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Be your own boss with a website development business! FULL training and support provided.
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Trends and Facts About Computer Franchises

Computers are a part of our world. In fact, it's almost impossible to imagine life without them. Whether or not we use computers for work, most of us use them for leisure activities, such as gaming, social networking, internet browsing, film and music streaming, and even dating.

And for those of us in business, life would literally stop without a trusty computer network at hand.

Computing has changed a lot over the years: from the hobbyist's obsession in the 1980s to a part of everyday life. Think about it: almost everything has a chip in it these days - from your kettle to your fridge, from your smartphone to your TV.

Computer franchises are uniquely placed to:

  • Manufacture computer equipment and accessories
  • Program and code computers and devices
  • Train others to code and program
  • Develop software and hardware
  • Train others in software use
  • Develop cloud networks

Really, the list goes on and on.

So, if you're in any way techy, a computer franchise could be your path to a successful new way to help others, supply the gadgets we love, and help train the people who use them.

Whether you're serving the domestic market or supplying and maintaining products for businesses, a computer franchise will rarely be short of work.

Over 80% of us directly use a computer in some capacity as part of our working lives, while most others use computers to facilitate their working lives. Computers play a role, whether by travelling to the workplace, using electronic devices such as smartphones, weighing scales, or clocking in and out to mark your time.

So, if you’re looking to supply, maintain, develop, or train, a computer franchise provides you with an excellent foot in the door to this hugely lucrative industry sector.

And how about this for a statistic if you're not convinced yet: the UK government claims that the digital sector brings in more than £400 million A DAY. Over the year, the industry brings in a staggering £149 billion to the UK economy.


Many people consider franchising a sensible way to go into business for yourself. Starting up an independent company is a challenge. Think about:

  • The set-up and the marketing
  • Developing the skills to run and thrive
  • Breaking into a saturated marketplace
  • Creating an operational supply chain
  • Continuous development of skills in line with technological developments

In short, going into business independently is a hard slog, resulting in over half of all independent companies running out of money and filing for bankruptcy within five years.

Franchising is different. You benefit from an experienced partner who has worked out how the business should operate for maximum resonance with your customer base. There are fewer risks involved because your future clients already know and trust your company - before you've even started operations.

You inherit established and instantly recognisable branding when you invest in a computer franchise, giving your business immediate curb appeal/search engine authority. Additionally, the parent company uses their industry-specific expertise to train you and your employees; while offering ongoing business support.

Additionally, many computer franchises offer ongoing HR support, ensuring you comply with business-, employment-, and financial regulations - basically, all the stuff that keeps small business owners awake at night.

As well as branding, computer franchisees get access to the parent company's tried-and-tested supply chain, offering optimal value on all the products and services you supply to your clients.

Franchise Direct organises access to a superb selection of fantastic computer franchises that offer:

  • A ready-to-go reputation built on trustworthy customer service
  • Access to a supply chain
  • Ongoing business and training support
  • HR functionality

Computer Franchises

Computer franchises operate in various functions, from developing and maintaining systems to repairing and upgrading consumables. Additionally, some computer franchises provide a range of online services, such as web development and design, system installations, and training assistance.

Computer franchises that specialise in training provide learning services for children and adults, both for domestic systems and business operational software. And with more and more of us working remotely, there's new growth in cloud networking, offering individuals the opportunity to work more flexibly by accessing online portals that support their business roles.

Computer franchises are attractive business opportunities because it's possible to run the entire operation online; IT franchises are perfect for home workers. For example, computer franchises, such as Easi-Apps, offer customers the opportunity to create a mobile app without any need for coding skills.

Media franchises such as Eazi Apps and SkyCam are blazing a trail in the industry and so can you!

Even the world of eSport is pushing the boundaries of technology and entertainment, giving investors in computer franchises the opportunity to create their own online eSports arena in virtual reality.

With so many opportunities and such scope to work in so many different ways, now is the time to dip your toe into the computer franchise sector.

Franchising Vs. Independent

Franchising is the opportunity to benefit from the hard-earned reputation of an established company. When you invest in a computer franchise, you inherit a customer base that knows and trusts the brand, overcoming many of the obstacles experienced by independent companies who hit the marketplace without the support of an established partner.

Starting up in business independently is fraught with peril, from establishing your brand in a saturated marketplace to refining your service offering to cater directly to your customers.

Of course, you need collateral to invest in a computer franchise. Minimum investments can be as low as £500, upwards to hundreds of thousands, depending on the brand. And while the level of initial investment can seem high, the rewards become evident as soon as you begin trading.

Banks and moneylenders tend to look favourably on franchises. The operational model has been proven - the parent company has developed the marketplace, turned over a profit, and demonstrated ongoing growth, sustainability, and adaptability.

Independent companies, on the other hand, often receive less favourable interest rates from moneylenders. This is because their business model lacks the real-world practice that franchises inherit from their parent company.

Hit the ground running with a computer franchise, driven by the expertise of the parent company while benefitting from their reputation for excellent customer service, market sustainability, and long-term viability.

Computer Franchises

Check out Franchise Direct's superb selection of computer franchises. And help get the UK online and working today.

Find your brand new start with Franchise Direct.

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