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Be part of the motivational educational revolution!
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Dramatically increase your wealth by helping kids. Billion pound industry with high profit margins.
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MathRiders provides your child a maths-rich environment, along with stories, games, songs and activities, encouraging them to reach their full potential.
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The Learning Experience is a recognized leader in the daycare and early education industry—with over 315 centers open and another 250 under development. This is your opportunity to be part of an amazing brand dedicated to making a positive difference in children’s lives as they learn, play and grow with us!
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Invest in your own business and reap the financial rewards whilst helping children become educated!
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A strategic opportunity for entrepreneurs passionate about education and technology.
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Trends and Facts About Tutoring Franchises

Tutoring offers franchisees the opportunity to make a real difference. It is an industry that consistently has high demand and offers a chance for business owners to work in an area they are genuinely interested in.

This could be the right move for you if you want to positively effect peoples’ lives, while working in area you care about.

For many, tutoring offers a level of job satisfaction that is not readily available elsewhere.

Plenty of people make the decision to be their own boss because they are looking for a job where they can make a difference in the lives of others. Tutoring is a career that can scratch that itch.

Franchising & Tutoring

Every year, students throughout the country need a little help to achieve their full potential and education franchises have been helping these students for years.

They have done this by using gained expertise and training to provide extra tuition to these students.

The future of tutoring will continue to involve technological advances. With parents struggling to keep up to the speed of change, there will be a huge opportunity for those within the tutoring market to embrace this challenge as an opportunity.

Online tutoring franchises that embrace different elements of technology are already steadily growing in the UK and the future is bright for this type of business.

The traditional method of tutoring isn’t going anywhere either, with around one in every four children in the UK receiving extra tuition outside of school.

It is an industry that is full of opportunities. This is being embraced by the workforce, with around four out of every 10 teachers within the country giving private lessons at some point throughout their careers.

Other statistics have shown that this is a multi-billion-pound industry, with parents spending around £1,000 per year on tutoring. Another opportunity for growth is personalised education, which is on the rise throughout the United Kingdom.

What You Need to Know About The Tutoring Industry

  • The tuition industry is estimated to be worth £6billion.
  • Parents and students are looking for flexibility, ease of use, innovative tools and affordability
  • Online tuition is leading the way, as it is often cheaper than the face-to-face alternative.
  • According to a prominent market research company (Technavio), the global tuition industry could be worth around $60bn by 2023.
  • Maths is the most popular subject for tutoring, with English and Science being next on the list.
  • According to a 2019 study by The Sutton Trust, roughly four out of every 10 children in London were receiving some sort of tuition.
  • There has been a massive jump in demand for STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) in recent years.
  • Industry insights include developments of methods, such as ‘microlearning’, which is skill-based learning in small, concise groups.

Franchising Vs Independent Businesses

There are many reasons why people choose franchises over independent businesses. These include, brand awareness, a greater marketing budget, a proven system and at times, easier access to finance.

The first couple of years of business are the most challenging for an entrepreneur and with a franchise, you’ve already got a helping hand and a group of people who have achieved it all before to call upon. Independent companies don’t have that, so with a franchise, you are starting a business, but not necessarily 'going out on your own'.

What to Look for When Selecting a Tutoring Franchise

Clearly you are considering progressing your career by selecting a tutoring franchise. However, before you do so, there are a number of questions you must ask.

They include:

1. Which Type of Business Is Right For Me?

If you’re starting a tutoring franchise, then asking ‘what do I bring to the table’ is an excellent start.

That is because if you are considering doing the training yourself, you should have the correct skills to do so. Or, if you are planning on running the tutoring business from the head office, you should have the necessary admin and organisational skills.

2. Is This The Brand For Me?

Many businesses within the tutoring industry have a clear ethos. You should pick a company and brand that fits in with your personal beliefs and thinking. This will prevent further issues down the line.

After all, you need to be able to see yourself as part of their team.

3 – What Support Is There?

One of the key reasons for choosing a franchise is the support you receive from your franchisor.

Just like in most industries, this should be examined before you pick the right tutoring franchise for you. You should also examine what support is most important for you.

4 – What is My Budget?

There are different tutoring businesses to suit different budgets, so ensure you are clear in what you are looking for prior to examining tutoring franchises (excuse the pun!).

Some franchises can provide finance (both directly and from third parties), so you should also ask yourself if this is something you’d be interested in.

5 – Is there a future for this?

Before entering into a franchise agreement, you should consider whether the business you are investing in is forward thinking. For instance, there is little point in purchasing a VCR repair tutoring business..

STEM subjects and digital tutoring agencies have rising demand levels at the moment and with new technology, there are more innovative tutoring franchises coming to the market virtually every day.

The tutoring industry is ripe with opportunities right now and is ready for more enthusiastic and hard working entrepreneurs to join its ranks. If you feel like it is the right move for you, simply select a franchise you would like to hear more about, fill in your details and await contact.

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