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TURN YOUR £18k INVESTMENT INTO £1MILLION net profits in 10 years with a domestic cleaning business.
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Trends and Facts About Window Cleaning Franchises

Demand for an experienced window cleaner has increased in the past 20 years, which is excellent news for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to start a window cleaning franchise!

Domestic householders have less and less time to clean their own windows and the appearance of business premises has taken on a new importance in recent years.

Managing a window cleaning franchise has very little overheads and can be run on a part time basis, or even from home. Avail of a healthy work-life balance as a window cleaning franchisee TODAY and see where your ambitions could take you!

Window Cleaning Franchise FAQs

Take a look at some interesting facts about the window cleaning franchise industry right here:

  • The cleaning industry employs approximately 3.5 million individuals across Great Britain.
  • More and more high-rise buildings, skyscrapers, multi-storey office blocks and large residential developments are popping up across the UK, which has rapidly increased the demand for expert window cleaning services.
  • Popular window cleaning franchises in the UK include My Window Cleaner, The Kleaning Company, Merry Maid and Extra Help Ltd.
  • Many window cleaning franchisees have secured lucrative contracts with hospitals, schools, window cleanings and much more.
  • Window cleaning franchisees benefit from the support and advice of their franchisor, who use their proven business model to get the franchisee's business off the ground.
  • The British Window Cleaning Academy offers high-quality training for professional window cleaners.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to enter into the field of Window Cleaning Services successfully. Since buying a franchise takes a considerable investment, you may wonder whether it would be easier to start your own independent company.

There are several reasons that this option is less than optimal.

Setting Up a Lucrative Window Cleaning Franchise

Starting any business takes considerable dedication. If you are doing it on your own without the support of a franchisor, you will have to be proficient in all aspects of owning and running a business. Starting a business requires a feasible plan, commitment to your dream, hard work, and an ongoing money stream.

Plus, start-ups usually take a lot of personal time beyond what most people are used to spending on the job.

This means that you will need to be skilled at:

  • Accounting
  • Hiring
  • Insurance and Licencing
  • Marketing
  • Payroll
  • Safety
  • Scheduling
  • Taxes

If you aren't skilled in the various aspects required for running your window cleaning franchise, you will either need to learn them or hire others to handle those tasks. Hiring outside contractors for general business maintenance duties will affect your profitability.

Fortunately, with franchising, many of these issues are handled for you, and the franchisor will provide training programmes for the others.

Successful Window Cleaning Franchise Marketing

When a business or residential owner chooses a window cleaning service, they often sign a contract for a specific amount of time. They rarely switch to another company unless their current service provider is inadequate or overpriced.

Although they may rely on word-of-mouth recommendations to procure their new window cleaning company, you can not. Having a recognized name and a parent company that oversees the promotion and marketing of that name is instrumental in quickly growing your new business.

Although your business reputation and your personal reputation helps, it is unlikely that they will be enough to generate enough business to keep your business solvent and remain viable throughout the first few years.

If you are starting an independent company, you would have to be a very savvy marketer.

However, with the marketing strategy provided by your parent company, potential customers will identify your business as a safe and efficient option. They base that decision upon the franchisor's reputation, which is represented in a recognised brand name, logo, and signs.

Franchising Vs Independent Businesses

The first two years of marketing are challenging and loaded with financial instability that places the future of most Independent businesses at financial risk.

Unfortunately, more than half of independent start-up businesses fail within the first two years in the UK. This makes new companies unmistakable economic risks for banks and other lenders.

Franchising supplies a stable foundation for a new business that enables it to endure the many struggles of independent fledgling companies. Since the base of the operation is fixed in an established and proven business model, banks and money lenders are more willing to invest or offer financial backing to franchises.

What to Look for When Picking a Window Cleaning Service Franchise

When deciding which window cleaning franchise you want to put your time and money into, you should determine what and how much support the franchisor offers, initially and on a continuing basis.

Other than a recognizable name, a conscientious franchisor may offer the following services and support:

  • Business advice and continuing mentorship
  • Headquarters and possible field support
  • Management training
  • Licensing and insurance information
  • Employee and operating manuals
  • Proven marketing approach and advertising
  • Quality control regarding safety and expediency
  • Research and development of new techniques
  • Tools and support equipment

Your franchise is independently owned by you even though the franchisor has sole ownership of the name and parent company. Therefore, you will be responsible for all of the day-to-day decisions for your business and employees.

If your franchise enjoys a rapid increase in business, it is due to your efforts (and perhaps a bit of luck). If it experiences a steady stream of revenue, it is because of your managerial skills. If, however, it suffers a loss, that is on you, as well.

An interested franchisor may offer additional advice. It benefits you both for your endeavor to be profitable.

Purchasing Window Cleaning Service Franchises

There are many reasons that buying a window cleaning franchise may be the right option for you. There are multiple ways to expand your business by adding more employees and venturing into corporate or residential locations.

The options are endless.

Want to be your own boss? It's entirely possible. Take your first step towards a more fulfilling future with an existing, lucrative, and necessary business.

Contact our range of window cleaning franchisors right here and find out more about the ideal franchise opportunity for YOU!

Make a head-start in your dream for self-employment with Franchise Direct.

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