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What's Your Franchise's Carbon Footprint?

There's been a lot of talk in recent years about climate change, and it's increasing in public awareness. With this heightened sense of awareness, you might want to find out about your business' carbon footprint!

One of the easiest ways to measure your impact on the environment is to find out how much your carbon footprint is, or the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) produced from all your business activity. The main sources of GHGs for business are generally:

  1. transport emissions (e.g. business vehicles)
  2.  energy consumption (e.g. how much gas and electricity you use)
  3. how you dispose of waste (e.g. the incineration of waste can lead to methane release in landfills)
  4. refrigerants (e.g. hydrofluorocarbon, or HFCs)

If you can figure out ways to improve these categories, your business will be emitting less (and this may even save you money, as lower energy consumption equals lower bills!). Check out The Carbon Trust's carbon footprint calculator!

TreesAlso keep in mind that there may be tax breaks for those businesses that adopt environmentally-friendly practices. For instance, using sources of energy with less environmental impact can mean you get a reduction in the climate change levy, or use enhanced capital allowances (ECAs) to invest in vehicles for your franchise that have low carbon dioxide emissions. Another way to get a discount is if your vehicles use alternative fuels.

Another solution to your business' carbon footprint is to calculate the GHGs your franchise emits and then purchase credits from an emission reduction project, such as renewable energy schemes, energy efficiency projects, capturing methane from landfills, planting trees to absorb carbon dioxide, etc. Check out the Defra website for more information on carbon offsetting.

Read up on more information about environmental regulations at NetRegs and find out about their significance to your franchise. With better informed consumers and environmentally conscious businesses, we can move the booming franchise industry further and further into a green future!

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