of each member of staff at their private homes
  • When they sign up a new limited company client they give one person access to the power of a microloan
  • When they sign up a new self-employed client they provide five days of bookkeeping training for women in Zimbabwe

“Each of these events is known as an impact, and since we started with B1G1 we have created 10,081 positive impacts,” added David.

“We are all very proud of this achievement, and I’m keen to share our success in order to raise awareness and encourage other small businesses to consider signing up.”

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