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Intelijet 360°

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Intelijet 360° is an automatic touchless car wash business that is fast becoming a profitable and sustainable new segment with the UK Car Wash market. UK locations are now available for our sector leading automatic touchless car wash franchise network.


Manufactured by PDQ, over 13,000 auto car washes have been installed, 85% of which are touchless with an increasing percentage year on year. Intelijets 360° touchless car wash uses the proven technology of PDQ’s Laserwash, the category leading car wash.

PDQ are a wholly owned subsidiary of Dover Inc. a diversified global manufacturer and solutions provider with an annual revenue of $8billion, and 25,000 employees. Dover Inc have appraised and approved Intelijet Ltd to market Intelijet 360°.

The Franchise Opportunity

Intelijet 360° in partnership with PDQ - A proven business model

Intelijet are establishing both a corporate and franchise owned presence, working with recognised retail brands and partners alongside stand-alone locations

Intelijet Ltd to provide ongoing warranty, service and maintenance as well as specific chemical solutions for our touchless car washes via it’s expert technician team. Intelijet will be offering via all locations the opportunity for all drivers to join its exclusive Car Wash Subscription Club. This provides Intelijet, it’s franchisees, and it’s customers the opportunity to proactively engage with the platform.

Intelijets partnership with PDQ harnesses what has helped make Car Wash Operators successful since 1984

Reasons to Invest

  • 11,500 locations worldwide
  • 345 million customers each year
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Members of The UK Car Wash Association
  • Retained mapping partners, Geoblink
  • The Automatic Touchless Car Wash behind numerous industry firsts and the standard in quality.
  • Intelijet 360° is the only company totally dedicated to the touchless In-Bay Automatic segment
  • The developers of the acclaimed LaserWash which forms the base for Intelijets own premium exclusive specification.
  • Our car washes are cashless offering a passive income opportunity

What You Get as a Franchisee

Intelijet 360 offers in partnership with PDQ a worldwide recognised advanced touchless car wash:

Investment Opportunities:
  • Increased customer numbers to your development and area
  • Strengthens the value of your development with competitive leasehold terms if appropriate, or if using own land, offers an ROI via an enterprise generating passive revenue and excellent ROI.

Financial security:
  • Proven business model
  • Established support team
  • A business that can be remotely managed
  • Long-term leases taken by Intelijet Ltd.

Your Next Steps

To learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity, simply click below for further information:

Inteliget Franchise Gallery
Available Locations:
Opportunities available across the UK
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
£50,000 Liquid Capital. The remaining costs can be funded with assistance from our 3rd-party financial partner.
Financing Assistance
3rd Party
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