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This is one of Britain's best day nurseries. If you love working with children, this franchise will suit you.
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Trends and Facts About Baby Franchises

Catering for a baby's needs can seem overwhelming for a new parent – clothing, footwear, toys and bottles are just a few of the many accessories needed. There is a wide market for babies and you could help cater for this market with your very own baby franchise. Research shows that new parents spend an estimated £500 on nappies, clothing, feeding equipment, furniture and toys in the first month of a new baby's life. There is clearly a very profitable income to be made!

Why choose a Baby franchise?

Baby franchises offer invaluable services such as childcare and education to new parents. Franchises such as Kipina Kids or Banana Moon Day Nursery that provide these invaluable services are all thriving in today's market. Equally, if you are looking for something different and innovative, franchises such Lingotot offer fun and interactive multi-language classes for ages 0-12. Like other industries, baby franchises provide similar levels of support and flexibility, with businesses like Lingotot now providing online classes.

As the market is bursting with opportunities, there are numerous franchise options for those with different skills and expertise. Baby franchises are ideal for stay-at-home parents as many businesses are home-based or part-time, which allows them to not only build a successful franchise, but to also spend quality time with their own children.

Be part of an industry that is tipped for further growth – recent research shows that UK baby brands are dominating the international markets! Partnering with a franchisor means that your baby franchise business benefits from an established and effective business model. What could be better?

Check out some interesting facts about the UK baby franchise industry below:

  • New parents spend a whopping £11, 498 in the first year of their baby's life.
  • Sending a baby to nursery costs £122.46 per week on a part-time basis and £232.84 on a full-time basis.
  • Many baby franchises require a low level of investment and can be run either full-time or part-time, depending on your own schedule.
  • The baby stroller market is projected for growth over the next few year, partly due to the UK's strict regulations for baby strollers with improved safety features.
  • British households are spending approximately 38% of their combined net incomes on their children. This explains why the baby franchise industry is so lucrative.
  • The most competitive baby franchises in the UK sell clothing, baby care, food, furniture, toys and transport. These are key items purchased by parents in the first few months after having a child.

Baby franchises

Browse our range of baby franchises below and see where your entrepreneurial skills can take you.

Some say you can't put a price on family: the bond is priceless. But that's until you calculate how much the average family spends on bringing up a child in the UK. We hope you're sitting down because—according to the Child Poverty Action Group—it costs £160,692 for a couple (and £193,801 for a single parent) to bring up a child to the age of 18.

Obviously, with baby franchises, you're catering for children from 0-5 — before they start school. But this period — for many — is one of the most expensive.

Think about it: parents with a newborn child need:

Clothes — between four and eight babygrows, tops and bottoms, pyjamas, rompers, dress-up outfits, jumpers, jackets, socks, booties, hats, mittens, blankets. And remember, children never stop growing, so these basics don't last long!
Crib and bedding
Baby monitor
Nappies and changing table
Toys and a playmat
Toiletries, bathing items, and washcloths
Feeding bottles and cleaning accessories, including breast pumps, milk storage bags, nursing pads, nipple creams, bottle steriliser, bottle warmer
High chair, bibs, bowls, burp cloths
Baby nail clippers
First aid kits and thermometers
Pushchairs and prams
Baby carriers and car seats
And this is all just in the first year.

So, it’s pretty clear to see that:

a) there’s a lot for new parents to gather in preparation for their baby,

b) there’s a lot that parents need to sustain a happy baby, and

c) the spending never ends

So, if you're looking for a profitable business with an almost endless supply of potential customers, check out the excellent selection of baby franchises.

And remember, once a baby becomes a toddler, there’s:

Child care
The endless supply of new clothes
Education and social learning
Specialist children’s food and drink


Many people wish they could become their own boss but are daunted by all the bureaucracy and organisation involved in setting up a new company from scratch. And this is where investing in a franchise offers a unique opportunity to take on a functional business with a reputation, a customer base, a supply chain, and a history of profit, sustainability, and growth.

Compare that with somebody setting up an independent company. They have a mammoth journey from concept to funding, from infrastructure building to opening their doors to a public who hasn't yet heard of them.

Simply put, baby franchises offer:

Instantly recognisable branding that provides immediate curb appeal
Online authority and an existing customer base
A reputation for great service and excellent customer relations
An operational supply chain, facilitating the best value for materials and products
An established product line, proven to resonate with customers
In addition to an operational business, most baby franchise parent companies provide exceptional training to ensure you can maintain their hard-earned reputation. This often extends to managers and floor staff, so you can be sure your new business has the best possible start, driven by the knowledge of expert partners.

Also, many baby franchise parent companies provide some HR functionality that helps ensure your new business runs in compliance with appropriate business and employment regulations. This type of support is literally worth its weight in gold, as compliance issues are the aspects of business that keep many company owners awake at night!

Facts About Baby Franchises

Baby franchises have a wide range of income streams, from selling clothes and accessories to childcare, learning support and parental aid.

As we've explored, the costs of raising a child are massive, making baby franchises an exhilarating prospect for new business owners. In fact, according to LV, the average price for the first year of a new baby is £11.498 — typically extending to an average of £63,224 for years one-to-four on childcare.

Average childcare costs for babies under two years old are £138 each week for part-time care and £263 a week if the care is full-time.

Of course, many new parents want brand new items for their first child. Still, there's a massive opportunity in selling excellent-quality second-hand childcare goods — especially useful for lower-income families.

In 2020, the baby care market was valued at over £676m, offering a particularly fertile cut of the pie for baby franchises in waiting.

So, if you're considering turning your life around and becoming your own boss while offering excellent services to new parents, consider investing in one of Franchise Direct's super-profitable baby franchise opportunities.

Franchising Vs. Independent

All new businesses present a raft of risks, but many experts consider franchises a safer bet than going into business independently.

Firstly, a baby franchise offers access to the benefits of an operational business. All the challenges new indies face are overcome because the parent company has worked through the typical teething problems all new companies face.

Secondly, franchise businesses have an existing presence that precedes the franchisee — you benefit from the reputation and visibility of the parent company.

And, perhaps most importantly, franchisees are often favoured by banks and moneylenders when it comes to gathering startup collateral. This is because franchises come with a tried-and-tested business model, proven profitable and capable of growth.

Compare this excellent grounding with an indie who hopes to enter the marketplace without the support of an established partner and no evidence of market viability. Indies often struggle to penetrate the saturated marketplace because they open their doors to the public without a reputation. And when it comes to parents spending their hard-earned cash, most people choose a brand they know and feel they can rely on — not a little independent seller.

So, if you’re considering starting up in the baby business, consider the benefits of a baby franchise:

A customer base that knows, trusts, and feels they can rely on the brand
An operational supply chain
Market viability

Baby Franchises

Check out Franchise Direct's exciting choice of baby franchises today, and help Britain’s new parents feel more secure in this potentially challenging period of their lives.

Find your brand new start with Franchise Direct.

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