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Premium Self Photo Studio Life4cuts. Onboard with New play trend ‘Life4Cuts’ from Korea

About Us

“Want to take a Life4Cuts?”

When hanging with friends, someone is bound to say this phrase, and you will soon be wearing funny wigs or sunglasses inside a photo booth.

It is one of the biggest and most popular photo machine franchises, and because taking photo strips has become so common, Life4cuts has become the generic name, similar to Band-Aid and Post-it.

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Operates 380 stores and 1000 photo- taking boxes Korea nationwide.

We are Korea’s first and largest self-studio with 315 stores nationwide and 10,000 photo-taking boxes in five years after its launch. (As of May 2022).

Global Presence

  • United States: 19 stores
  • Japan: 16 stores
  • United Kingdom: 8 stores
  • Singapore, Canada, Vietnam: 3 stores each
  • Netherlands, Italy, Czechia, Guatemala, Malaysia: 1 store each
  • As of Oct 2022)

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The Franchise Opportunity

Life4Cuts is now actively looking for franchise partners to collaborate with. The business has expansion plans across the UK (50 Stores) and Europe (10 Stores).

With the Release of K-POP IP Applied Photo Frames, Revenue Increased Dramatically
  • The July 2023 revenue skyrocketed by roughly 719%, considering an average monthly transaction of 2.43 billion KRW in 2022, which equates to about £1,467,045 worldwide.
  • The overseas target of ‘Life4Cuts' is the fandom of K-POP, K-Movie, K-DRAMA, and related K-Entertainment, and the hypothesis that securing related IPs is a sufficient condition for the success of the overseas business has been validated.

Why Life4Cuts?

  • Tech That Works for You: Our self-operating booths, equipped with the latest technology, simplify the business operation, significantly reducing the need for a large staff and complex setups.
  • Marketing Support: Franchisees receive a comprehensive array of marketing tools, including fresh content, social media strategies, and promotional materials, updated monthly to ensure ongoing engagement and visibility.
  • Pre-established Fan Base: Tapping into the existing fandom of K-POP, K-Movies, K-Dramas, and related K-Entertainment, Life4Cuts offers a solid foundation for success, with a dedicated audience already seeking the unique experiences we provide.

Unique Selling Points

  • Virtual Interactions with K-pop Idols: Customers can enjoy unforgettable moments with digital versions of their favorite K-pop stars.
  • Creative Props and Accessories: A wide selection of fun accessories guarantees each visit is unique and enjoyable.
  • Continuously Updated Content: Monthly updates of photo frames and exclusive BTS content keep the customer experience engaging, ensuring repeat visits and sustained interest.
  • Exclusive BTS Content: Fans can deepen their connection with K-pop idols through exclusive video downloads, adding significant value to their experience.

Join Life4Cuts

Choosing Life4Cuts means embracing a franchise that combines easy management with the thrill of being part of a global cultural trend. With self-running technology, robust marketing support, and access to a passionate fan base, Life4Cuts franchisees are positioned for success in the booming entertainment industry. Step into a world where culture, excitement, and business growth converge, making Life4Cuts not just another franchise opportunity, but your entry into the heart of a global craze.

Continuously offering you unlimited support!

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