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ActionCOACH is the World's Number 1 Business Coaching Team and is the only franchise in the UK to be rated both 5-star for franchisee satisfaction and in the Elite Franchise UK Top 10 every year since the accolades began.

Because being in business should give you more life…

When you think about local business owners you know, the chances are that they set up their business because they were an expert in that field. Take PR agencies as an example, they are normally owned by people who are great at PR, but does that make the owner great at managing people, managing finances, sales, marketing, and systems? Probably not… that's where ActionCOACH comes into play...

ActionCOACH has more than 3,500 strategies and tactics to draw on, so you and your employed Action Coaches can confidently guarantee your business owner clients extra profits within 6 or 12 months and make a life-changing difference to their business.

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Providing a lifeline…

In our most recent client survey of over 800 clients, 97% said they would recommend ActionCOACH and 97% said ActionCOACH makes a positive difference to their business.

You and/or your employee business coaches will work with business owners, helping them in several areas including teaching them how to increase their profits, develop powerful systems and how to build a strong team. The results are not only a more profitable and sustainable business, but also a dramatically improved life for your client, making it fantastically rewarding and fulfilling – now more than ever we need to ensure every business owner is made aware of this lifeline.

The Ideal ActionCOACH Franchise Partner:

Your track record of success may be in any field, but you must possess a demonstrable love of learning and helping people succeed. If you’re awarded a franchise, you'll be exposed to a world of knowledge, experience and an exclusive, guaranteed business model that’s pandemic and recession-proof, with the power to make a real difference to hundreds of people in your own exclusive area.

In return for your £69k investment (licence fee and training fee), you get your own exclusive territory and the opportunity to build your own £1M+ a year revenue business with outstanding profit margins. You'll also need to buy into ActionCOACH’s 14-point culture, raise a personal contribution of at least £18k (up to 70% finance is available) and impress our directors with your past successes, your desire to help others and appetite for learning and growth. You and your team will receive world-class training with global, national and local support every step of the way and you’ll gain access to over 3,500 strategies and tactics, guaranteed to make businesses successful, including your own!

The ActionCOACH Training & Support:

  • You’ll attend 10-day ActionCOACH University followed by Step-Up Week to help you kick start your business
  • Over 70+ support days available for you and your team to attend
  • Hands-on support at your first Seminar to get you your first client or two
  • 1-2-1 coaching from your own Coaches’ Coach
  • You can work from home and run your business on your mobile phone / laptop
  • The support and camaraderie of over 200 like-minded people in the UK (it’s a fun community to be part of)
  • Finalist for the bfa HSBC Franchisor of the Year Award 2022 & 2023
  • One of only a handful of franchises, in the UK, to have achieved the 5-star franchisee satisfaction status for 11 consecutive years and be in the Elite Franchise UK Top 10 every year, since the accolade began; winning their ‘Franchisor of the Year’ accolade in 2022
  • You’ll have access to a guaranteed, highly successful coaching system that also works in your own business
  • A scalable business opportunity
  • Planning and training workshops every quarter
  • Weekly group coaching from your Skills Coach

ActionCoach Image

Your success is our success…

ActionCOACH is in the business of business growth, has developed the best business growth system in the world and has the best team in the world to support business growth… you can use that system and draw on that very same team to grow your own commercial, profitable enterprise which can work with or without you! Interestingly, most of our franchise partners can’t ever see themselves leaving, it’s just too fulfilling and enjoyable, but it’s nice to have the choice.

If you’d like to build a £1M+ business and start making a difference to the businesses and lives of business owners in your local community, get in touch by completing below!

Simply complete below and we’ll send you a detailed business opportunity prospectus and access to a 29-min franchise overview video!

ActionCOACH Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by ActionCOACH to give you more information about the costs associated with a ActionCOACH opportunity
  • £69,000 total investment
ActionCOACH News

Latest trio to join ActionCOACH’s thriving network

July 10, 2024| Franchise News
As the first half of the year has already flown by with record audiences for their podcast, The Business Excellence podcast hosted by James Vincent, and the largest number of delegates ActionCOACH has ever seen at their signature BizX conference in April, their network of franchise partners is expanding too – and they’re proud to introduce the latest three to join the team.

ActionCOACH UK closing in on raising £100,000 for Children with Cancer UK

June 19, 2024| Franchise News
In December 2018, cherished Action Coach Kent Rhodes sadly passed away after a brave fight against cancer.

ActionCOACH’s Andrew Sperring engages in pivotal discussions at 10 Downing Street

On 1st February, in a landmark event signifying the importance of business coaching in entrepreneurial success, Andrew Sperring of ActionCOACH Bristol was honoured with an invitation from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to visit 10 Downing Street.

Only 4 brands achieve 11 straight years of five-star franchisee satisfaction

Who better to talk to about investing in a franchise than the franchisees themselves? So, who would you talk to?

New business podcast hits 50,000 audience

After 12 years of the popular Business Excellence conference, BizX, the founders wanted to make what the conference delegates have described as incredibly valuable learnings from world-class speakers more widely available to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Awards, abundance and celebrations for ActionCOACH

Each year, ActionCOACH hold their global franchise conference in an inspiring location and the picturesque Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa in Phuket, Thailand, hosted this three-day event which also celebrated the brand’s 30th birthday.

Annual charity challenge fundraising total climbs to £97,000

Action Coaches, their clients and friends completed their annual fundraising challenge on the hottest weekend of the year so far – this year the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

ActionCOACH culture

Find out why the culture in ActionCOACH is so different to other franchise brands.

Two Great British Franchisee Awards in 12 months for ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH franchise partner, Gary Keating, was named a winner of the Great British Franchisee Awards this week in recognition of his ongoing success at his ActionCOACH Bristol firm.

Top 10 once again for ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH, the world's number one business coaching firm, is celebrating after being named one of the UK’s top franchise opportunities. Ranking 6th this year in the prestigious Elite Franchise Top 100 (EF100), a title they will hold for the duration of 2023, ActionCOACH is proving once again to be the business coaching industry’s most innovative company.

ActionCOACH helped my cleaning business to shine

ActionCoach Image

Action Coach Mitali Chopra has worked with Luke Murfitt, Managing Director of Integrity Cleaning, since October 2018. As a natural entrepreneur, he wanted to grow the business quickly and become the biggest and best in the Greater London area. For the first nine months, growth was impressive – but, not one to rest on his laurels, Luke simply wanted more.

“The first client I secured was a hotel, which gave us a contract of over 120 hours a week. With that, I gave five mothers and a father employment and that was just the beginning. As things started to build momentum and an increasing number of clients came on board, I realised I required some refinement to my business operations. I’d established my foundations and I had big dreams – I just needed someone to point me in the right direction.

“I went to an ActionCOACH seminar with Mitali Chopra, where she opened up my eyes to business coaching. I think a lot of people would be apprehensive to have someone come into their business and make suggestions for change, but I knew this was the way for me to take things to the next level. I arranged a one-to-one meeting with Mitali to discuss the work that we would do together.”

Opening up my eyes

“Mitali understood everything I wanted to achieve from our sessions – I required a more robust structure, stability, a sense of order and to be held accountable for my actions. She spoke clearly and concisely which I appreciated. The first things we focused on were the goals of the business – where did I envisage it would be in five and 10 years’ time? I put these all in a plan and laid them out clearly so I could see exactly what I was aiming for.

“We also worked on setting out significant targets and KPIs. I’d always had it in my head where I wanted to be, but having things written down and documented so I could refer back to them was extremely useful, as well as Mitali holding me to account to reach my targets. I could see where some months I might have needed to do an extra push with increasing our cleaning hours or recruiting people to the team. I’m results-driven and having this process in place helped me stay on track.”

With Mitali’s help, Integrity Cleaning started to generate a lot more interest. And, with that, Luke felt confident he was achieving his goals.

Keeping the momentum going

“Not only did I have more self-confidence, but the team started to feel it too. They began taking responsibility for their actions and delivering a much better service. It just goes to show how getting the foundations right will impact the day-to-day operations of the business. I was filtering down all of the wisdom and knowledge that Mitali was sharing with me to everyone else.

“We pride ourselves on the great work ethic and the environment we operate in. As a result, we’ve all drawn closer together and the way we communicate has only got better.

“Mitali calls me her ‘champion’, so I call her the ‘champion of champions’. She’s not only helped me to achieve my goals but has also allowed me to focus on the future and strive for further growth. Mitali isn’t just a coach to me anymore, she’s become my friend – she celebrates my little victories and, in any business, that’s so important.”

Seeing the effects

“Almost immediately after beginning my coaching sessions with Mitali, Integrity Cleaning secured a six-figure contract with the largest construction project in London. Alongside that, we had multiple housing developments, a London university, House of Fraser on Oxford Street and The Shard signing up as clients. New business was coming in faster than ever before.

“To manage the influx of new clients, I’ve supported over 200 mothers back into work. The results have been astounding as we’ve seen a 650% turnover increase in 12 months and a 114% increase in gross profit. This places our profit margin at around 43%, which is over double the cleaning industry standard of 20%.

“Perhaps the greatest thing that’s come out of my coaching is being crowned the ‘UK Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2019. I had always dreamt of entering the UK Business Awards, but it was Mitali who gave me the confidence to apply. I’ve got Parkinson’s but I don’t suffer with it, I excel with it. In fact, I use it as my inspiration every single day and it’s actually one of the main things that drives me forward.

“Off the back of the award, my confidence has sky-rocketed and I’ve now become a passionate public speaker. In my first year, I booked 18 international gigs where I would share my story and offer advice regarding business ownership. I have a lot to thank Mitali for in that sense as I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her. She’s certainly helped open a lot of doors for both myself and the business and, for that, I’m grateful.”

Star of the show

Released on Amazon’s Prime Video at the end of 2022, all five episodes of Business As Unusual star two of Mitali’s clients including Integrity Cleaning. The series follows eight companies on a journey through pandemic lockdowns, re-openings and the every-day challenges faced by businesses across the UK.

The series starts at the onset of the pandemic and grips viewers wondering if the business owner heroes will survive the toughest business conditions in living memory. But Luke Murfitt not only had the pandemic to contend with but also his personal battle with Parkinson’s Disease. His positive mindset and ability to pivot effectively leaves audiences astounded by Luke’s tenacity and touching relationship with his business coach.

Mitali adds, “He’s really taken ownership of his business and the pay-off is very impressive. It’s been an absolute privilege helping him to realise his potential.”

If you want to change lives like Mitali and you’re the kind of person who:

A) loves learning and helping people;

B) has enjoyed success in your career, business or a sport; and

C) is willing to invest if you see substantial returns can be made…

Then find out more by getting in touch today.

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ActionCOACH Community

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ActionCOACH Culture

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Action Coach Franchise
Action Coach Franchise
Action Coach Franchise
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