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Trends and Facts About Home Improvement

Whether you’re looking to jazz up your kitchen, refresh your bathroom, breathe new life into your living room, or transform that dark old hallway into a welcoming channel into the heart of the home, home improvement franchises are custom-made to satisfy that itch for change.

The UK population loves DIY - you just have to walk around B&Q on a Saturday to witness the aspiration to transform living spaces. We love to paint, sand, hang wallpaper, and hang pictures, but we have home improvement franchises for the more complex tasks.

A quick glance at your TV guide provides an immediate testament to the fact that we LOVE DIY in the UK. Changing Rooms, Interior Design Masters, Garden Rescue, Amazing Spaces - the TV schedules are full of stories of home improvement projects, offering inspiration for the viewer and a little kick up the backside to get started.

And with house prices and the cost of moving on the rise, many of us are opting to renovate rather than build or find a new home. Whether it's a small remodelling project or a complete redesign, we love to get our hands dirty - and this is where home improvements franchises become invaluable.

Home improvement franchises include:

  • Kitchen renovations and refits - from changing the knobs and doors to ripping out and starting again.
  • Garden renovations - from relaying your lawn to full-scale landscaping projects.
  • Garage door replacements
  • Painting and decorating
  • Rewiring and re-plumbing
  • Interior designers
  • Window replacements
  • Locks and alarms
  • Furniture building and delivery

So, if you're seeking a new way of working, with the freedom of being your own boss, check out our excellent home improvement opportunities. And help the UK public feed their insatiable desire for modern homes and beautiful gardens.


Going into business from scratch presents an endless supply of risk. First of all, you need a business idea that has legs; you need to develop your idea from a spark of inspiration and transform it into a viable business solution primed to cater to the needs of a well-researched client base.

Then you need to find suppliers. And manufacturers. Then create a website and a way of reaching out to people who have never heard of you.

This is all before you open your doors to the public. And then you have to try and penetrate the marketplace; over the noise of all of your established competitors.

Indeed, going into business independently is a challenging way to become your own boss.

On the other hand, franchising is considered a far more certain path into self-employment. When you invest in a home improvement franchise, you buy into:

  • Immediately recognisable branding, providing instant curb appeal
  • An established product portfolio, proven to resonate with an existing customer base
  • A ready-to-go supply chain, offering great value because you have the scale of a larger organisation
  • A tried-and-tested service that your future customers already know and trust.

Additionally, buying into a home improvement franchise is an investment in skills because most parent companies provide excellent training opportunities. After all, they’re investing in you as much as you’re investing in them - you have their hard-earned reputation in your hands; it makes sense they will want to ensure you’re an expert.

As well as training, many home improvement franchises provide a range of HR provisions, helping ensure that your new business runs in line with business-, financial- and employment laws. That’s the stuff that keeps most independent business owners awake at night!

So, if you're ready to change your fortunes, Franchise Direct is here to bring you secure access to an exclusive selection of home improvement brands that provide:

  • A ready-made reputation that reassures your future customers of your expertise
  • Training & business support
  • HR expertise

Facts About Home Improvement Franchises

Home improvement franchises specialise in transforming the interior and exterior of people’s homes - from gardens to garages and interior design to exterior rendering.

According to Country Living, the top 10 home improvement projects planned by the UK public is:

  1. General redecoration - from sanding and painting to wallpapering
  2. New flooring and carpets - from preparing and sanding old floor boards to rugs and hard-wearing carpets to warm up a space.
  3. Bathroom refitting
  4. Kitchen refitting
  5. Building an extension - from converting lofts and garages to building new wings on the home for extra living space and storage
  6. Garden buildings - from summer houses, log cabins, and sheds to home offices
  7. Loft conversions
  8. Transforming a room into a home office
  9. Knocking down walls to create more living space
  10. Garage conversions for an extra room for living or working

So, if you’re good with your hands and want to help Britain’s homeowners transform their dwellings, consider investing in one of our excellent home improvement franchises.

Franchising Vs. Independent

When you go into business, there are several important considerations: how you penetrate the marketplace; the viability of your business idea; your ability to scale up to serve a large enough demographic to turn a profit; raising startup collateral. And while these are appropriate for both franchises and independent companies, many of these starting obstacles are easier to overcome with a home improvement franchise.

All new businesses require a startup investment - that’s money you need to get up and running before you even begin serving your customers. And franchises often find startup funds easier to achieve than independent companies because banks and moneylenders often favour franchises.

This is because franchises are working with the support of an established, experienced partner who has already proven that the business is sustainable and capable of turning over a profit, with a history of growth.

Indies often struggle to represent the viability of their business idea because they have no experience to back them up. For this reason, indies often struggle to achieve reasonable interest rates on startup loans, making it more difficult to recoup their costs. And this is why almost half of all indies go bankrupt within their first five years.

Franchises tend to make it through those problematic five years because the parent company has done the groundwork, providing a business that:

  • Knows its customer base
  • Has a road-tested service portfolio
  • Has overcome the obstacles of early years businesses.

So, for a better start, consider the benefits of taking on a home improvement franchise with Franchise Direct!

Home Improvement Franchises

Check out Franchise Direct's exclusive selection of home improvement franchises. And help the UK satisfy its craving for beautiful homes and gardens.

Find your brand new start with Franchise Direct.

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