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The UK’s leading Commercial Cleaning & Facilities Management Franchise Opportunity

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Ollie Green
Build a recurring income | be your own boss | grow an asset to sell

Commercial cleaning and facilities management is a vast sector with continuous demand where you manage the needs of your clients, combining your team and the latest tech to deliver the bespoke mix of services their premises require.

Unlimited potential: NO territory restrictions

We have a refreshingly different approach: guiding, supporting and encouraging you to build a larger business, without restricting you to only operating in a small local territory. You can even utilise other franchisees located around the country to deliver your furthest contracts. Win-Win.

Additional income streams from multiple FM services

Your team will deliver the range of repeating relatively simple services, enabling you to build a contracted recurring income. Forge deep client relationships, while continually adding more contracts to grow an asset to sell in the future, all while enjoying a stable monthly income.

The latest cleaning science, tech and robotics

Benefit from the wider group’s experience and buying power to leverage the latest tech to save your cleaning operatives’ time and energy, enabling your NIC business to have a competitive advantage and to maximise profitability with the SME markets you will serve.

No experience needed: 1-2-1 business mentoring

“We believe we provide franchisees the highest level of personal guidance and support of any established franchise in the UK. Typically, each of our full-time Business Development Managers works 1-2-1 with five franchisees; providing ongoing coaching, guidance and support on every element of their business. The support changes as the franchisee confidence grows - it really works.- ”Jo Lock - BDM & Franchise General Manager (and former NIC franchise)

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A market-leading brand for your business

Established over 50 years ago, the NIC Services Group has a team of over 10,000 people, serving the UK’s biggest brands. NIC Local benefits from the brand, accreditations, systems, tech and buying power, to target the higher-margin SME market.

Administrative support

We know how to make it easier for you, so you can engage the departments of the group’s vast head office team for supporting your business with functions such as administration, invoicing and credit control giving you valuable time to work on, not in, your business.

Daily Contract Cleaning – a necessity, not a luxury

With 80% of our customers being contracted to regular, often daily, cleans our franchisees businesses remain largely unaffected by seasonal or economic influences. Whilst many other sectors are struggling in the current environment our services have become even more valued.

Franchisees come from a wide range of backgrounds, all hungry to be successful

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Leverage your prior career, contacts and sector experience to your benefit. With NIC alongside you, take on higher-margin locally based contracts: schools, colleges, offices, doctors and dental surgeries, retail outlets, university accommodation, car dealerships, pubs and restaurants…

It’s a massive market with no limits to growth and 80% of our customers are contracted for daily cleans.

A journey with guidance every step of the way

Before your business launches, you will undertake a one-week training course at our support office in Leeds. This enables you to really get to know the people at NIC – it’s like joining one big family.

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Your role changes as you grow

Initially you can work from your home office, focusing on growing your contracts, with the constant support of your BDM’s 1-2-

1 guidance for every element of your business. This will enable you to learn and grow in confidence as you work together. We don’t know of another franchise with this level of personal mentoring in the UK.

Once your business is established your role elevates to leading your management team, who will oversee your operators. This will free you to focus on maintaining and building client relationships.

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Join the NIC Family

NIC Services Group is one of the UK’s largest Contract Cleaning and Facilities Management businesses. Despite our size, with NIC still being family-owned and operated, we are able to retain the culture of a small business where people really do matter.

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And with no territory restrictions, you won’t ever run out of target clients!

We have great relationships with the franchise departments of the major high street banks, who have a strong appetite to lend 70% of the start up costs. With a total investment of circa £45,000 including working capital, you will need to invest in the region of £14,000 from your own resources, with bank funding for the rest.

Build from a fresh start, or invest more to buy an existing portfolio. You won’t just build a healthy recuring income with your own NIC business, you will be creating an asset to sell in the future.

Get in touch with David to find out more…

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Don’t hesitate – make the call that puts your future in your own hands

NIC Franchise Case Study – Nusrat Ali

NIC Case Study

Nusrat say “I was looking for a secure business that would offer me a good return on my investment. After a significant amount of research I decided that the NIC management franchise was the right option for me especially with their guaranteed income offer*.”

“I had the desire to work and grow within an organisation where devotion to hard work is encouraged and promoted.”

Nusrat completed a comprehensive in-house training programme, which covers all the practical aspects of cleaning including safe operational methods and best practice. Nusrat says “I found the training invaluable and in addition to this, NIC provide you with on-going support from a Business Development Manager who will assist and offer you guidance throughout your journey.”

Nusrat was looking for a business that would fit in with her family life. “As I am my own boss, I am able to organise my schedule around my family commitments, I am able to walk my youngest daughter to school every morning.”

“I think that a Franchisor should provide excellent area knowledge, sales & marketing assistance, quality training and on-going support. All of which are provided by NIC.”

Nusrat has already built up a very successful business for herself in less than 12 months. “NIC has a very unique business model and if you follow their processes and procedures you will be successful. The cleaning market is extremely lucrative with a high return on investment and provides continual year on year growth.”

Nusrat’s short terms goal is to maximise on sales opportunities and keep growing her business to increase her coverage. Her long term goal is to become another of NIC’s £1million turnover franchisees and she is well on her way to achieving this goal.

*Subject to investment level

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