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A Round Up of Inspirational TEDTalks for Franchisors and Franchisees

TED Talks is a nonprofit organisation that is devoted to spreading new, interesting, inspiring, and usually entertaining ideas in short powerful talks.

We’ve put together the top eight TED Talks that every franchise owner, franchise holder and aspiring franchisee should watch. So put the kettle on, dig out your headphones and use your next break to get motivated!

How to get your Ideas to Spread – Seth Godin

Seth Godin is an absolute marketing genius. He offers those rare gems of simplicity that make us all think, “Why have I not thought of that?” Here Godin explains how incredibly underwhelmed your audience is. Inboxes are full of spam, and your messages are just another fish in that overpopulated sea. So how do you successfully reach your customers? Well you just have to choose the right audience and you must stand out. Basically you must be “remarkable.” Yes, he means this literally: You must offer them something to remark about.

Visualise your business problems to solve them quicker - Tom Wujec

According to Wujec, the solution to any business problem starts with a piece of bread. You take a bunch of sticky notes, use them to draw the different steps of the toast-making process, and have a group of people come together to rearrange the sticky notes in a particular order. The same strategy applies to any goal you’re trying to achieve. “There’s a visual revolution that’s taking place as more organisations are addressing their wicked problems by collaboratively drawing them out,” he says. “And I’m convinced that those who see their world as movable nodes [steps in the process] and links [connections between the steps] really have an edge.”


The Real Origin of the Franchise - Sir Harold Evans


So you probably think that McDonald’s was the first giant franchise to take over the world? Well, you’re wrong. In this TED-Ed lesson by Sir Harold Evans, we find out that a chain of beauty salons were actually the first to use the incredibly successful business model. Evans describes how a beauty salon allowed hundreds of women to own their own franchise. “So the next time you enjoy a McDonald’s hamburger or a good night’s rest at a Days Inn, think of Martha. Because these franchises might not be the same without her inventing the model, over a century ago.” This is excellent if you want to know how franchising really got started.

8 Secret of Success - Richard St. John

What leads to success? Passion. Hard work. Practice. Focus. Ideas. Persistence. These are just a few of the things you need as a franchisee. Ten years of research and 500 face-to-face-interviews led Richard St. John to a collection of eight common traits in successful leaders around the world. Richard St. John, author and success analyst, fits his results into this very high-impact 3-minute video. With quotes from industry leaders such as Bill Gates, Goldie Hawn and Rupert Murdoch, Richard presents to you the real secrets to success. So whatever your aspirations for your future career, listen to Richard St John’s 8 steps to success and be on your way!

What it takes to be a Great Leader - Roselinde Torres

Roselinde Torres is a senior partner and managing director at the consulting firm, BCG. The world is full of leadership programs, but the best way to learn how to lead might be right under your nose. In this succinct, candid talk, Roselinde Torres describes 25 years observing truly great leaders at work, and shares the three simple but crucial questions would-be company chiefs need to ask to thrive in the future. Starting at the 4-minute mark, she dives into ways you can be a successful leader and open yourself up to new business opportunities. Create relationships with people who share different ideas. Let go of an old process even though it’s familiar and comfortable. Dare to be different!

How to Make Work Life Balance Work – Nigel Marsh

As he was approaching the big 4-0, Nigel Marsh realised that he had become a “classic corporate warrior,” working very long hours and neglecting his family. He knew that it was time to start making changes. In this TED Talk, Marsh talks about what he’s learned about work-life balance. Why do we feel the need to work long hours, at jobs we hate, to buy things we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like? It’s up to us along to take control of our own lives. If we don’t, somebody else will. He tells us to avoid the “I’ll have a life when I retire” mentality. Make small changes in your working life and your quality of life with surge too.

The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed – Bill Gross

Bill Gross attempts in this TEDTalk to uncover why one startup might be more successful than another and why a business might fail. As a serial entrepreneur and a mentor for other startups, Gross has serious experience in the business world. He’s seen great businesses fail and questionable businesses succeed, and this experience means that he’s come to conclusions about why these differences exist. Gross evaluates every startup in terms of the strength of the idea, the timing of the company launch, the team leading the business, finance and the overall business model. What he found was that one factor led to success more than any other — and that’s timing. This is a must watch for any franchisor or franchisee.


Leaning in: ‘Why there are not enough women leaders’ - Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook COO and author of Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg’s TED talk attempts to answer the eternal and probing question ‘where are the women’ in leadership positions? In her talk she encourages this generation of young women to reassess the way they look at their careers. Her talk has been watched more than five million times and it’s a powerful call to action from one of the technology industry’s most prominent female role models. Don’t miss it!

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