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Launching Your Franchise Dream: The Chantry Foundation's Last Call for 2024

For ambitious small businesses yearning to franchise their success, the landscape can be daunting. Finding the right partners, and establishing a solid foundation feels overwhelming. Enter the Chantry Foundation, a not-for-profit initiative offering a lifeline to aspiring franchisors.

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But time is ticking. Only one spot remains in their 2024 cohort, offering unique benefits and expert guidance to three lucky businesses. Here's why you shouldn't miss this opportunity:

The primary objective of the Chantry Foundation is to empower small business owners in making their inaugural strides into the world of franchising.

What Sets the Chantry Foundation Apart?

The Chantry Foundation is a not-for-profit community interest division initiated by Chantry Group, dedicated to giving back to the franchise community it serves. Each year, the foundation selects three businesses with a enthusiasm for launching their franchise network. The chosen trio is then nurtured through the challenging early phases of finding and onboarding their crucial first franchisees.

Under the seasoned guidance of a team boasting decades of collective experience in franchising, the Chantry Foundation offers a unique package for the selected businesses. This includes Chantry Group's proven franchise marketing set-up and launch process, lead handling and conversion support, and ongoing mentoring for franchise operations.

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Two businesses, BizSmart and The Bike Fitters, are already experiencing the transformative power of the program. Their positive stories paint a clear picture of the success awaiting the final chosen participant.

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How to get involved

Businesses interested in participating in the Chantry Foundation must meet specific criteria, including a commitment to a minimum budget of £3,000 per month for the year. This encompasses a 12-month marketing budget of at least £24,000, along with £1,000 per month dedicated to lead handling and ongoing mentoring. Notably, the Chantry Foundation operates on a fully transparent, not-for-profit basis with a separate bank account.

In essence, the Chantry Foundation paves the way for aspiring franchisors, offering them the essential tools to kickstart their foundational franchise growth. This groundbreaking initiative aligns with Chantry Group's commitment to nurturing the best first-stage franchisees, laying the groundwork for enduring success and exponential expansion.

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