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2-in-1 local franchise opportunity working in partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, providing high quality sweets, snacks and activity packs to workplaces and leisure establishments. Suits individuals or couples.

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Our market leading charity sweet franchise is the only franchise in the charity sector that offers both snacks and children’s activity packs.

Therefore our franchisees experience ZERO competition with these popular packs from any other charity franchises!

This guarantees, within this sector, that YOU will be the only franchisee in your area able to offer these packs to customers in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, dentists and hundreds of other such places where snacks are not wanted!!!

We have the best and most interesting range of over 120 lines including high quality sweets, flapjacks, crisps, cakes and healthy gluten-free and sugar free options to make sure we are meeting today's trends. Add in the activity packs and you have the most diverse package in this market that helps us outsell our competitors.

You can leave anytime you want without any penalties.

We can launch your business by physically siting 300 boxes for you in the first 2 weeks (package 2) using our own dedicated siting team to ensure that your business is booming fast.

Our franchisees have the option to offer both cash and cashless payments to their customers (using QR codes) or just allow cash payments only. If customers wish to pay for a snack by card, they simply use their phone to scan the QR code on the snack box to make a payment into the franchisees bank account. Then our franchisees use a special app on their phone to scan the QR code to view the total card payments made for that box!

Both Package 1 and Package 2 include 7,500 products, 350 display boxes, electronic coin counter, branded clothing, ID badge and consumables. Package 2 also includes finding and placing 300 boxes into customers premises.

Everything sells competitively at £1.20 and offers great value to your customers.

Dissatisfied franchisees from several of our competitors have transferred over to Snack Aid. This fact confirms that we are the number one company to work with in this business.

We are the only charity sweet company offering bespoke software to automate and print off your rounds in an efficient route order with just one click. Its makes running your business so much easier.

Leave when you want, penalty free - No minimum order or fees.

We have a very fair franchise agreement and offer unrivalled franchisee support.

With such limited risk, we have made it very easy for you to join our team and enjoy a fantastic work-life balance. Join today and change your life! Ultimately you will not get a better package for this price!
Snack Aid Franchise


We are a leading company in the fundraising snack sector and are the exclusive snack selling partner of the very popular children's charity Make-A-Wish Foundation UK. Our products are sold from Make-A-Wish branded boxes, which are situated in various workplaces, retail and leisure establishments throughout local areas. When customers buy a snack or activity pack they help raise money for Make-A-Wish as well as provide an income for our franchisees who supply the local service.

Anticipated income is £30,000 - £35,000 per annum although our top franchisee earns over £65,000

How It Works

We give you a large exclusive territory and provide you with stock and display boxes on competitive terms; the price includes the charity donation too, so all the money you collect is yours to keep.

In the first few weeks, your business will start to be built by having boxes placed in workplaces or anywhere that people visit e.g. offices, school staff rooms, pubs, hairdressers, shops etc. Depending on which package you choose, you can either place the boxes yourself or have them physically sited for you. Customers buy the products for £1.20 each and place their cash in the concealed moneybox. Every two or three weeks, you return, remove YOUR cash and restock with more products – it’s that simple!

Dual Franchise: Our market just got bigger

As well as the snack box sector, we have now opened up a market exclusive to just our franchisees with a product that has proven itself to be in great demand; children’s activity packs. These packs contain 3 colouring/sticker/puzzle books plus crayons and unlock businesses which would be inaccessible with our competitor’s packages, such as cafes, restaurants, surgeries, dentists and childrens play areas. Often in these establishments, families visit with children who may need some entertainment whilst their parents eat, drink or wait for an appointment. At £1.20 sale price, the activity packs offer great value and convenience and only Snack Aid can offer you the supply you need to fulfil this part of the market.


  • No fees of any sort. Free delivery. Flexible hours.
  • We are a genuinely decent and friendly company that has your best interests at heart. As all our franchisees know, we will look after you.
  • Simple bespoke database to automate your rounds (only available from Snack Aid). Removes the headache of calculating when your customers are due a delivery and prints off your weekly rounds in an efficient route order with one click, making your business significantly easier and more profitable.
  • Your customers can use cash or card by scanning the box QR code with their phone.
  • Unlike most companies, the amount we pay to the charity is uncapped.
  • We are the only company using laminated display boxes to ensure they last and look newer for longer.
  • Our in-house professional canvassers do high quality work and snack boxes are only left in suitable customer premises.
  • You only pay for stock and display boxes.
  • All charity is good, but it is very important in this sector to have a well known children’s charity displayed prominently on your boxes as this will help ensure your business is successful, particularly long term. The well known Make-A-Wish branding on your snack boxes will ensure that you are well represented in this capacity and this will have a positive effect upon your sales.
  • Our products are excellent. They have to be, otherwise our business would fail as it’s all about repeat sales. Included are healthy, gluten and sugar free options, activity packs, hand-baked flapjacks, cakes, crisps and bespoke sweet mixes.
  • Simple business to run, full training provided and no experience is necessary.
  • Free franchise pack including an expensive electronic coin counter/sorter, charity branded clothing, database, ID badge, stationery and more.
  • Free newsletters to insert in your customers boxes to give them regular feedback.

Try Before You Buy

Before you decide to join us, you will first accompany a franchisee for a few hours to experience the business ‘hands on’. You will then visit us at our office and receive a very in depth understanding of this business so you can decide if its right for you. You will be under no obligation to enter into an agreement unless you feel completely comfortable, in regard to both your expected income and what running your business will entail.

Franchise Packages

There will be nothing more to pay out for other than additional stock and occasional display boxes. As our financial success rests solely upon the orders we receive from our franchisees, we are only successful if they are, which is your guarantee that we will do all we can to make you successful.

Package 1 – The franchisee sites the boxes.

£3,750 plus. VAT offers a mix of 7,500 sweets, flapjacks, cakes and activity packs plus 350 Make-A-Wish display boxes. Full training and free starter package included

Package 2 – 300 boxes sited for you plus 50 spare display boxes.

£4,999 plus VAT includes the cost of finding and physically siting the boxes into customers premises for you. Included is a mix of 7,500 sweets, flapjacks, cakes and activity packs. Full training and free starter package included

What We Require From You

You will need to operate the business on a full time basis, have a friendly pleasant personality and a desire to be successful. All you need to get up and running is some storage - a garage or spare room is ideal (or alternatively you can rent storage space cheaply) and a dependable car.

Check out our testimonials – just click on the button at the top of this page. We are a fast growing, personal and friendly company with impressive support and great customer service.
Snack Aid Testimonials
Update July 2021: I am now earning £50K per year and with the recent addition of card payments options for customers, I know I can make even more. The support I have received has been exceptional…….I am already earning £35K per year and I only joined the Snack Aid team about 8 months ago in June 2018! From the start and right throughout it has been an exciting and a great joy to be a franchisee. I have no regrets or doubts that I made the right choice picking Snack Aid over other similar franchises out there. I spoke to other similar companies before I joined and was put off those companies because they didn’t seem genuine and this later proved to be the case once I got to know the business. Whereas with Snack Aids initial call it was the complete opposite. They have a great range but also on top of the great selling sweets and cake bars, other products like children's activity packs and crisps make it even easier to raise sales more per site, and gives you the added ability to get boxes out at places that can't have or don't always want sweets for sale like dentists and cafes etc. All the products are of great quality which really is essential for repeat sales month after month and making this a long standing business model that works. I have never done anything like this before, but after meeting Jim the owner, and the siting team who help get people started by getting there first boxes out, they filled me with confidence that this is something I could do with ease, work the hours I wished each week, and earn a good honest wage. Everyone at Snack Aid were very friendly open and honest with everything involved running the business. They also told me about potential pitfalls and ways to avoid and resolve the issues, have been there and easily contactable for any advice i have needed, and have an in depth knowledge on all aspects of the business. They want you to exceed just as much as you do. I got my first 300 boxes out in under 2 weeks, most places are very accepting of taking boxes in as they benefit their staff and customers, whilst raise money for such a great cause. 8 months later I now have 600 boxes out and managing them all is a breeze thanks to the great database provided. Thank you Jim and the team, for all your support and advice, and providing such a great franchise model
Jason M.,
Snack Aid
I transferred over to Snack Aid in 2017 after originally working with another charity sweet franchise for 15 months. My decision to join Snack Aid was based on a call I received from Jim a couple of months prior to joining. I had originally approached Jim before joining my original franchise but my area was not available with Snack Aid then. He called to ask me how things were going as the area was about to become available due to health reasons of the existing franchise. At the particular time I was losing customers hand over fist due to some poor citing work by the company I was with at that time. I was at a low period and questioning whether I wanted to continue when Jim called me. He reconfirmed to me that this business does work and that I just needed good people around me, offering better support, better products and the tools to do it. With the excellent support I have received from him (his personality reminds me of Charles Ingles from Little house on the prairie) I have now established myself as a viable business with a very good income for the hours worked. The difference in communication has been the major factor , regularly receiving calls , e-mails to get me through any issues I might have. Also the fact that , as franchisees, we are encouraged to add our input on how to improve sales , what stock lines work and methods on how to generate more sales , not just with new sites but existing customers by way of the introduction of healthy snacks and activity packs which enable us to target different sites as well as increase sales with our current database. One of the major plus points is the exceptional quality siting that Snack Aid offers with their in-house team, to find new customers for me and this is available whenever I need it. This has been a major influence on my business and the days out siting are relaxed and very enjoyable. The siting team have a desire for us to succeed and give us the confidence to recruit new sites ourselves. Obviously the flexibility of this business is a massive bonus as long as you remain disciplined in obtaining what you want out of it. I am currently working between 3-5 days per week depending on the call cycle . I usually set out around 9am and am back home by 3-3.30pm so avoiding the rush hour. I do all the money counting , decanting and restocking in the comfort of my own home at a pace that suits me. If you are looking for a well paid business opportunity from a decent company then I recommend you take a look at this business. I am always happy to talk to anyone to discuss further if so required. All the best.
Snack Aid
UPDATE 2021: We were Snack Aids first franchisee and, now 8 years later, we are still here enjoying our franchise and making a good living.……We ran a greeting card franchise for 12 years. Being our own bosses, we wanted another franchise that would bring us in a good income but would not involve working really long hours. Snack Aid gave us this with a great product and packaging which has enabled us to continue running our own business and also support a great children's charity. People are very receptive to taking in boxes and compliment us on the quality of the snacks. Sometimes people ring us up for refills because the snacks have gone well. To ensure the business runs smoothly we use the very good and easy database supplied by Snack Aid which puts the customers into 1,2 or 3 weekly call backs. The support from Snack Aid is excellent, plenty of guidance in the early days and quick to respond to any query.
Martin & Jane,
Snack Aid
UPDATE 2021: My franchise has gone from strength to strength especially with the healthy crisps and activity packs in the range. Even some of our competitors are transferring over to Snack Aid now. That says it all really!................As someone who has worked in management in the service sector, including 5 star hotels, embassies, corporate banks, etc. for most of my 40 plus working years, I can honestly say I have seen my fair share of the different sides of humanity (good and downright unbelievable) and the stresses involved. I took a huge risk in 2017, having never worked for myself before, and decided to look into investing in a franchise on a full time basis. Having then done a huge amount of research and looking into the pros and cons of the multitude out there, I decided on Snack Aid as the simplest, most straightforward, good value and ethical one, which supports a truly worthwhile cause. After my initial contact with Jim, who was extremely informative, straightforward and honest, I decided this was the only franchise worth investing in. I can honestly say I have made the right decision. With the tremendous support and guidance from Jim, together with a fantastic start-up package (including database which does everything for you), this is the most rewarding and stress-free work I have ever done. All my concerns of making an income from it have dissolved. Now my days consist of choosing when I want to work, customers who are delighted to see me coming, no complaints (just phone calls to top up boxes with more sweets and cakes) and the knowledge that I have contributed to a hugely beneficial cause. I think it's what they call a "no brainer" really.
Snack Aid
When I came upon this opportunity I was already working as a full time taxi driver and initially thought this was the perfect flexible job for my wife. After researching the market thoroughly, it became obvious to me that it was very important to have a good children's charity displayed on the snack boxes. The Snack Aid franchise met this requirement and was the only one to meet all my other requirements too. Ironically, not long after meeting Jim and the Snack Aid team, I was doing this as a flexible job myself, together with my wife and eventually ended up packing in the taxi job and doing this on a full time basis with her. The job itself is quite addictive and challenging, and Jim is always there to help for he has managed to create a fine piece of science from such an initially rather simple-looking business. Getting away from the taxi business means I no longer have to work unsociable hours!
Snack Aid
Before we started with Snack Aid we had a small part time vending towers business. However we soon closed this down because of the cost of the machines and the difficulty in finding new sites as the market is saturated. So, summer 2019 saw us looking again and this time we came across Snack Aid. We immediately liked what we saw online, made an appointment to go and visit Jim Lawlor the franchisor at his premises in Milton Keynes and spent a very enjoyable day there learning how Snack Aid operates. We really liked the choice and quality of the products, the eye-catching display boxes and the fact that you are supporting a very worthwhile cause as well, “Make A Wish” charity. By the end of the day we were convinced that this was our future. Snack Aid comes with a very low start up cost, indeed all you are paying for is stock and a siting service if you want it. No franchise or any other ongoing fees .Customers readily accept our boxes into their sites meaning you can quickly get the numbers you need to reach a full time income. It's easy to run, using the fantastic database that Jim provides as part of the package. In addition, Jim is totally committed to the success of each of his franchisees and is very hands-on, so if you have any queries or issues these are quickly resolved. All in all, if you are looking for a stress free, honest and ethical business opportunity – you have just found it!
Debbie and Brian,
Snack Aid
I feel like I have bought into the John Lewis of franchises, without the expensive price tag. I started my franchise journey over three years ago after working as a manager in the telecoms business for 19 years. With a young family and increasing pressure to meet ever-increasing targets with reducing resources at work, I felt that there had to be something else I could be doing. I wanted something with flexible hours, a simple, scalable business model and reasonable buy-in costs. Snack Aid on paper ticked all the boxes and with an initial meeting with the business owner and my due diligence, I decided to take the plunge. I haven't regretted my decision. I found the no ongoing franchise fees attractive and support from the centre has been exceptional. Jim is passionate about seeing his franchisees succeed and is always available for help and advice. My only regret is I didn't start sooner.
Snack Aid
My husband and I previously worked with another charity sweet franchise doing similar work but we decided to leave that company as we were not happy with the quality of the products nor the display boxes. We had come across the Snack Aid products and Make A Wish boxes whilst travelling and were impressed. We contacted Snack Aid and met to discuss moving our existing customer base across to their franchise, which we have now done. What a difference this has made to our sales. Jim, the owner, is so hands on if you are struggling with anything, all you have to do is phone him and he is there to help out. We now have over 520 customers, who are very satisfied with the quality of the stock and the cake bars are a great seller.
John & Bev,
Snack Aid
My husband and I were looking for a franchise that would give us the freedom to work the hours and days that we wanted and Snack Aid has given us just that. Initially we paid to have 300 boxes sited for us, a service provided by the Franchisor, and since then we have increased our number of boxes quite easily. Most offices are very happy to take the box as it is linked to Make A Wish Foundation, which everyone knows is a beautiful charity. The variety of sweets, flapjacks and chips are the best that we have seen in this market and they are all very good value to the consumer compared to the competition. There are also various themed colouring books which are very welcomed by pubs, hotels and coffee houses. The business has been quite lucrative for us already and we plan to expand even more as there is always an untapped area of businesses to explore. The Franchisor is always available to assist in any matter and is constantly offering us new items in order to keep the boxes fresh which gives a good boost to the sales. We are extremely happy to have taken on this franchise which is not only lucrative to us but which helps Make A Wish raise much needed money. It's a feelgood franchise.
Kim & Joe,
Snack Aid
Earlier this year I came across Snack Aid. This Franchise seemed very interesting, very ethical & also relatively inexpensive. I then contacted Jim Lawlor who sent me details of this franchise. What I liked about this was that the business model supported a wonderful Charity 'Make A Wish'. Also, unlike most franchises , there were no upfront fees & we did not have to pay a percentage to the Franchisor. I then visited Jim Lawlor, and his team, at the office in Milton Keynes. Jim was very upfront with what I could achieve with this franchise and also what the potential pitfalls might be. I came back from this meeting thinking that This was a very clean, ethical business run by an efficient and ethical person. After some thought I decided to take up this franchise & after 3 months in this business I can honestly say that I have no regrets and Jim has been a rock solid support throughout & has helped me out numerous times. He is indeed a Friend firstly & business man secondly ! Snack Aid provided me with a good Database, which removes the headache of manually working out your weekly rounds as it just prints them off automatically, Hey, if you are looking for a low cost Profitable Franchise , minimal overheads, Tension free & Clean Franchise then I would without any hesitation recommend Snack Aid!
Snack Aid
Snack Aid Videos
Snack Aid Franchise Video

Snack Aid Franchise Video

Watch this short video to see Managing Director Jim Lawlor and franchisees Richard, Jane and Martin discuss the benefits of a Snack Aid franchise.
Snack Aid Master Franchise

Snack Aid Master Franchise Opportunity

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Snack Aid Image
Snack Aid Image
Snack Aid Image
Snack Aid Image
Available Locations:
Franchise opportunities available in the United Kingdom
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
£5,999 plus VAT
Financing Assistance
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