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Blossom Home Care Franchising Ltd

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A home care franchise with a NEW approach

Established 2015 | Prime territory available across the UK | Boutique care business

The multi-award-winning Blossom Home Care business was developed by husband and wife, John and Fiona Leggott. Our business model is built around profitability, cash flow and ease of operation, delivering greater satisfaction for you as a franchisee, your staff, your clients, and their families.

Highly profitable business model | Exceptional care delivery | Fewer staff and fewer clients

So what makes Blossom Home Care so successful and so profitable as a business model?

  • Longer carer visits with one set price – simple
  • Targeting specific niche types of care delivery
  • Both private and NHS clients receive the same service
  • Fewer clients, fewer carers, fewer management staff = fewer problems!
  • A cash flow cycle that keeps you ahead of paying your staff
  • Larger territories capable of supporting up to three offices

Above points are when compared with a typical home care franchise business model.

Blossom Home Care News Image

A management franchise that welcomes young and enthusiastic franchisees

More time

Compared with the majority of home care businesses you will require a lot fewer carers, circa 40 staff per £1M sales – which means fewer management staff too. This is because your carer visits will be at least 50 minutes, often longer. More time enables more holistic care and more satisfied clients and staff.

Larger territories

Your territory will be large, capable of supporting three offices so you can build a multi-million pound highly profitable and valuable home care business. Start with one office and once established, open your second, then third. You could then sell the asset, or maybe take on another territory.

Boutique care

With longer visits your carers have more time to interact with clients, using our App to report on the details of every visit. The system handles your invoicing and admin too, while keeping families up-to-date on their loved-ones in real-time, so they can continue their lives satisfied with the level of care promised.

“We launched in Durham in 2021 after seeing how successful Fiona and John have been since they founded the business back in 2015.” - Liz, Tom and Roberta, Durham Franchisees

To be successful you don’t need any experience running a business or delivering care

Start your own business with guidance and support from Fiona, John and the team at Blossom Home Care HQ. Fiona is a highly experienced practicing nurse (RGN) with huge technical knowledge when it comes to delivering care. Combined with John’s straight-talking approach to business and the rest of the team’s help and support, you will be given the tools and confidence to grow as the leader of your own local home care business.
Blossom Home Care News Image

“We’ll get you setup to follow the path we’ve trodden ourselves, guiding you in registering with the CQC, recruiting the right care manager, and preparing to open your first local office.

“Together we’ll get you launched and into profit, typically in the first few months, maybe even before you open…! And our support continues throughout your business journey, changing and adapting as your confidence and business grows.”
John and Fiona Leggott - Founders

"John and Fiona have created a brilliant business from scratch and it is very gratifying to see a small enterprise grow so fast and sustainably. I wish them the best of luck." - Rishi Sunak – UK Prime Minister</blockquote>

Successful franchisees are energetic and enthusiastic, seeking a business to make money and change their lives through delivering exceptional care that makes a real difference to their local community.

The total initial investment is typically in the region of £70K. However, the high street banks will loan up to 50% of this total (subject to status). So you could start your new business with as little as £35K, potentially from savings, family money or a re-mortgage.

To discuss your aspirations, find out the size of your local territory and get the answers to any questions you may have, please get in touch with George.

“The documentation, software and systems that Blossom provide are extremely thorough and a huge advantage to the business” - Adam and Amy, Beverley franchisees

If you would like to start a profitable home care business with Blossom Home Care you will need:

  • enthusiasm and character, and a positive can-do attitude
  • the desire to follow the model and act on our advice
  • at least £35K to invest in starting your new business

The Next Steps

Want to be part of a Multi Award Winning brand? Become a member of the Blossom family by owning your own Blossom business territory. Contact us today!

Blossom Home Care Franchising Ltd News

“I will never leave Blossom again!” Why one carer rejoined our family – and what it means for franchisees

March 19, 2024| Franchise News
Moving between companies in the same industry is a completely normal occurrence for virtually all professionals.

Amazing opportunity to become the master franchise for Blossom Home Care Ireland

February 28, 2024| Franchise News
Having revolutionised premium home care services across England, Wales and Scotland in recent years, Blossom is now poised to deliver the same transformation in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Blossom franchise rescues City of York Council with rapid home care package

February 28, 2024| Franchise News
In a significant development within the sector, the Blossom Home Care York office recently secured a huge amount of additional work after stepping in to assist the City of York Council.

Lincolnshire franchisee becomes first Blossom business owner to open a high street office

Since our very beginnings, we have made it our purpose to bring innovation into the heart of high-quality home care services.

Lincolnshire franchisee becomes first Blossom business owner to open a high street office

Since our very beginnings, we have made it our purpose to bring innovation into the heart of high-quality home care services.

How we’re enabling franchisees to grow faster by welcoming more NHS clients

At Blossom Home Care, we are continually striving to empower our franchisees to grow their businesses as quickly and sustainably as possible.

More franchisee success as Blossom Beverley scoops coveted home care award

We take immense pride in our commitment to enabling our burgeoning network to deliver exceptional home care services in their communities.

From charity to community initiatives, how Blossom franchisees are a force for good in their territories

At Blossom Home Care, our commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals within the communities we serve goes far beyond delivering outstanding home care services.

Time to seize the opportunity as Blossom Home Care expands across the UK

Blossom is rapidly expanding and making its mark by delivering premium home care in all corners of the UK.

Blossom Home Care wins Best Head Office at the Stars of Social Care Awards

We’ve never shied away from the fact we are a multi award-winning operation forging a new path in the care sector.

Blossom Home Care Case Study | Greenwich

Blossom Home Care Image

She felt a kindred spirit to Fiona Leggott, co-founder of Blossom Home Care, who has such a reputation in the industry that Mary Ada chose to bring her own seven years’ experience as a Registered Nurse to the rapidly-growing award-winning network.

“I looked at several other home-care franchises but realised immediately that Blossom was the one for me because it’s nurse-led,” says Mary Ada.

“It’s dedicated to helping people remain in their own homes on their own terms and keep their dignity instead of having to go into a residential home.

“As a nurse working on hospital wards, I’ve seen the effect that the shortage of proper social care is having on people, and on the NHS.

“Patients who are perfectly fit to go home have to remain in hospital, blocking beds, because they need support to live independently at home and it just isn’t there.

“And some patients end up back in hospital because the social care they were receiving at home simply wasn’t good enough.

“That’s so demoralising for them, as they psyched themselves up to go home from hospital only to be bounced back because they can’t get the care they need at home.”

Mary Ada believes passionately in giving the sort of holistic care for which Blossom is famous, so its insistence that home visits should always be for a minimum of 50 minutes was hugely persuasive in her decision to become a Blossom franchisee.

“I chose Blossom because they put the quality of care before everything else,” she says. “Like me, Fiona is on a mission to take the first-rate care we deliver as hospital nurses into our clients’ own homes.”

As Blossom’s franchisee in Greenwich and Dartford, Mary Ada puts her own desire to own her own business way below the needs of the people who depend on Blossom as a true alternative to residential care.

The respect she has as a senior and experienced nurse is already opening doors for her with local social care commissioners, and she already had 20 care workers in place before launching the business.

And while Blossom’s higher-than-average pay may make recruitment easier, Mary Ada says she’s only employing care workers whose passion, like hers, Fiona’s and co-founder John Leggott’s, is to offer the level of premium care-in-the-home that they would choose for themselves if they ever needed it.

Single mother Mary Ada, who will be the Registered Manager, says she’d been looking for a flexible role that would give her time with her two young children and allow her to continue practising her nursing skills.

She recoils from describing herself as “the boss”.

“Carers want someone who is hands-on and works alongside them,” she says. “That’s what they see in me.

“I won’t be a boss, just one of everybody, like a carer. I have a great rapport with them.”

She says Blossom were very quick to respond to her initial enquiry, answered all of her questions, and, thanks to having Fiona at the helm, had the same level, of understanding of nursing and social care as she does.

“Blossom is like a family,” she adds. “That’s the kind of business I want.”

Blossom Home Care Franchising Ltd Videos
Blossom Homecare | Juhar Hagos Case Study - West London

Blossom Homecare | Juhar Hagos Case Study - West London

Juhar Hagos dicusses how his journey to becoming part of the Blossom Homecare franchise network.
Blossom Home Care | Franchise Video

Blossom Home Care | Franchise Video

Find your perfect work life balance with the Blossom Home Care Franchise Opportunity.
Blossom Home Care Franchise Gallery
Blossom Home Care Franchise Gallery
Blossom Home Care Franchise Gallery
Blossom Home Care Franchise Gallery
Blossom Home Care Franchise Gallery
Blossom Home Care Franchise Gallery
Blossom Home Care Franchise
Blossom Home Care Franchise
Blossom Home Care Franchise
Blossom Home Care
Blossom Home Care
Blossom Home Care
Available Locations:
Opportunities available in England and Scotland
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
£37,500 + VAT
Financing Assistance
3rd Party


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