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Franchisor Q&A (#54): Rhino Surfaces

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Want to be part of something that not only benefits your own lifestyle, but also that of the environment?

Then look no further than Rhino Surfaces.

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At Rhino, they know all too well the harmful impact the construction industry can have on our environment.

As part of this industry, the business wants to do things a little differently and make better choices that help rather than hinder the impact we have on the environment.

Rhino's vision is to build a nationwide network of professional resin bound franchisees who value exceptional customer service, sustainability and quality workmanship above all else.

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In our latest Franchisor Q&A series, we take a look at why the Rhino Surfaces franchise offering is one that not only benefits the investor, but also the environment too.

Q1. Why is your business a smart franchise investment for entrepreneurs?

With global warming becoming ever apparent for all the wrong reasons – the future is resin bound! A product that helps ease the impact of global warming instead of adding to the problems (a rare thing in the construction industry!).

Not only is resin bound a beautiful and highly desirable product, but it boasts a long list of benefits to customers that they simply cannot get from other surfacing products.

As one of the longest established resin bound installation companies in the UK we know the products and methods inside out – our extensive experience will help our franchisees avoid costly mistakes and our training and support will give them the skills and confidence to run their Rhino Surfaces franchise secure in the knowledge that they are being mentored by one of the most renowned and successful companies in the industry.

All of the above lead to a sustainable and realistic profit potential.

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Q2. What do you look for in a potential franchisee?

Rhino Surfaces are a different kind of animal – from superior customer service standards, to our methods of installation. As recipients of the Trading Standards ‘Buy With Confidence’ accreditation, we are required to run our business fairly, legally and honestly, and expect all franchisees to abide by the same values. We will work closely with and mentor our franchisees to get them in the best possible shape to achieve their own Trading Standards Accreditation.

We look for a proactive team attitude, a thirst for learning, a commitment to deliver customer satisfaction and a passion for perfection, if a potential franchisee shares these values then they are already on the right track for a personally and professionally rewarding future with a Rhino Surfaces Franchise.

Q3. How do you support your franchisees to open their own operation?

We train and support our franchisees throughout every aspect before and after the launch of their Rhino Surfaces Franchise. From the day-to-day running of the business to training them on the ‘full service’ installation.

It’s well recognised within the groundworks industry that a surface is only as good as the base it’s laid on (and indeed, the ground beneath that!). At Rhino, we carry out our own groundworks as well as the surface installation providing our customers with the ‘full service’ and will teach our franchisees every aspect of this.

We also provide our franchisees with highly impactful marketing campaigns in their chosen territory.

Q4. What extra support and assistance do you offer your franchisees once they are up and running?

The support we provide our franchisees goes beyond launch day. We have a dedicated franchise support team, each highly experienced in their area of the business and dedicated to the success of our franchisees. We will monitor the franchisee's progress to ensure they are on the right track to help them follow their own business plan and achieve their predicted goals.

Q5. What plans do you have for the franchise over the next few years?

Our mission is to build a national network of successful installers who follow the same values and beliefs, putting customer satisfaction first, sustainability and quality workmanship above all else, making the ‘Rhino’ name as trusted nationally as it is locally.

Learn more about Rhino Surfaces here>>>

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