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Build a 6 figure income with the recession proof franchise model

Drain Doctor is the UK’s #1 Franchise Opportunity in the recession resistant Drainage and Plumbing sector, providing essential services to homes and businesses nationwide since 1994. Drain Doctor has developed a reputation for customer service excellence over our 25+ year history, becoming the UKs most trusted drainage and plumbing company on

And now it’s more affordable than ever before to join the Drain Doctor Team

Backed by the Franchising Global Superpower that is Neighbourly, Drain Doctor recognises that personal financial affordability is no reflection of ability to be a great franchise owner. And that’s why we’ve launched the Drain Doctor Growth Assistance Scheme. This is an opportunity for Drain Doctor to assist the right person to join and grow their Drain Doctor business, even if they don’t have the recommended £25,000 - £50,000 of their own liquid assets to invest.

*With this assistance above and the relationships with high street banks Drain Doctor are keen to speak with anyone with a passion for people and great customer service, with a background in management and/or marketing. You’ll need around £15,000 of your own personal funds, and then Drain Doctor, Neighbourly and the high street banks can help you with the rest.

Enquire now for more information on the Drain Doctor Growth Assistance Scheme

See why Drain Doctor is the UK’s Most Trusted Drainage and Plumbing Franchise Opportunity

Could you be our next £1million+ franchisee like Rob & Sam Simpson?

Drain Doctor Image

“One thing that really attracted me to Drain Doctor was the ability to build a business that could achieve a truly worthwhile income. It’s a solid business opportunity with comprehensive systems and support. Drain Doctor had the experience, the brand, and the growth structure that really gave me confidence in my investment.” – Rob Simpson, Drain Doctor East Anglia (£2million+ turnover)

No experience needed in this low-risk, rewarding business.

Drainage and Plumbing is an essential service and our franchise owners and their teams are proud to continue serving their local communities no matter the economic or political climates.

If you’re passionate about changing the face of the industry and delivering an exceptional level of experience to your local community when they need you most. Then you’re the type of person we’re looking for.

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Scale your business up to a multi-van operation and enjoy strong profit margins delivering a world class customer experience to your local community

Drain Doctor’s determined self-motivated franchise owners are managers of their businesses, they’re not getting their hands dirty doing the work every day. They concentrate on the growth of the business and employ a team of engineers to follow our proven service system to deliver great customer experience and profitability.

A Day in the life of a Franchise Owner might include;
  • Connecting with new customer
  • Team Meetings and Site Visits
  • Making and taking calls with both home and business owners
  • Organising and attending business/networking meetings
  • Dispatching and managing staff members

Maybe you’re the next Ben Binns?

Benjamin Binns launched his business in April 2022 with no prior industry experience after finding the opportunity on – watch and hear about Ben’s experience with Drain Doctor here

World Class Training and Support as Standard

As a Drain Doctor franchise owner, you’ll receive comprehensive training, ongoing support, bespoke technology and marketing expertise, all driving your business forwards. You’ll also benefit from the experience of other like-minded business owners in the Drain Doctor network, working together without competition. As part of the Drain Doctor Franchise Package you can expect;
  • Step by Step launch support and guidance with Drain Doctor’s Sure Start programme
  • 5 days Business Operation Training run by Drain Doctor’s Business Development Managers
  • 5 Accredited Technical Training – whilst we don’t want you doing all of the work, we do want you to be confident and competent in front of your customers and staff. Our courses are accredited by the Water Jetting Association and National Association of Drainage Contractors

Drain Doctor Image

Our dedicated business development managers help you with all aspects of your business operation including;
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Management & Business Operation
  • Finance

Maybe you could get off to a flying start like Jessica and Tyrone – Launching in Feb 2022, they achieved over £359,000 in their first 12 months in operation.

Drain Doctor Image

"Drain Doctor have held our hand every step of the way, from van and equipment procurement, staff recruitment, our business training and technical training for us and our staff members, they've been there right next to us"

"They're centralised digital marketing system has meant that we just needed to agree a budget to spend and let them do the rest. We could then spend all of our time and attention visiting businesses in our local community to introduce ourselves and offer our services. Of course, with a reputable brand like Drain Doctor behind us, those conversation were so much easier than had we started our business ourselves"

"We're delighted with our decision to join Drain Doctor and our first month's trading. We're now looking forwards to building on this early success with a 2nd van on it's way and we can already see the potential for a 3rd before this year is out"

Benefit from national accounts with some of the UK’s best-known brands

Not only will you be given the opportunity to earn money by working with some of the best-known companies in the UK, you can also benefit from the superior reputation and kudos earned by working with these companies during your business conversations in your local area.

Drain Doctor Image

Join a global franchising powerhouse with 5,000 fellow franchise owners

Drain Doctor is a valued part of Neighbourly, the world’s largest group of home service franchises. With 5,000+ franchise owners, operating in 9 countries and serving 10million customers, Neighbourly really is the gold standard in this service sector.
What does this mean to you? As a Drain Doctor franchise owner, you will benefit from the economies of scale that a $3billion+ global company enjoys. Moreover, you can rest assured that your investment and future is in safe hands.

There are a select number of territories remaining, so don’t miss out on an area close to you

  • Aylesbury
  • Barnsley & Rotherram
  • Swindon
  • Dartford
  • Bournmouth
  • Brentford & Richmond
  • Edinburgh
  • Exeter
  • Glasgow
  • North Glasgow
  • South Kilmarnock
  • Leatherhead
  • Lincoln & Nottingham
  • East Cheshire
  • Newport & Mid Wales
  • Belfast
  • Portsmouth
  • Romford & Upminster
  • Rugby
  • Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Doncaster
  • Sheffield
  • South Croydon
  • South West Wales
  • Sailsbury & Yeovil
  • Southampton
  • Stockport
  • Stoke-on-trent
  • Taunton
  • Teeside
  • Tunbridge Wells
  • Uxbridge & Heathrow
  • Woodford

Drain Doctor is a mature franchise network that has steadily grown over the last 25 years, as such there are only a limited amount of franchise territories remaining. Contact the Drain Doctor team to find out if your local area is still available!

Request your information pack today to learn more about franchising with Drain Doctor. If you like what you read, you can attend one of our regular Discovery Days and find out how you could earn yourself a six-figure salary in this future proof industry.
Drain Doctor News

Drain Doctor Oxford Wins National Award for Outstanding Performance

February 07, 2023
Drain Doctor Oxford, an emergency plumbing and drainage business, has won a Great British Franchisee award for its network performance over the years.

New Funding Partnership makes it even cheaper to start a Drain Doctor Franchise

May 16, 2022
Drain Doctor, the UK’s most trusted national drainage and plumbing company, celebrates a new funding partnership that sees a whopping 75% of the investment figure funded by a major high street bank.

Drain Doctor Records Best Ever Month in September 2021

October 13, 2021
Drain Doctor, the UK’s most trusted national drainage and plumbing company, have recorded their best-ever month for turnover in September 2021.

Drain Doctor’s marketing approach hailed as catalyst for office upgrade

October 12, 2021
Michael Baddeley, regional director for Drain Doctor, has praised the brand's marketing approach after upgrading his headquarters two years ahead of schedule.

Drain Doctor welcomes new Watford and Harrow franchise

September 29, 2021
Drain Doctor, the UK’s most trusted national drainage and plumbing organisation, have launched a new team covering Watford and Harrow.

Drain Doctor hit Trustpilot milestone

September 16, 2021
Drain Doctor received their 1,500th review on Trustpilot, cementing them as the UK’s most trusted national drainage and plumbing company.

Drain Doctor Appoints New Managing Director

August 17, 2021
Drain Doctor, the UK's most trusted national drainage and plumbing company, has appointed Rick Howcroft as their new Managing Director.

My First Year as a Drain Doctor Franchise Owner - During COVID

August 11, 2021
Grab a brew and take 5 minutes to read this incredible story about a determined Yorkshireman.

Drain Doctor Doubles Monthly Calls for their Franchise Network!

August 11, 2021
It's clear to see why we're the UK's #1 drainage & plumbing franchise.

Drain Doctor Named UK's #1 Plumbing & Drainage Franchise

August 11, 2021
Drain Doctor recognised amongst the UK's best franchise brands... AGAIN!

Drain Doctor Franchisee Interview | Liam Dyson

Name: Liam Dyson
Location: Rochdale
Franchise: Rochdale, Oldham & Bury
Date launched the franchise: 13 March 2023

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you were doing prior to buying a franchise business?

I had been a builder for 20 years and had spent the past few years trying to come away from the tools. We had 5 staff and several regular subcontractors. I loved building something that customers would enjoy for years to come.

Can you also tell us about the franchise you have bought?

I have bought Rochdale, Oldham & Bury. It was right on my doorstep and felt likevery familiar territory.

Why did you go down the franchise route? What made you choose your industry? And why did you choose your franchise?

I had always felt a little “out on a limb” with the building work. When things were tough (and builders will know how them days are), you kind of have no one to talk to, or to support you. Drainage was very familiar, having started many projects in the ground, drains were our 1st port of call before the foundations were laid. When I realised that coming off the tools was going to be a prolonged exercise, I started to wonder what else I could do, before getting a little older narrowed my options.

Franchising seemed like the natural choice for me. There are people to talk to, to support you, when you need them. Other franchisees offer tremendous support and though you are running your own enterprise, you feel part, of a bigger team.

How did you raise the finance?

We had some money aside to purchase a rental property. We already have a few properties, but knew the money could also, go towards something new. I had 2 years previously, supported my wife in changing her career and decided, I too could change my own. We also asked Natwest to support our application with a business loan. It’s fair to say there were a few sleepless night’s between signing the loan agreement and signing the franchise agreement. I undertook a lot of due diligence initially and knew, I was beginning my new career with a business that also has a vested interest in helping you grow, whilst having good morals about the way they do business.

What training and support did you receive initially and ongoing?
Support was available throughout the process and then the time came to have 2 weeks training at head office. A week of business training, useful for those who may have never been self employed or ran their own business, then a week of
Technical training so that you felt well equipped to be servicing your first customers.

How would you describe your day-to-day role as a franchisee?

Positively varied. You need wear many hats but if you’re a task master, reasonably organised and determined, you will soon be on your way to growing a successful business.

Provide information on challenges overcome as well as your key successes to date.

All business’s rely on great staff. Finding your first employee with whom you will rely upon to help grow your business is a big challenge. There is also much to organise prior to going live. Our key successes are the positive feedbacks we are gaining from customers for providing good service.

Has becoming a franchisee changed your life, if so how?

I am honestly telling myself, I should have done this 10 years ago. Yes, it is early days and yes, we have many hills to climb. But we have a business model to follow thus if we keep plugging the work, delivering good service to our customers and developing our presence within our territory, the rewards will be well worthwhile.

How do you achieve a work-life balance?

You have to make yourself take time out. Running any small business can be tough, reward yourself with the time you deserve, to compensate for those days where the hours just pass you by.

If you are a multi-unit franchisee, can you tell us why your franchise is ideal for those looking for a scalable opportunity? (including how the progression was made from single to multi-unit, benefits of being a multi-unit etc)

If you have staff, how do you retain your best staff and keep morale high and productive; how do you incentivise your staff and recognise success?

Staff need to feel part of a team. The best staff stay and grow with your business. Only ever promise what you can deliver and always challenge their learning to keep them informed and knowledgeable. Training develops new skills and treating people with kindness and respect goes a long way.

Can you tell us about any community involvement, including any local partnerships, incentives or charity work you are involved in?

I have barely had my feet touch the ground since launch, but now feel able to get out and about a little more, meaning I will soon be looking for community projects in which we could be involved.

What is the most invaluable piece of advice you could give someone looking to buy their first franchise?

It is a big step to take, but not one you should be afraid of taking if you are driven, determined, and prepared to work hard. Have faith in yourself and your ability to overcome obstacles, whilst knowing you are creating your own story in which you
inevitably, determine the ending.

In your opinion, what makes a successful franchisee?

A person with the drive and enthusiasm to take a chef’s special and add in extra ingredients to make an even more tasty dish.

What are your plans for the future?

I want grow fast but sustainably. I want my family to become a part of the success and share in the journey we have all committed to. It would be nice to consider that a successful enterprise could be one day be taken over by a family member.

If you had to do it all again, what would you do differently?

I would have jumped sooner had I realised the potential out there. Drain Doctor are well versed in helping create great businesses. You will get out of it what you put in and it may not suit everyone. I enjoy having a framework in which to operate and yet having the flexibility to diversify my business. Letting others worry about the company website, the terms and conditions of sale, the branding, and the national accounts, gives me the freedom to spend more time growing thus the business development managers who help us along the way, are second to none in pushing us in the right direction.

Drain Doctor Videos
Michael Baddeley - Drain Doctor Birmingham South | Franchisee Testimonial

Michael Baddeley - Drain Doctor Birmingham South | Franchisee Testimonial

Michael Baddeley - Drain Doctor Birmingham South | Franchisee Testimonial
Ben Binns – Drain Doctor Bradford

Ben Binns – Drain Doctor Bradford

Ben Binns – Drain Doctor Bradford
Drain Doctor Master Franchise

Drain Doctor Master Franchise Opportunity

Drain Doctor Franchise
Drain Doctor Franchise
Drain Doctor Franchise
Available Locations:
Limited Locations Remaining
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
Min. Personal Investment: £15,000 / Min. Total Investment: £50,000
Financing Assistance


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