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Join CleanMyBed For a Franchise Discovery Webinar on April 25th

Join Franchise Direct as we sit down with Rob Dancy and Charlie Wright of CleanMyBed on April 25th in this exclusive webinar that will explore the CleanMyBed franchise opportunity.

Do you want to become a market leader in the profitable UK wellness industry? Do you want to help bring a new brand to the UK?

Sit down with us on this insightful, free 35-45 minute webinar hosted by FranchiseDirect to take you through some more in-depth info about what this franchise is all about and how it could work for you.

A number of key topics will be covered, including:

  • How CleanMyBed was created and got to where it is today
  • How CleanMyBed's 100 Day Ignition Programme will help get you right in front of customers from day one
  • How CleanMyBed will support you so you can hit the ground running and concentrate on servicing customers and building customer loyalty
  • What kind of person makes a good CleanMyBed franchisee
  • Your investment and the potential returns

To register for the webinar, simply click below to book your spot:

Webinar Blog Post Image

About CleanMyBed
CleanMyBed is a simple, but ground-breaking, wellness franchise designed to transform your life – and those of your customers – for the better! By offering a medical grade, premium service to remove dirt and allergens from people’s beds, you’ll be providing something which will always be in demand, health, well-being, and peace of mind.
As a CleanMyBed Ambassador, you will be among the first to market, in the UK, with a dynamic, new brand set to become a household name for clean, allergy-free beds and personal well-being. Like all the best business ideas, you’ll be solving a problem for your customers with a solution they have never had access to before now.

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