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There has never been a better time to join The Sales Coach Network. Our organisation offers access to world-class content, ongoing training and support and unlimited earnings from multiple income streams. When you join our Network, you not only join a business that offers proven methods and the ability to work in unrestricted global territories – you also join other like-minded people in a supportive, collaborative environment.

The Sales Coach Network was founded by Les Bailey, a respected expert in consultative selling and an authority on high value, complex sales. Using an established licensing model with similarities to a franchise but with more flexibility, each member has the opportunity to thrive and provide input to the Network’s ongoing development.

The Sales Coach Network is a non-geographic opportunity, so you are not limited to a specific area. Furthermore, we don’t take a slice of your revenue in unnecessary franchise fees or commission.

Who we’re looking for

The Sales Coach Network is expanding. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about what they do and capable of attracting and converting clients. Suitable applicants will have access to funds to invest and support themselves for six months, and want to earn what they’re worth by following a tried and tested system with support from people who have already made the journey.

Our opportunity typically attracts the following people:
  • Existing coaches looking to expand their client base, offer additional services and grow their revenue. The aim is to move beyond training and develop multiple income streams where coaches are paid what they are worth, rather than by an arbitrarily determined daily or hourly rate.
  • Internal trainers, coaches or senior enablement leaders in corporate roles who are frustrated with corporate life. They want more freedom and independence and intend to leverage their experience to add sustainable value to a range of clients and markets.

What makes us unique?

Custom World-Class Content. You’ll gain access to an array of world-class material including a full suite of teaching resources, tools and reference cards to help your clients succeed. Our coaching and training programmes can be customised from a broad range of content areas across the entire sales cycle and are suitable for business-to-business organisations across all sectors.

Our delivery options include instructor-led training (in-person or remote), 1:1 / group coaching or self-directed learning. The content is based on our proven value-based Sales Accelerator Method™, which has been developed from our experience teaching and coaching thousands of sales leaders and individual contributors at hundreds of organisations. It is proven to dramatically improve sales performance.

Multiple Income Streams. The income from training alone can be limited. As a member of our Network, you’ll be able to leverage consulting, training, skills coaching, deal coaching, leader coaching, knowledge retention systems and certification revenue. We deliver business results and behaviour change – not just training. This provides added value to clients and presents our members with multiple income streams and the ability to sell long-term engagements rather than standalone events. You’ll leverage technology by using our bespoke portal, which your clients can use to access all the relevant tools and refresher training videos on any device 24/7. You can track their progress, see the content they have consumed and use artificial intelligence to track engagement and support learning over time.
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Unlimited Earnings In A Global Marketplace. You will operate an unrestricted territory, with the opportunity to target thousands of potential clients and leverage your existing network and B2B connections. This will enable you to maximise the opportunity for revenue as your business grows.

In summary, you can receive multiple recurring income streams, work from anywhere and deliver to clients wherever they are in the world as you build a valuable asset. There are no borders to your business.

What you will receive as a licensee

Setting Up: You will feature on our website, receive custom digital assets, and become certified by The Sales Coach Network after your initial product training.

Administration And Operations: You will receive 200 business cards, bid and pricing templates and a comprehensive onboarding guide. Once your email address is set up, you will be able to access the Network Members’ area on our portal where you will find an extensive array of resources to help you run your business.

Training: The Sales Coach Network offers you a structure for launching, operating and scaling so that you can work confidently with your clients and build a lucrative business. Our priority is to provide all the necessary training to help you build a solid foundation that sets you up for success. There is no time limit; you can be up and running as quickly as you like.

Licence to sell and deliver: Once you’re certified, you will be licensed to sell and deliver the content and retain 100% of the revenue and profit. You will have the ability to collaborate with other members to deliver and you’ll have the opportunity to input to internal communications and strategy.

Ongoing Support: Not only will you benefit from support in the form of training, a dedicated onboarding guide and ongoing advice, you will also be supported by other like-minded people in our supportive, collaborative network.

Marketing: You will receive central marketing support including SEO, Google AdWords and assets to share on LinkedIn. You will be allocated a bespoke pipeline in our CRM system where we will input new inbound leads that are assigned to you. You will also have an account on a multi-media outbound marketing platform for lead generation campaigns.

Investment and earning potential

The initial licence fee is £9,995. This will set you up and cover your first six months of licencing costs, after which you pay a monthly licence fee of £1,500. We don’t take a royalty or commission, which means you retain 100% of the revenue and profit. Three or four days of work could recover your initial investment.

Operating alone, the earning potential from year two is £200,000+ working with a handful of regular clients. Of course, you can earn significantly more if you build a team.

Your next steps to success

We are searching for sales coaches, trainers, experienced sales executives or leaders who are looking for an exciting opportunity. If you have the determination to make your business succeed and you have the funds to invest, then we want to hear from you.

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Available Locations:
Opportunities available in all English speaking geographies.
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