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Put your interpersonal skills to the test with a Motorhome Depot franchise!

Find Your Perfect Work Life Balance

Finding the perfect work life balance is a popular subject of discussion. It sounds wonderful doesn’t it? But where can you find it? And how do you get to join in this much sought after way of life?

The Motorhome Depot franchise has developed over time with the wishes of real people very much at the forefront of our thinking. And guess what we’ve learnt? For many people wanting to join a franchise, it isn’t only about making money. It’s also about taking back control of their lives and enjoying the work life balance that they have been searching for.

Achieving this has made our franchise opportunity very popular. Most of our franchisees have come to us by word of mouth. Friends of existing franchisees. Customers who loved working with a franchisee and could see themselves doing the same thing. People that have come into contact with our business in different ways and asked to join us.

In fact, this Franchise Direct listing you are reading now is one of the few times we have advertised our franchise opportunity. However, despite having national coverage, there are a few gaps that we would like to fill. Therefore, a limited number of franchises are available.

Combine High Rewards with a Great Lifestyle

But don’t be mislead. Just because our franchisees enjoy a great work life balance, doesn’t mean they don’t also earn high rewards. If you decide to come and see us, we will gladly share all of our financial information, so that you get an accurate picture of what our franchisees earn. Suffice to say, many of our franchisees are earning more now than they did when they were in full employment.

What We Do

The easiest way to describe what we do is to say that we are the estate agents for motorhomes. Let’s say you have a motorhome sitting on your driveway and you want to sell it, what do you do? Before Motorhome Depot, the choices were limited. Try and advertise it privately, with up front costs, security worries and no guarantee of success. Or just roll over and sell it to a dealer at a vastly reduced price.

Now motorhome sellers can call Motorhome Depot. Our franchisees (or brokers as we call them) visit the seller and do exactly what an estate agent would do. Take full details, list the motorhome on the top websites, deal with the enquiries and negotiate the sale – all on a no sale, no fee basis. You can see why our service has become so popular!

The Market Leader in a Growth Market

Motorhome Depot sells thousands of used motorhomes a year. We are the clear market leader. In fact, we have no direct competition to speak of. And here’s the important thing: the motorhome market has been growing for decades and it continues to grow. Every year the market grows regardless of what is happening in the economy and crucially, the market cannot be disrupted by technology. There is no app, virtual experience or online version of owning a motorhome!

Are You Good with People?

So what do you need to join our success story? Well actually, it’s quite straight forward. You do not need to have been a motorhome owner. In fact, some of our most successful brokers have never owned one. We will help you with industry and product knowledge and you will quickly get up to speed with it.
No, ours is a people business. It’s all about providing great service and looking after your customers. Which by the way, isn’t hard to do, because our customers are likeable people and we are operating in a very nice part of the leisure industry. So, if you think you can provide great service, work independently and follow a system, we would like to hear from you.

Your Next Step

Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch. The next step is to talk over the phone and if you like what you hear, come and see us for a chat.

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Motorhome Depot | Franchise Video

Motorhome Depot | Franchise Video

Take a look at the Motorhome Depot Franchise opportunity.
Motorhome Depot Master Franchise
Master franchises are now available across Spain, France, Germany and Italy.
Motorhome Depot Franchise
Motorhome Depot Franchise
Motorhome Depot Franchise
Motorhome Depot Franchise
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Opportunities available across England, Scotland and Wales.
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