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Join Refresh Renovations and help to deliver dream renovations to clients!
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Gain control, flexibility and a six-figure income delivering procurement and carbon solutions as part of the 100-strong Auditel network.
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Dream Doors is the UK's #1 kitchen makeover brand with 100 franchises nationwide.
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Be your own boss with a GoodOaks care franchise! FULL training provided for franchisees in England.
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Help shape the future of care, as a local champion in your own community – with all the support you need to make your own mark.
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Blossom's proven business model delivers just bloomin' good care for clients and can deliver outstanding results for franchisees. Invest today!
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Unleash your full potential as a business leader through the power of customer experience
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Run your own management franchise with Kitchen Makeovers. No kitchen experience necessary with this business that can be run from home and with huge earning potential, it's one not to miss.
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Generate a 6 Figure Income with this Proven Management Franchise Model, in a Recession Proof Industry, alongside the UK’s Most Trusted Drainage and Plumbing Franchise Company
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Join a franchise obsessed with turning the mundane into a luxurious treat.
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Build your future with a dns accountants Franchise and grow your own business with our proven opportunity.
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Ableworld are the largest mobility retailer in the UK, providing quality products and services to the ever-growing elderly and disabled market.
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Trends and Facts About White-Collar Franchises

Are you an office-based professional who wishes they could leave the shackles of the everyday grind behind them? Do you feel that your talents are going to waste? Could you specialise in a niche that truly makes the most of your ambition and abilities?

It sounds like a white-collar franchise might be what you're looking for.

It’s an odd-term: white-collar franchise, isn’t it? And many people misunderstand what the term really means.

So, for clarity, a white-collar franchise offers professional and executive, office-based services; often providing Business-2-Business (B2B) consultancy and peripatetic services.

Examples of thriving white-collar franchises are management consultant services, legal consultancies, and accountants; even professional cleaning services are considered white-collar franchises.

Most of us dream of working for ourselves but - in the world of executive business - it feels like a giant leap of faith to leave a contracted position and head out into the world for yourself.

This is where white-collar franchises come into their own.

Receive training and support from your parent company while you develop your new business, ensuring you can offer world-class services and a business infrastructure that's ready-to-go right from the start.

Read on for details of how investing in a white-collar franchise could be the break that you need; helping you thrive in a business world that's probably stifling your ambitions.


Franchising is a unique opportunity to go into business for yourself. But rather than starting from scratch without a reputation or client base, you inherit the branding, the reputation, and the business infrastructure of an established company who are already successful and sustainable.

Adopting a recognisable name helps your new business stand out from all the others. And familiar branding gives your new business curb appeal (even if you’re purely based online).

Franchises often come with a range of training opportunities which can help you diversify your specialism. Keep a lookout for companies that can help with your specific skill set and professional development.

One of the most intimidating and complicated aspects of going into business for yourself is the plethora of business and financial regulations with which you should be compliant. Compliance can be a complex web of confusion for many white-collar professionals; with a franchise, the parent company helps ensure compliance so that you're ready to start trading right from the get-go.

Facts About White-Collar Franchises

You might think that white-collar franchise opportunities require office premises and large groups of employees - but you couldn't be further from the truth. Of course, some franchises require that level of engagement, but many white-collar franchises operate from home.

Working from home is a favourable option for those wishing to address their work/life balance. And, after lockdown, working from home has become popular and proven productive for the majority of office-based workers.

White-collar businesses include a wide range of operational models, such as:

  • Consultancies
  • Business and Cost Management
  • Training and business coaching
  • Financial Services
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Accountancy and Bookkeeping
  • Office cleaning services

Typically, white-collar franchises are taken on by older professionals. They may have committed to addressing their work/life balance. Or perhaps they've been made recently redundant, with a nest-egg to invest in their future.

However, Gen X'ers, Millennials with professional and executive experience are turning to franchises to develop their own practice; aspiring for greater control over their working lives.

Franchising Vs Independent

In general, franchise businesses more easily attract funding from banks and moneylenders to help them start-up their franchise venture; independent companies are considered a greater financial risk.

In fact, almost 50% of independent companies struggle to establish their new business; going into receivership within the first three years of trading.

Franchise businesses, on the other hand, are built on more robust foundations; much more likely to endure the first years of trading because they can rely on a ready-to-go reputation and the established client base of their parent company.

White-Collar Franchises

Explore our range of excellent white-collar franchise opportunities, and address that work/life balance once and for all.

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