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Join Signarama, the largest sign franchisor in the world. We'll show you how to succeed!
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Launch Your Own Digital Agency With No Previous Experience.
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Be your own boss and build a successful recruitment franchise with our expert help, support and training.
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Run your own business providing mobile apps & responsive websites to small businesses.
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Signs Express is firmly established as the largest and leading signs franchise in the UK and Ireland – come and join an award winning team.
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A visual communications company, one of the most rewarding franchise opportunities in the UK.
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Help local businesses thrive on the web and set up a thriving business of your own - marketing, consulting and selling a range of revolutionary website packages.
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Launch a Digital Agency with no prior experience. We provide you with everything you need to help local businesses embrace their digital transformation.
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If you have a passion for business coaching, join this profitable entrepreneurial opportunity today!
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Mail Boxes Etc. is a one-stop high street store. Click here to read about this great franchise opportunity...
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Trends and Facts About Marketing Franchises

Few industries have gone through such rapid and evolving changes than the Marketing and Advertising sector over the last hundred years. Since the early days of print, billboard and radio adverts in the mid 20-century, the sector has transformed itself into a global powerhouse in modern times with digital, internet, and mobile marketing bringing in billions worth of profits each year.

In the UK alone, the average market size of advertising agencies in 2022 is £25.5 billion according to IBISWorld. In 2020, the UK spent £21 billion plus on advertising. Across Europe, the average spend on advertising amounts to $108 billion. Overall, on a global scale, the marketing sector is worth an estimated £1.7 trillion according to Forbes.

Marketing and advertising is a fast-paced and continuously growing sector that is constantly in-demand for every single business and enterprise across the world. With the guarantee of substantial profits, investing in a marketing or an advertising business seems like a no-brainer for either up-and-coming entrepreneurs or for seasoned investors.

Trends and Facts about Marketing & Advertising

As we already know, marketing and advertising trends change so quickly year to year, but what are some current and upcoming trends that will be prevalent throughout 2022 and onwards:

  • Meta – With news that Facebook has changed its name to the Metaverse and the company’s expansion on virtual reality and augmented experiences, it won’t be too long before other businesses follow suit and make investments in these spaces.
  • Increased strategic marketing – More focus on strategic targeting of customers through the use of VA and AI.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – A staple of digital marketing for nearly three decades, marketers will look to be smarter and more focused on how they target users in the future.
  • Algorithm – Nearly every facet of digital marketing is now driven by algorithms to create an easy user experience for customers.

Interactive marketing content continues to grow rapidly year after year. Companies have already decided to embrace new technology to deliver top quality advertising to the masses.
Marketing and advertising are vital elements to the success to pretty much every business entity. There will always be a high demand for marketing and advertising services and consultants, meaning that an agency offering its services will always be profitable.

So, if you have a creative mind and want a piece of the fast-paced and lucrative marketing and advertising industry, then why not consider a franchise opportunity within the sector.


You may find yourself asking: why should I invest in a franchise instead of going it on my own? While marketing and advertising businesses experience incredible success, there is still a significant risk at opening an independent operation.

There are numerous challenges faced when trying to get into marketing and advertising, even for seasoned marketing and advertising professionals.

Opening an independent marketing or advertising agency is incredibly risky as attempting to launch a new business without a long-term reputation or solid customer base means that the chance of gong under is greater than if you opened an established, franchised operation.

With such a saturated market, the challenge for entrepreneurs is to find a smart way to break through the noise and stand out from the crowd. By investing in a franchise opportunity, you are essentially being handed the keys to the marketplace. When you open a franchise unit, it automatically comes with an established customer based and a trusted and reputable brand.

Aside from the immediate benefits of joining a franchise network, franchisees get the benefit of the support of the parent franchise to help them get started. The franchisor wants their franchisees to succeed and thrive so they are on-hand to offer their expertise and skills to the wider network.

As the franchisor wants to maintain the reputation of the business, they will offer all potential franchisees comprehensive training, along with other key benefits such as financial and HR support. Overall, one of the main attractions of investing in a franchise is that you will not have to stand alone when operating in the marketplace.

Financial Support

One of the biggest uphill battles for entrepreneurs is securing capital for their investments.

It can sometimes be difficult to secure loans from banks for start-ups and independent ventures but when it comes to franchising, banks tend to look favorably on franchise investments as they view them as smart business investments as they are less likely to fold compared to smaller, independent outlets.

As mentioned above, a significant number of franchisors will also offer financial assistance to their new franchises whether directly or via a third-party. Additionally, a number of franchises have special partnership with banks and financial intuitions, making it easier for investors to get funding for the franchise.

Marketing & Advertising Franchises

Not sure where to start? We already have an array of franchise opportunities that focus specifically on marketing and advertising:

FullPivot – With FullPivot, you have the opportunity to launch a digital agency with no previous experience.

It’seeze – Want to make a difference in your community? Why not check out It’seeze franchise and help local businesses with their online presence by offering an affordable a website and digital service.

Fully Promoted – One of the world’s largest promotional marketing partners for international businesses and organisations. With more than 300 locations globally, Full Promoted is both a trusted and proven business model.

Blam Websites & Apps – Run your own business providing mobile apps and responsive websites to small businesses. Train as a digital marketing expert and become a tech entrepreneur within a recession-proof business.

These are just a handful of exciting and innovative franchise opportunities with have on offer at Franchise Direct. With such a variety of options, anyone interesting in a marketing or advertising franchise enterprise will find what they are looking for.

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