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Start a Total Clean business today for a better tomorrow

After over 30 years in business, Total Clean really knows commercial cleaning.
From £20,000, start your own business, with guaranteed turnover and build an asset for your future.

Use the methods our major blue chip commercial customers, like the NHS, schools, offices, car showrooms, gyms, and retail premises rely on, to keep their businesses hygienically clean.

For the last few years, we’ve been piloting our franchise, learning what works, and testing it with a small number of franchisees across the country. We now have a tried-and-tested model and have developed programmes, systems and processes that specifically address the key factors that impact a business’s success. You are invited to experience for yourself the benefits of being your own boss.

  • Earn money for your own future, not someone else’s
  • With the potential to build a £million turnover business
  • And grow a strong asset with a significant, saleable, value

Sales Experience Isn’t Essential, but it is Beneficial

The Total Clean franchise is an efficient system for someone with management experience. By combining our commercial cleaning business model with your ability to manage operations, staff and customers, you have a solid foundation to quickly grow a business you’ll be proud of.

As with most businesses of this type, sales is a central part to your growth. At Total Clean, we have devised a training programme to give you the confidence to do this for yourself. We also have a central sales team who are adept at winning new contracts which may be awarded to franchisees based on the location of these contracts.

What’s more, as you grow your business, we will share with you training and mentoring programmes to enable your business to operate and grow efficiently a real saleable asset.

A Safe, Solid Business Opportunity

Starting a new business can be risky However, statistics show following a proven franchise model significantly improves your chances of success. At Total Clean, we have analysed the reasons why many businesses fail and ensured our franchisees benefit from the development of new systems and processes to reduce the risk.

The four key success factors for any business are:
  • Turnover - Total Clean has an experienced Head Office based Sales Team, to deliver on our guarantee of initial turnover and we will continue to offer based on your desired growth plan, and we also support you with the skills and tools to help you win your own business.
  • Profitability – Follow our system, manage your costs and you will make profit
  • Cash Flow - With your Total Clean business, you have the benefit of low overheads, supported by the Head Office credit control systems to keep your cash flow moving.
  • Growth - Our aim is to work with and develop franchisees to grow and maximise their turnover. Total Clean supports you so your business can keep growing, with a programme that has low front cost of sales and facilitates a positive cash flow.

Total Clean is a growing business with great plans for the future. In the last year alone, Total Clean has increased system-wide turnover by an incredible 41%. Some of our franchisees have been with us for a few years and already enjoy a turnover in excess of £700k per annum. One area in the North West, recently grew by 25% in just six weeks. So, why not join the Total Clean network today, and see what we could do for you?

The figures set forth in this publication are stated turnover levels which have been experienced by the franchisees on average which have been supplied to the franchisor There is no guarantee that you will achieve the same results nor is it intended that you should rely on them as any warranty or guarantee of what you will achieve

  • Invest from £20,000, for a future you control
  • Benefit from guaranteed business, depending on chosen plan
  • Low overheads with flexible growth:
  1. You don’t need an office when first starting out
  2. You don’t need a big team, straight-away
  3. Use Head Office sales support training to win your own business, and grow at your pace
  • Follow the Total Clean model for reduced-risk business ownership
  • Receive the mentoring support of a franchisor who knows how to grow and operate a successful commercial cleaning business and how to develop a saleable asset

Are You Ready to Start?

If so, fill out the enquiry form below and we will contact you immediately with more details.

Total Clean News

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A New Year is always a time for reflection as we all assess where we are and where we want to be, and never more so as the government announces today that Plan B restrictions are removed.

Exceptional Growth in 2020 supported by Innovation and New Services

Despite lockdown, 2020 was a year of growth for our franchise partners who saw their annualised turnover increase by over 50%.

New Year, New Opportunity

A New Year is always a time for reflection as we all assess where we are and where we want to be, and never more so than in these trying times in lockdown.
Total Clean Franchise
Total Clean Franchise
Total Clean Franchise
Total Clean Franchise
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Franchise opportunities available throughout the United Kingdom.
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