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Would you like to build a profitable property portfolio or flip/trade properties even if you have limited time, knowledge or funds?
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Would you like to build a profitable property portfolio or flip/trade properties even if you have limited time, knowledge or funds?
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Trends and Facts About Property & Estate Agency Franchises

When viewed over time, the UK property and estate market has consistently shown growth. As one of the most significant single investments most people make in their life, the field of property agency franchises has expanded in the UK. This includes property lettings, as well as sales. Plus, an increasing number of people are searching for and selling their real estate properties online. Therefore, many agency franchises offer Internet-based franchises for greater convenience.

Is property your passion? Do you aspire to help others find the homes of their dreams? Maybe you see possibilities in the corporate real estate sector?

Whatever your niche or motivation, going into the property and estate agency business can provide impressive financial rewards and genuine professional satisfaction.

Franchising FAQs

Taking on a franchise business allows you to benefit from the established reputations of profitable brands. You gain entry into existing markets by adopting familiar names that people already trust. And the risks involved in starting-up from scratch are considerably reduced.

The franchise industry is enduringly popular in the UK; reinforced by some particularly impressive stats.

For example, banks favour franchise businesses over independent companies because franchise business models have been proven successful. They, therefore, pose a less significant financial risk, helping you attract the capital you’ll need to get started.

The UK Franchise Market

The UK franchise market is an expanding sector, currently bringing in over £15 billion annually to the British economy.

The number of franchises businesses increased by 20% in the UK between 2008 and 2013. However, the UK economy experienced a 2.5% contraction over the same time period. Housing transactions were over 1.19 million in 2019 and are projected to be around 1.3 million in 2022.

With the growth estimated for 2022, the UK property market indicates that managing a business dealing with property is viable and sustainable.

Plus, franchise businesses are prospering where other business sectors are floundering, making the franchise model a safer bet than starting up from scratch for yourself.

Property & Estate Agency Franchises

Bricks and mortar investments are still considered among the safest destinations for your equity capital, despite continued uncertainty throughout the UK economy.

Indeed, the UK property market has remained remarkably resilient in most regions, leaving plenty of scope to build a portfolio or help others find homes.

Despite short periods of stagnation, UK house prices are still rising, making property and estate agency franchises a continued attractive prospect for people hoping to go into business on their own terms.

Our property and estate agency franchise listings encompass a wide range of investments and business types, spanning online and offline estate agencies, as well as property maintenance, legal support, and corporate workspace investments.

If property is your passion, turn it into your living.

A Robust Market

The franchise economy has resisted the challenges facing all British businesses over the past decade. While other sectors have faltered, franchising remains a popular way of investing capital.

Franchising offers the stability to persevere regardless of the day-to-day struggles independent companies experience. Since they are based on a proven economic model, banks and other lenders will more readily offer financial support to a franchise.

Well-run franchises are the most flexible and secure way of building your own business. And there’s room for expansion and impressive financial reward.

Setting Up a Property and Estate Agency Franchise

In addition to an ongoing stream of capital, setting a property agency takes a logical plan, hard work, and determination. Typically, new companies take many hours beyond the standard eight-hour workday to launch a start-up successfully.

Without the continuing support of an attentive franchisor, you would need to be capable of performing all of the aspects of running a business.

Aspects of Property and Estate Agency Franchise Management

In most independent start-ups, the owner needs to handle all aspects of running the business individually or outsource some of the more complicated or time-consuming tasks. Since this ties up some of your hard-earned capital, you should be skilled at the following:

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Help Selecting and Developing the Franchise Location
  • Hiring and Training
  • Initial and Ongoing Marketing and Advertising
  • Insurance and Licencing
  • Management Training
  • Ongoing Field Support from the Home Office
  • Payroll and Taxes
  • Operational Manuals and Business Standards
  • Recognisable Brand Name and Logo
  • Reputation
  • Scheduling

When opening a franchise, some of these tasks will be managed for you, and the parent office will likely provide training programmes for the remainder.

Franchise vs Independent

Developing a business from scratch is notoriously risky, with 50% of all independent companies going bust within the first two years.

On the other hand, 90% of franchise businesses report profitability within the first two years of trading.

Franchises are built on business models that have been proven to work in popular consumer sectors with pre-existing demand; lowering the risks of getting started.

Franchising offers stability to a new company, particularly during the early years. Embracing a recognisable brand and acquiring its reputation for reliable standards is a valuable asset for anyone considering opening a new business.

Progression of Property and Estate Agency Franchises

Franchising provides considerable scope for expansion, with 29% of all franchisees in the UK running multiple units.

Although franchising is a safer option than a sole-proprietorship, they are still independently-owned companies. With a recognisable brand name and logo, an established reputation, and other support materials, a franchisee can devote their attention and efforts to the everyday tasks of managing the business.

People buy into property and estate franchises for many different reasons. If you dream about owning your own business, working for yourself while helping people find the perfect living accommodations, franchising might be the right step for you.

Buying a Property and Estate Agency Franchise

The opportunities we offer represent an assortment of some of the most on-trend and potentially lucrative property and estate franchises currently available. Browse through our collection of property and estate franchise listings and go into business for yourself - today.

A property and estate agency franchise is usually best suited to somebody who knows the industry well, but that doesn’t mean other people can’t learn the industry.

A property and estate agency franchise is also suitable for people who enjoy getting out and about, driving to other parts of their town/city, including the surrounding countryside areas and small villages. There’s also the matter of being your own boss that appeals to a lot of people, while the potential profits are something else that will likely turn a few heads.

Ready? Explore our property and estate agency franchise opportunities for the chance to go into business on your own terms.

Buy a franchise today from Franchise Direct.

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