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Launch Your Own Digital Agency With No Previous Experience.
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Valenta is the worlds first AI franchise, helping businesses Optimize, Digitize and Analyze using AI and Automation. The Valenta Franchise model is unique; as a Franchise Partner, you work on your business, not in your business.
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Run your own business providing mobile apps & responsive websites to small businesses.
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SmartPA virtual assistant franchises have a 98% success rate and have grown 27% since Covid-19.
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Launch a Digital Agency with no prior experience. We provide you with everything you need to help local businesses embrace their digital transformation.
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Trends and Facts About IT Franchises

We live in a digital world; there’s no denying it. And if you enjoy working from home, spending the day in your PJs and helping people remotely fix their computer problems, then an IT franchise is waiting to help you become your own boss.

OK - we're being a little flippant - working in IT is a professional business, and you should always dress accordingly (but it's still an option!).

Around 75% of the UK workforce use IT equipment in the execution of their jobs. So that's millions of devices that could require assistance every day of the week.

Around 60% of all businesses in the UK do not have an in-house IT support facility, preferring to outsource; and this is where the value of IT franchises comes into play.

And now that remote working is becoming a new reality for many, there's more reliance on remote IT departments.

But IT franchises don't just cover IT support: there's web design and maintenance, system coding, and training for adults and children. Our list of IT franchises spans a broad range of business types, so you're sure to find a niche that suits your skillset.


Adopting the support mechanism of a large, established company helps you build your new business through recognisable branding and a ready-to-go trading model.

Benefit from an association with a large IT franchise business, and inherit a reputation for efficiency, professionalism, business focus, and skill.

Profit from the visibility of an established brand, with a programme of training and ongoing support from the parent company. Be the help that SMEs and big brands require to keep their operations running.

Even multi-national corporations such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Google outsource their IT functionality: there's a lot of money in supporting businesses big and small.

The computer franchise sector is a vast market in the UK - practically every UK-based business uses a computer or some kind in the day-to-day running of their business functions. Whether it's a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone, now and then everyone requires support to get things working.

Media franchises such as Eazi Apps and SkyCam continue to thrive in the sector. Although traditional media competes with digital media, both are very heavily consumed in Britain, giving you the opportunity to create a name for yourself in the market.

And time is money in IT - there's considerable demand for highly-qualified, trained individuals who can quickly get to the root of the problem.

IT franchises help you get compliance-ready, with a substantial head-start in penetration of the available marketplace.

Facts About IT Franchises

Many UK companies don't have the budget for a permanent, in-house IT team, but that doesn't mean that they don't have IT support needs. Most IT support is outsourced these days, and that provides a ready-built marketplace for IT franchises to penetrate.

Most companies are more likely to hire a company with a brand that they recognise over an individual, sole trader or a small team. Malfunctioning machines often cripple companies, and they need solutions quickly. This is where being part of a larger umbrella group of IT professionals is going to help.

IT franchises don't just cover the business market, however; there's high demand in consumer electronics. Practically everyone has a mobile phone or a tablet. And with the recent proliferation of home working, many consumers are relying on personal devices to help them carry out their work.

Whether it's support for business computers, consumer electronics, training and education, or web design and innovations, there's an IT franchise business waiting to help you get your new venture off the ground.

Franchising Vs Independent

Banks and money lenders tend to consider franchises more favourably than independent companies because they're built on robust frameworks with a successful financial history.

Independent start-ups are riskier propositions when lending start-up collateral because a new company is fraught with financial risk, especially during the first two years of trading.

The franchise model, on the other hand, provides proven stability while the parent company offers invaluable support for new businesses.

IT Franchises

Explore our range of IT franchises, and get switched on to the possibilities of becoming your own boss.

Find your brand new start with Franchise Direct.

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