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Elite Realty specialise in social housing investment, which has become increasing popular to investors due to the secure and impressive returns. Investors benefit from having their investment property fully managed by a registered CBS Housing Association.

Elite Realty Invest have a combined experience of over 20 years in the UK, property investment market and specialising in social housing investments. Their aim is to make property investment as stress-free as possible. They source the very best ‘Off Market’ schemes offering high net rental returns with below market value pricing.

Social Housing Investment offers the following:

  • 10% Net Rental Yield
  • Fully managed by a CBS Registered housing association.
  • Completed developments, fully tenanted, generating an immediate income paid on the 1st of each month
  • 25-year Management agreement included with no ground rent, service charge, or maintenance costs
  • A 3 Year Buy-back Option for a minimum of 30% uplift .
  • They offer an impressive £18,200 yearly returns for a price of £182,000, or £15,600 for a price of £156,000.

Track Record and Pipeline

96+ Developments - Since starting in 2016 Elite Realty Invest has been involved with 96 developments across Manchester and Liverpool.

21+ New developments - Elite Realty Invest is currently working with 21 new developments in the Liverpool and Manchester area.

800M- Overall development value - Total value of the developments we have been involved with in the last 6 years.

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