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Carpet Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

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Total Clean, a franchise built on 30 years of successful business operations.
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TURN YOUR £18k INVESTMENT INTO £1MILLION net profits in 10 years with a domestic cleaning business.
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Run a profitable management business in the commercial cleaning sector.
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Run a thriving cleaning franchise with JAN-PRO! FULL training and support provided.
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When you become a part of our franchise family, you're not just signing up for a business opportunity – you're embarking on a journey of excellence.
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Trends and Facts About Carpet Cleaning Franchises

There is nothing worse than getting a stain on your carpet! Regardless if it is food or drink, those nasty stains can be hard to remove (especially on white carpets). While vacuuming is the one of the quickest ways to clear up any dirt/dust on the surface, those trickier stains are a lot harder to remove without the assistance of specialised cleaning products and techniques.
However, even with the use of cleaning products, a thorough carpet clean is both a tiring and time-consuming exercise. Whether it be for domestic or commercial purposes, keeping carpets clean and in pristine condition is a mammoth task for anyone. Sometimes, a third-party needs to be brought in.

While some homeowners and business owners have decided to move away from carpet floors, others have decided to keep carpets due to both stylistic or practical purposes. As maintaining carpet is a long-term investment, many businesses, and indeed homeowners, are more than willing to spend money on professional carpet cleaning services to save themselves time and to ensure quality results. This leaves the door open for massive growth and potential in the carpet cleaning franchise sector.

The Carpet Cleaning Industry

We already know that the cleaning industry is a highly profitable and constantly in-demand service, but what about carpet cleaning?

According to a Grand View Research market analysis, the carpet cleaning products market was worth $1.4 billion to the global economy in 2018. By 2025, it is estimated that the market will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5%. As more businesses and homeowners switch to carpet, this only drives the need for carpet cleaning services and specialist products.

In the UK, the cleaning industry as a whole is worth £54.5 billion to the economy (British Cleaning Council). Further research by the BCC showed that in 2020, there were 1.6 million workers in employment within the industry, making up nearly 5% of the workforce across the UK.


The cleaning industry is one of the few industries that is uniquely suited to franchising. As a solid and reliable market that is guaranteed to generate significant profit for business owners, investing in a franchise opportunity is a quick-fire way to build on the financial and commercial success of the industry.

While starting a smaller, independent business is full of challenges and uncertainties, buying into a franchise network gives you the added safety net that a stand alone company may not have otherwise.

A franchised business has the benefit of having a pre-established customer base which takes away the stress of trying to build a loyal clientele or the costs associated with market research that is needed to help identify a target audience.

In terms of support available to a new franchisee, the parent company can offer you tried-and-tested advice and resources such as training days, marketing and branding materials, and sales support etc. With experts on hand to guide a new franchisee from the very beginning, it is no wonder so many choose to go down the franchising route.

Carpet Cleaning Services

A number of domestic and commercial cleaning franchises offer a carpet cleaning service as part of their wider offerings.

Here are some of franchises that offer these services:

  • Minster Cleaning - One the UK’s largest commercial cleaning management franchise for more than 35 years, Minster Cleaning provides franchisees with exclusive territories for management of cleaners.
  • Betterclean Services - With carpet cleaning services included in a number of their cleaning packages, Betterclean Services is a truly exciting franchise opportunity that has one of the lowest management service fees across the industry.
  • Haus Maids - A residential cleaning franchise that employs professional home cleaners across multiple locations across the UK. If you are looking to have your home carpet cleaned, then this is the franchise for you.
  • Fantastic Services- A leading property-maintenance business that offers more than 100 maintenance services and solutions. Included in these services is specialist/green carpet cleaning within the home. Fantastic Services offers a carpet cleaning service that not only removes stains, but does so in an environmentally-friendly manner without the use of chemicals.

With so many diverse carpet cleaning franchises available within the UK and further afield, there is ample opportunity for investors to not only sink their teeth in any one of the innovative and profitable businesses on the market but to expand their business into vast cleaning franchise industry. Carpet cleaning lends itself well to commercial cleaning franchisesas many companies require extensive cleaning of their buildings and facilities on a regular basis.

Why You Should Consider a Carpet Cleaning Franchise

Nearly every business and home in the UK has some amount of carpeting. Foot traffic is continual, which means these carpets routinely require cleaning. Most individuals and business owners would rather pay someone to clean carpets than do it themselves. Investing in a carpet cleaning franchise allows you to tap into a growing market with a consistent influx of potential customers.

Lucrative Market Potential

In the UK, the average revenue of a commercial carpet cleaning business exhibits profit margins ranging between 40% and 58% in the carpet cleaning sector. The net income for such businesses is approximately £30,000 in the initial year, progressively increasing to an annual figure of around £50,000 as the business follows a typical trajectory.

Access to Specialised Equipment

Franchises can give you access to state-of-the-art carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment, including steam cleaning machines, specialized stain removers, and upholstery tools. Utilizing these high-quality materials ensures effective cleaning services and enhances the efficiency of your business.

Brand Recognition

Aligning with a reputable carpet cleaning franchise ensures you're equipped with ongoing support, reducing the amount of marketing and advertising required. You attract a steady stream of customers who already trust the brand for their carpet cleaning needs. This lays the foundation for you to open your business with an established clientele base.

Start-Up Costs for a Carpet Cleaning Franchise

Start-up costs for a franchise business begin with an initial fee, which grants you the right to operate under the brand. This fee can vary depending on the brand and the level of support provided.

Because the cleaning service industry operates with equipment that depreciates or materials that diminish with time, you need to factor in routine overhead costs, such as:

  • Carpet cleaner, gear and supplies
  • Business Insurance
  • Company van and potential branding
  • Independent marketing and advertising
  • Payroll expenses

Despite the varying costs, the potential for long-term profitability, franchise support, and resources make it a compelling choice for those looking to establish a successful carpet cleaning business.

Financing a Franchise

Getting enough capital to start a business is a major roadblock for a lot of entrepreneurs/investors as there is always the possibility that the bank will reject their loan application due to the financial risk of setting up a new business.

However, if you come to the bank with a franchise investment proposal, you are more likely to be approved for financial assistance due to the stability of a franchise model. Unlike independent businesses where nearly 50% of these companies fail under the two-year mark, franchises are known for their resilience, even during difficult economic periods.

The majority of franchises can also offer financial support to new franchisees, either through direct means or through a third-party body. This means that the initial investment and set-up process is a lot smoother and less expensive than starting from scratch with an independent business model.

Carpet Cleaning Franchises

At Franchise Direct we are committed to helping entrepreneurs find the right franchise to suit both their professional and personal needs. If you have decided that a carpet cleaning franchiseis for you but aren’t sure where to start, we have got you covered.

We have our Ultimate Guides to Franchising and Financing a Franchise to provide you with a step-by-step checklist to help you get on the right path before making any big decisions. If you need further guidance, we also have a list of expert franchise consultants who are on-hand to help you as you begin your franchise journey.

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