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Build your own business - Be your own boss with dns accountants!

  • Escape corporate life but work with a corporate vision and support from our brilliant head office team
  • Achieve a better work-life balance
  • Be part of a forward-thinking accountancy group like dns and all it has to offer
  • Build a sellable asset for your future
  • Control your career and your financial freedom
  • Make the most of your experience and qualifications
  • Feel supported in all areas to focus on growing your own business. Why not do the work you love for your own benefit.
  • Gain access to our all partners (see website for more info), so you can offer your clients more products and services
  • Receive help to cope with industry changes as and when they happen
  • Build your own business but not alone.

Join a reputable business like dns, a renowned and established brand, and give creditability to your clients from day one. With the unique option to outsource elements of your services to our head office experts, your clients will benefit from it all making it easy for them to recommend you to your next new client.

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