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The Betterclean Services franchise opportunity is suited to people looking to build a profitable management business in their local area.

Betterclean Services offer a rewarding opportunity for smart investors wishing to combine their ambition and drive with our guidance and support to build their own management franchise in the commercial cleaning industry.

The UK commercial cleaning sector is worth more than £5.6 billion and is growing year on year. Commercial cleaning services are provided on a recurring income basis meaning that your clients will pay you on a monthly basis for your services and, providing you maintain levels of service, will stay with you for many years. This not only allows you to forecast your income better, but also means that you do not have to constantly look for new clients each month.

At Betterclean Services we not only understand that we need to be by your side every step of the way, but more importantly we want to be by your side. Everyone in the franchise support team has the same underlying goal – to help others build the business they want. Ongoing support is provided through a combination of direct experience, guidance and assistance from our Head Office team and a wealth of more specialised experience from our support partners. The combination of internal and external support means that you will be given all the support you need to reach your goals.

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Why now is a good time to invest:

  • Commercial cleaning is a recession-proof industry
  • No previous experience required, and full training provided
  • Franchise packages starting from £25,000+VAT
  • You can now get your new Betterclean Services Franchise 90% financed with a Government backed start-up loan! (subject to eligibility)
  • A Betterclean Services franchise can provide you with a great work-life balance
  • Large exclusive territory
  • Work from home – never go back to commuting.

Here are a few questions and answers that you should be thinking about when looking at a franchise opportunity.

Do I need to have previous industry knowledge?

No, it is not required as we provide all the training you will need.

Do you train me?

We provide you with full training on how to operate and grow your new business

Do you help kick-start my business in any way?

Yes, we provide you with a guaranteed £200,000 worth of enquiries in your first year. worth of enquiries in your first year.

Whatever the reason for choosing a Betterclean Services franchise, we work with our franchise owners from day one to help them achieve their goals, but more than that we stand by them every step of the way to help ensure that the goals and dreams become reality.
Betterclean Services Franchise News

Double Win for Betterclean Services Cardiff & Newport: Most Improved Franchise & Best New Franchise Owner!

February 14, 2024
Betterclean Services Cardiff & Newport walked away with not one, but two awards at the Betterclean Services Annual Award Evening: Most Improved Franchise Owner and Best New Franchise Owner!

The Betterclean Services Conference 2024

February 12, 2024
The Betterclean Services Conference 2024 was all about connections, vibrant ideas, and celebrating franchisee excellence.

New Franchisees Smash Sales Goal in Record Time

Cardiff and Newport Resale Franchisees who achieved 12 months of sales in just 6 months.

Betterclean Services welcomes brand new franchisees to their network

May has been yet another busy month and we are delighted to welcome more franchisees to the Betterclean Services network.

Exeter cleaning boss sweeps up national award by treating staff decently

Treating staff decently and paying them higher wages has helped Exeter cleaning company boss, Caroline Spiller, build a million-pound business – and win a major industry award.

Legal eagles’ judgement vindicated as they swap courtrooms for commercial cleaning

Solicitors and barristers are famous for cleaning up financially – but how many, like Jane and Dornford Roberts, are just as likely to be cleaning up with a mop and bucket?

Triple Digit Growth in Exeter & Taunton Franchise

 Since the end of “Furlough” in 2021, Betterclean Services Exeter & Taunton has grown revenues well over 100% in the space of nine months, bringing them close to a £1M turnover.  Caroline Spiller, Managing Director, expects this growth rate to continue and attributes it almost entirely to treating staff really well.

Betterclean Services Manchester helps raise money for local charities!

Saira the franchise owner at Betterclean Services Manchester has been busy again with her charity events, continuously helping local charities with a ladies networking group which she attends. 

Betterclean Services Manchester continues to help raise money for local charities!

Saira, the franchise owner at Betterclean Services Manchester has been busy with charity events. Continuously helping local charities with a ladies networking group which she attends, The Best of Bury Brunch, a group of women with businesses challenging themselves to see who can raise the most money.

The Franchise Network have got back together again

The beginning of May was a busy time for the senior franchise management team as we embarked on our UK tour to hold Regional Network Days for our franchise owners.
Betterclean Services Franchise Success Stories

Farhad chose a Betterclean Services Franchise and is now operating in Ipswich!

February 02, 2024
Introducing Farhad: From Ipswich, Suffolk, Farhad is a recent addition to the Betterclean Services family, bringing his dedication and drive to the world of professional cleaning.

Betterclean Services Case Study | Paul Steinmetz

September 04, 2023
Paul has joined the Betterclean Franchise network and is now operating Betterclean Services Northampton!

Betterclean Case Study | Libby and Hayley

September 04, 2023
Libby and Hayley have purchased the Cardiff and Newport resale and are delighted to be a part of the Betterclean Services Network!

Betterclean Case Study: Majorie - I would highly recommend the Betterclean franchise

October 22, 2022
Learn why Marjorie would recommend Betterclean's franchise model for budding investors.

Father and Daughter team found the Betterclean Services Franchise was the perfect fit!

September 20, 2022
“I had always wanted to start my own business and the Betterclean Franchise provided me with the opportunity to realise my dream.”

A strong start for Betterclean Chelsea!

October 29, 2021
Ayotunde and Anthony joined Betterclean Services in July 2021 and have undertaken the thorough and wide-ranging training that ensures they are well equipped with essential knowledge, facts, and comprehension to maximise the opportunities for their businesses.

Speculate to Accumulate?

August 23, 2021
Richard Jefferson, Betterclean Franchisee since 03/2020

More freedom than I ever thought possible

April 09, 2021
After 30 years working in various roles in the service industry, Caroline Spiller found herself wanting to spend more time with her family but also keen to get back to her passion of working in a B2B environment. She found the perfect solution with a Betterclean Services commercial cleaning franchise.

Case Study: Simona - Betterclean Hemel Hempstead

February 05, 2021
Meet Simona, one of our newest franchisees to join the Betterclean Network who is now trading in Hemel Hempstead.
Betterclean Services Franchise Testimonials
Dealing with Dan and Mike has been a pleasure, I find them both open minded and business oriented and are equally as eager to grow the Betterclean brand and business in the region.
Nader Srouji, Betterclean Services, Milton Keynes,
Betterclean Services Franchise
Having looked at other cleaning franchises, I chose Betterclean, as their business model and structure offered me the most flexibility in terms of scale. This allows me to determine the pace at which I develop my business, how fast and how large I want my business to grow. The support in getting startup clients also allows me to have a jumpstart while simultaneously developing and building my clientele. Existing franchisees shared good experiences, this boosted my confidence to invest in Betterclean.
Sahadeo – Betterclean Services Coventry,
Betterclean Services Franchise
After researching a number of big name franchises in various sectors, I stumbled upon Betterclean Services in my search. I was looking for something that was scalable and also flexible in the operational structure. One of the appealing aspects was that the franchise was a proven model that could be delivered anywhere in the UK. I wanted the expertise to get off to a flying start and Betterclean Services fit the bill.
Soel, Betterclean Services Swindon,
Betterclean Services Franchise
I became a Betterclean franchisee in November 2016, when I bought the Exeter and Taunton territory as a going concern. Over the past 2 years, I have doubled the revenue and far exceeded the growth and income targets I had set myself. Betterclean provides franchisees with robust operating systems and procedures, that have allowed me to focus my energies on building a staff team that I am proud of, on developing strong client relationships, and on delivering a service that differentiates Betterclean from other cleaning providers. The support I have received from Head Office has been invaluable, in terms of advice on operational delivery, HR matters and business development, all of which have facilitated steady business growth. That, combined with a friendly network of fellow franchisees, has meant that I have never felt alone when encountering challenges along the way. Being able to work from home has given me personal flexibility, and kept my operating costs low while the business grows. In addition, the online management system, BLISS, enables me to run my business on-the-go, and means that I have a healthy work-life balance, unlike previous businesses I have run. The low management service fee has been critical in contributing to a sustainable profit margin in a very competitive industry. Finally, I would say that the Betterclean model provides a strong operational framework on which franchisees can build their business in line with their own strengths, interests and personal goals.
Caroline Spiller, Owner/Director of Betterclean Services Exeter & Taunton,
Betterclean Services Franchise
I strongly believe we made the right decision, choosing the Betterclean services franchise to start our commercial cleaning business. In hindsight I would have created more scenarios when structuring the business plan, as the margins have been tighter than I expected. Make sure you do your due diligence thoroughly and seek independent advice. On comparing the market, Betterclean Services was the best option for us.
John Goodyear, Franchisee (Betterclean Services York),
Betterclean Services Franchise
When my husband and I met Dan and Mike we felt really comfortable with them, and not only liked them but felt their business model made total sense. II was looking for an opportunity in a different business sector and realised franchising was a quick wato start, effectively buying the sector expertise of the franchise owner.
Saira Poonawala, Franchisee (Betterclean Services Manchester),
Betterclean Services Franchise

Betterclean Case Study: Dornford and Jane’s

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