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Sourced Franchise to Join Franchise Direct for an Exclusive Webinar

Franchise Direct will host an exclusive webinar with Sourced Franchise on Thursday, October 19th as part of the website’s Franchise Discovery Series.

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Continuing our successful Franchise Discovery Series, Franchise Direct is excited to host an upcomingwebinarwith property franchise, Sourced on October 19th at 2pm.

Do you have an interest in property? The industry that creates more millionaires than any other? Would you relish the chance to work with people who have been there and done it?

If so, then this webinar is your chance to join the leading property investment franchise in the UK and learn how to start your own property business with full training, ongoing support, and a 100% funding facility.

During this in-depth 35-45 minute free webinar, you will hear from Chris Kirkwood, Managing Director of Sourced, who will discuss the following:

  • An overview of our business model.
  • Insight into the property industry at the moment and why it still remains a lucrative opportunity for people who are keen to build a profitable business.
  • Insight into the life of a Franchisee – as we will be joined by one of our own (Keith)

A Q&A session will follow the discussion to address any questions you may have.

To register for the webinar, simply click here to book your spot.

About Sourced

Sourced Franchise is a unique franchise opportunity, to the extent that it’s the first and only franchise of its kind in the UK property investment sector. Help property investors to achieve their dreams whilst building your own property portfolio, loving what you do and creating a sizeable business while doing it.

Achieve financial freedom through your choice of property investment strategies, with full training and ongoing support. Access a network of joint venture partners, funding options, buyers and investors worldwide.

We will work with you to create a bespoke property business plan and support you every step of the way, as you navigate through your property journey.

If you are looking to start a business that promises great returns, an excellent support network and an exceptional growth opportunity, the answer is Sourced.

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