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Are you a confident leader with a proven track record in business? Build your own consultancy with The Alternative Board

  • Chair regular peer advisory boards
  • Deliver 1:1 business coaching
  • Run consultancy projects
  • SLT development programmes

With a TAB franchise you can use your experience to REALLY help local business owners thrive.

TAB Profile Image

Why choose TAB to power your business…

Deliver far more
than just coaching

The business model is very clever, enabling
you to forge deep client relationships through your lucrative regular peer advisory boards. Becoming the trusted advisor of your clients enables you to target your business coaching, consultancy and development programmes very effectively and efficiently.

This is a booming market, proven to be
even more so through periods of uncertainty, which seems to be the world we live in today! The advisory boards and coaching deliver a solid regular recuring income, with the consultancy projects and development programmes on top.

Multiple income

Client relationships
average 4 years+

TAB is very cost-effective for clients, delivers them huge ongoing value, and is profitable for you – WIN:WIN. The result is a four-year plus average customer retention, which beats other dedicated business coaching, gym and home care franchises by a mile.

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Choose your TAB business journey

TAB Owner / SOLO  TAB Owner / SCALE UP
Build your own portfolio of local business owner clients, leveraging the TAB brand, systems, support and processes so you can focus on people and not paperwork.Move from working in your business to employing and directing your own facilitators and scale up your own business consultancy, an asset you can sell in the future.

Whichever route you take, starting your own business with the TAB franchise provides you with a proven roadmap to follow from the sector’s leading brand and a clear exit strategy. You’ll have professional content and collateral, proven systems, and ongoing personal guidance and support to call on at all times.

And you’ll be part of a close-knit network of collaborative fellow franchisees.

Join a community of like-minded business leaders

Our most successful franchisees are confident and compelling, people who care – leaders who enjoy the reward of helping business owners flourish. They utilise the power of the brand, systems, support and content to deliver ongoing value to business owners in their local area.

TAB Image
“The business I have started helps me to achieve a lot of my personal goals. I won’t say it’s always been easy, but I have taken back control over my life and the rewards are certainly worth it. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” - Elliot Rich, TAB York

TAB Image
“It’s been challenging, but it’s been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I like that I can work when it suits me.” - Tom Morton, TAB Harrogate

TAB Image
“The values of TAB are very much around people. It’s about keeping one step ahead of the game and looking ahead and being able to see constant innovation. It’s a high calibre community.” - Helen Mill, TAB Aberdeenshire East & TAB Dundee

TAB Image
“It gives me real independence, the opportunity to collaborate with great people and I’m in control of my own destiny. It is just as much about helping people to achieve their personal vision and improving their lives – a key driver for me.” -Dave McCartney, TAB Leeds North & Centre

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Leadership from a former franchisee who’s been in your shoes

TAB Image

Our leader – Ed Reid – moved from being a franchisee to take over as franchisor with his business partner Mags Fuller back in 2017. Ed’s been sat right where you are now and knows the TAB journey personally – he’s committed to helping franchisees by sharing his experience. And Ed's original TAB business is still trading, the franchisee who purchased it has grown the business further too!

As UK franchisor we still run a few territories keeping our finger on the pulse and testing new initiatives, before developing further with the network.

We have been in the UK since 2009, but actually trace our roots back to the USA when in 1990 our founder first developed the business concept to share the power he had experienced of non-exec directors. There are now over 400 TAB franchisees serving over 5,000 business owners each month across 25 countries.

34 territories operating in the UK, 75+ available across the country

TAB Image

“If you’ve been successful in your business career and you’re ready to enjoy the emotional and financial rewards of giving back, we look forward to exploring the TAB opportunity with you.” Ed Reid – TAB UK Franchisor

With very low overheads, this high margin business model delivers a regular income with an initial investment of £66,700, including comprehensive initial training and first-year marketing costs. Each high street bank with franchise specialisms knows the model well and provides funding packages appropriate to individual circumstances.

The Alternative Board Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by The Alternative Board to give you more information about the costs associated with a The Alternative Board opportunity
Minimum Investment
Total Investment Required

TAB franchise proves indispensable to SMEs

Business advisory franchise The Alternative Board (TAB) is proving indispensable to SME business leaders across the UK.

TAB Image

This year seven SMEs will celebrate ten years of TAB membership, alongside a further 23 reaching their five-year anniversary. All are reaping the benefits of TAB’s month peer board meetings alongside 1:1 coaching services.

“Our high member retention rate is something that sets TAB apart within the business coaching sector,” commented Mags Fuller, FD of TAB (UK). “In a recent survey, members’ reasons for joining TAB ranged from a need for accountability and advice on running their business to simply feeling less lonely. Being part of a TAB board and building strong relationships with those other business owners is undeniably powerful. With around 60 per cent of small businesses failing within the first three years, it is testament to the success of our model that so many SMEs are thriving under the guidance of our franchise owners.”

Demonstrating the extensive value that TAB delivers, businesses that have reach five- and ten-year anniversary with the franchise hail from sectors as diverse as fire safety, accountancy and software. All members attend monthly franchisee facilitated peer board meetings with around half a dozen other local company owners where they are encouraged to raise a current issue for the board to help resolve.

“We are firm believers that many businesses in the UK fail not because they were a bad idea but because of the complexity of skills and mental fortitude required to run a business,” continued Mags. “Running a business can be incredibly overwhelming and at times, lonely, which is why the role our franchisees play in helping business owners identify and resolve their commercial issues is so critical. What’s more, our franchisees are constantly evolving themselves via regular training and support from head office that ensures they are abreast of the latest business trends and challenges. Whether it’s solving employee retention issues or helping devise a successful exit strategy, our franchisees are always confident that they can help their members by using TAB’s resources and its community expertise.”

One TAB member who has been with the franchise for over 10 year is Leeds based James Hennigan who runs Meson Electrical Services. James commented: “TAB continues to deliver value to my business year on year. It helped me through a management buy-out in my early years in business and has supported me in growing my firm to a level where am now attracting high end clients including Jaguar Land Rover and Red Bull Powertrains. I have recently expanded to take advantage of the growing demand for renewable energy solutions and TAB helped me ensure I had a clear strategy and business model in place to deliver that successfully.

“I have also got to know a lot of my local peers through TAB and really enjoy learning about the challenges their businesses are facing and collaborating on solutions. I count many of my TAB board members as close friends and it’s great to be able to share the daily ups and down of entrepreneurship with others who understand my position.”

TAB franchisee opportunities are currently open across the UK and are ideally suited to those with a background in business. TAB is seeking professionals including consultants, coaches, business owners and senior employees who are looking to combine a passion for business with the drive to help others to succeed.

TAB franchisees enjoy incredible flexibility and independence with unparalleled training and support. As a business service, a TAB franchise has low overheads as most franchisees choose to work from home.

The Alternative Board Success Stories

TAB Case Study | Voluntary redundancy called for a change

September 11, 2023
Paul Winterbottom has been a franchise owner with The Alternative Board (TAB) since April 2014. When offered voluntary redundancy, Paul left his position at NatWest which he had held for more than 30 years in order to pursue a new career and his dream of being a business owner.

TAB Case Study | Earning passive income and growing my TAB Franchise

September 11, 2023
Max Crosby-Browne has been a TAB Franchisee of two territories (Derby and the East Midlands) since 2019. With a background in marketing and consumer products, Max spent 20 years as CEO for consumer product manufacturing businesses, which were mainly private equity or hedge fund owned.

TAB Case Study | A franchise that ticked all the boxes

September 11, 2023
Liam Kane worked in financial services for Natwest for 33 years, before leaving his role as a regional director to start a TAB franchise in Northumberland. For 30 years of his career, Liam was working with SME businesses and that was something he didn’t want to lose when starting something new.

TAB Case Study | A Journey of Entrepreneurial Passion and Business Growth

September 11, 2023
From Corporate Executive to TAB Board Facilitator: Jo Croft's Journey of Entrepreneurial Passion and Business Growth

TAB Case Study | 'Helping business owners love their business more'

September 11, 2023
Campbell Ure discusses his journey to finding TAB.

My TAB Franchise Story: Helen Mill - Aberdeenshire-East

April 21, 2021
Helen Mill discusses her franchise journey with The Alternative Board.

My TAB Franchise Story: Mark Kane, Manchester South

February 17, 2021
"I have always wanted to work for myself and the idea of being in control of my own destiny and schedule was a big draw. It was also important for me to find a role that suited the lifestyle I wanted i.e. less commuting , less office-based, and more suited to my family and I saw that YAB franchise could deliver that."
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Available Locations:
Single unit franchise opportunities available in England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:


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