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Join a successful franchising chain and become the master franchisee in your country!
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Join a franchise obsessed with turning the mundane into a luxurious treat.
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Join Laser On Tour the worlds 1st mobile laser hair removal franchise. The most disruptive Franchise empowering women in the U.K. Earn £100k per year with no overheads, no staff, treating clients in the comfort of their own homes.
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Join us in spreading the gifts of serenity and beauty. Serenity Beauty is more than a salon; it's an opportunity to redefine your future while helping others find their moment of bliss. Don't miss your chance to be part of a brand that is synonymous with luxury, tranquillity, and success.
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Join N.Bar, the world’s leading nail salon franchise provider.
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Trends and Facts About Beauty Salon Franchises

Hair, nails, skin, teeth - the beauty salon is a UK obsession, inspiring freshness, zinginess, clarity, and youth to women and girls all across the land; with a growing market in male grooming.

Many beauty salon franchises offer a broad range of services from haircutting and manicuring/pedicuring to facials and teeth whitening. Others offer massage, sports injury treatments, hot stone therapies, and anti-ageing treatments such as botox, fillers, and skin peels.

The beauty salon industry is as broad as it’s pristine, and this £4 billion sector has plenty to offer the keen consumer.

You can trace the rise in popularity of UK beauty salons to the increase in US-style high school proms, where young girls join their mothers for treatments that make them sparkle and glow in preparation for the big night.

However, beauty salon treatments aren't just for women and girls - there's a rise in popularity in male grooming, especially among Millennials and Gen Z; offering beard maintenance, skincare, threading, and body hair removal.

If your passion is for pampering and bolstering the confidence of your clients, then a beauty salon franchise is your perfect gateway to an extraordinary life of self-employment.


Franchising is a particularly attractive proposition for beauty salon franchises.

Setting up a new business from scratch is a complicated and time-consuming pursuit. You need to source your premises and furnish it to reflect your target demographic, but you also need to find staff and comply with employment regulations. That's before you've even started to source products and trained your team to perform at their very best.

Franchising offers a ready-to-go package that helps you minimise your start-up headaches; providing training and ongoing support from the parent company.

Adopting a familiar brand is the perfect way to attract new clients: beauty salon franchises are instantly recognisable, providing immediate curb-appeal. What better way to invite clients to your new salon?

When you set up a new company, one of the primary difficulties is joining the supply chain, ensuring that you have a ready (and steady) supply of premium products to help you attract your target clientele.

Investing in a beauty salon franchise really is a no-brainer - get training, business and employment support (including compliance with all the complicated trading and employment regulations), familiar branding, and a ready-to-go business model that is attractive to funders and clients alike.

Facts About Beauty Salon Franchises

Beauty salon franchises offer access to a wealth of exclusive cosmetic processes to help your clients feel amazing on the outside. But have you ever considered what benefits you're providing for your client on the inside?

There’s a saying - “if you look good, you feel good”, and there’s evidence to suggest that there's more than a modicum of truth to that statement. Psychologist research indicates that once you hit 30 years of age, the level of a person's attractiveness affects the quality of their health; the inference being that if you look good on the outside, your health is better.

The beauty salon franchise market caters to a range of demands and demographics - the industry as a whole is worth £4 billion a year in the UK, of which 60% is at the luxury end of the market. One of the advantages of a beauty salon franchise is that is can be also be combined with aspa franchise to create a diverse and profitable outlet to cater for many customers while offering a range of services.

The luxury market delivers "prestige products" with premium brands and more intensive treatments. The 60% hold of the luxury market represents that the UK population are prepared to pay premium prices for the most exclusive treatments.

Franchising Vs Independent

Franchise businesses tend to attract favourable interest rates for start-up funding because the framework of the company is tried and tested. Franchises are built on robust foundations and have proven their position in the market with a financial history to match.

Independent start-ups, on the other hand, present the potential for greater financial risk during their first three years of operation. Franchises have ready-to-go reputations inherited from the parent company, while independent companies have to build a reputation from scratch.

Many independent companies go bankrupt within the first three years as they struggle to establish themselves in saturated marketplaces.

Franchising offers fewer risks and is the obvious choice for anyone wishing to go into business for themselves - especially if you haven’t run a business before.

Beauty Salon Franchises

Explore our range of fantastic beauty salon franchises, and do your bit to help the world feel better on the outside and within.

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