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5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction awarded to TaxAssist Accountants

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TaxAssist Accountants is proud to have once again been awarded 5-star Franchisee Satisfaction from WorkBuzz, a leading independent franchise consultancy.

The franchisee satisfaction survey works by inviting existing franchisees to participate in an anonymous online survey in which they answer 31 questions about their franchise ownership experience. Using a consistent methodology, the franchise is assigned an overall Franchise Survey Benchmark (FSB) score with the highest performing franchisors recognised at the Best Franchise Awards.

Sarah Robertson, Group Director and UK Managing Director of The TaxAssist Group, said: “Receiving this award for 11 straight years is a massive achievement, particularly as we are the first franchisor to have done so. Our direction of travel for the business and the hard work and effort put in by our teams to support and develop the franchise network is recognised within this award.

“This award is always extra special to us because it is based on feedback from franchisees, without whom, receiving this accolade would not have been possible. It reflects that our strategies and model deliver what we promise, which in turn gives those who are considering joining our network the inside perspective from the franchise network. We never rest on our laurels though, and all the comments have been read and digested, helping us to identify new opportunities to shape the future direction of support."

Due to positive feedback, TaxAssist Accountants received high benchmark results in the survey which informs the final Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark report. These key areas include training and support, franchise system, culture and relationships, leadership and general satisfaction.

Highlights of the survey include 100% positive feedback from franchisees who have joined in the last 12 months on the initial training and support provided, with the general satisfaction levels at 86%. With vision and leadership at 87% and 86% respectively and shared goals hitting the highs of 95% it demonstrates the togetherness of both the franchisees and franchisor with 90% stating they would recommend the franchise to others.

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