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Practical Green Tips

Even small changes in overhead and cost matter when it comes to running a small business or franchise. That's why it's becoming increasingly important to adopt energy-saving "green" habits to make your business more energy efficient... and cost effective. In fact, Britain's Environment Agency said that complying with green legislation will also allows small businesses to save millions of pounds! Currently £58 million is being saved by those in compliance.

Research shows that smaller companies are twice as likely to be aware of the environment than larger ones. In fact, a survey conducted of 12,001 workers in England shows that 1/3 of small business employees have addressed climate change with behavioural changes, whereas less than 1/5 of large, international companies' employees have done anything.

So take your part in helping make your business greener with these practical tips:

  •  Work from home. If your franchise or business allows it, try to stay away from commuting to and from work everyday. Fuel costs are high, and you will be saving yourself lots of money by working from home.
  • Change the light bulbs to energy efficient ones. At the end of the day, you'll be saving costs and the environment if you change the light bulbs in your leased office space or home office to the high efficiency ones. The energy efficient bulbs may be more expensive, but your investment will pay off when you look at your electric bill for the month.
  • Turn off lights at night. This also includes office equipment, like computers, which are very energy intensive. If you need to leave your computer on, at least switch off the monitor.
  • Clean filters on refrigerators and condensers annually. This can significantly lower your fuel bill by getting the refrigerator to run more efficiently and save energy.
  • Turn down heating and air conditioning. Try to raise the temperature slightly in the summer, and lower it slightly in the winter. Although this seems like a simple gesture, it will actually save you money!
  • Improve insulation systems. This will help with your electricity bill, as you won't have to adjust the thermostat quite as much during the cold of winter or heat or summer.

Follow these simple tips and you'll find that you're making a difference not only with the environment, but also in your small business or franchise's checkbook.

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