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Franchising in the Fast Casual Restaurant Industry

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Back in March 2020 when the Pandemic first hit, fast food franchises were exposed to multiple challenges all at the same time. And there was huge uncertainty. Lockdowns followed and this inevitably affected trade.

The brands that were able to cope all had something extra, they re-examined how they operated and invited new innovations into the mix.

Fast-forward more than two years and the industry now faces different challenges. Increased costs, supply chain issues following Brexit, staff shortages and a potential decline in demand for those who are not prepared. Only the leanest, most efficient and most innovative fast-food franchises will continue to do well in these demanding conditions.

As we opened our first Burger & Sauce restaurant during the Pandemic, we have only known these kinds of pressures. For us, we began with a simple, streamlined operation, building constructive relationships with our delivery partners, developing marketing strategies with aggregators which benefit all, and creating an innovative menu fresh with meal combinations with a wide appeal. Our restaurants are backed up by the most modern, bespoke technology which automatically manages and splits orders, also enabling supplies and ingredients to be tracked, traced and temperature checked at the touch of a button. The added efficiency means our staff don’t get bogged down in administrative details and find their jobs satisfying and easy, so they can focus on delivering great customer service. They also stick around!

There is no doubt the quick service restaurant industry landscape has shifted dramatically over the past few years. However, the upside is that challenges have led to innovation.

There will always be a market as everyone still needs to eat! This in-turn has led to some amazing opportunities for franchisees passionate about food quality and willing to take advantage of the very latest technology to deliver great products to a market hungry for quality at a great price.

If I had to give advice for potential franchisees considering the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry, look for a fresh idea that really resonates. Customers want quality sure, but with the increased cost of living they also want great value for money.

I know I’m a little bias, but my tip would be to keep in mind that burgers continue to be the world’s favourite fast-food product! According to Mintel the UK burger market was worth £3.28 billion in 2016, up 22% from 2.7b in 2011. Since then, the market has grown by an estimated average of 2.7% each year since.

We also know that three in five Brits have visited a burger outlet in the past three months and the demand for a gourmet burger is outstripping other types of offers, with 71% of customers wanting a freshly made burger at their outlet of choice. With our range of fresh, gourmet burgers, Burger & Sauce is ideally positioned to take advantage of these trends and the growing market.

Choose a franchise with great training. Any food franchise will provide full training to ensure new franchisees have the best chance of success. The best also provide site location, build and full turn-key restaurant opening plus ongoing marketing and support. For example, we have again taken advantage of technology to develop a secure online portal called ‘Source’ (I do love that name!), which is a central depository for all franchisee information, operating manuals and marketing assets as well as training materials and anything franchisees need, all in one place.

If I had to choose the key element which would single out the success of a fast-food franchise, I think the combination of simplicity, innovation and efficiency will be essential for the most successful streamlined operations of fast-food franchises in the future. It’s what we’ve focused on at Burger & Sauce and with our founders so involved in the day to day running of the franchise, we are all literally putting our money where my mouth is!

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