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Take control of your own future and start earning from day one! Why should you join the UK’s best lawn care franchise?

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You may have never thought about starting a lawn care business, but we’re here to change your mind. This is an incredible opportunity that includes work-life balance, exciting earning potential, and unmatched support – and you won’t have to mow a single lawn!

How would it feel to wake up every morning being in control of your day-to-day schedule? That’s exactly what you’ll get by becoming a part of Greensleeves.

Our franchise model is flexible. You can start by doing the work yourself, building your customer base and multi-van business, or you can start as a manager from day one. Either route will ensure you start earning income immediately.

Ultimately, you’re in control of your destiny and growth of the business. Your role is to become a manager and motivator for your team of Professional Lawn Care Experts, whilst driving the growth of your business.

This year is an exciting and important milestone for Greensleeves with significant investment in the brand and business. This includes a rebrand, brand new website, customer portal and marketing support to further increase brand awareness and customer acquisition.

This is your opportunity to create the working environment you have always wanted!

At last, you can make money for yourself and not someone else, with your earnings being respective to the hard work you put in. Top performing Franchisees can earn upwards of £90,000 in net profits per year, all for just a £9,995+VAT joining fee.

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Greensleeves at a glance:

An award-winning brand founded in 1998, with an impeccable reputation. We have over 100 franchise territories nationwide. We also have over 150 professional lawn care experts working with our franchise owners.

Our core values, 5-star Trustpilot rating for quality customer care, and over two decades of franchising experience means you will be in safe hands, allowing you to build your business from home alongside dedicated support.

Greensleeves is proud to have won multiple industry awards - we are:

  • Full members of the British Franchise Association (bfa).
  • Double winners of the bfa's approved WorkBuzz 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Awards for 2021 & 2022.
  • An Industry Leading 5 Star Rating on the independent monitoring scheme, Trustpilot.
  • Part of Neighbourly, the world’s largest group of 31 Home Service brands.

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Greensleeves Image

What you’ll get:

When you join Greensleeves, you will be enrolled onto our Sure Start programme. This includes pre-launch training tasks, business planning and a 10-day new franchisee training course at the Greensleeves National Training Centre. Here you will explore all aspects of your new business including the marketing, sales, systems, software, and technical skills that will ensure you launch successfully.

Our expert team is on hand to provide you with the support and knowledge base you need to grow and maintain your local operation including:

  • Recruitment
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Full training and support means you need no industry experience
  • Bulk buying discounts for products and equipment
  • 100% Funding available (subject to status)
You’ll also have regular, ongoing visits from a dedicated in-territory support manager experienced in lawns treatment and business coaching.

Our community of Franchise Owners also offers peer-to-peer support every step of the way sharing their wisdom and experiences.

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What our Franchise Owners say:

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"Really, the training and learning never ends at Greensleeves. There are regular training events all year, and we talk to each other all the time. Everyone shares stories and advice and best practice. I have new franchisees ring me all the time, asking me how to do this or do that, or what systems I am using etc. It’s really good – there might be a lot of franchisees now, but it still feels like a small, friendly, family business."
Oliver Wood, Greensleeves Huddersfield
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“I would say to anyone: take the opportunity!”
David Davison, Greensleeves Surrey North

Ready to take the next step?

There are many driven, ambitious individuals that want to start their own business, however in a lot of cases, they either do not know where to start or do not have the funds to get started.

At Greensleeves, we want to break down the barriers for any determined, self-motivated individual to take control of their future and start their own business.

As a proven business system, we have been approved by government-backed funding partners which could provide you with up to 100% of your investment, with NO DEPOSIT (subject to status).

To learn more Greensleeves host regular regional Discovery Days for serious candidates. Get in touch now to find out how you could meet the team, or to simply request an information pack.

Join Greensleeves and you’ll also be a part of Neighbourly, the world’s largest parent company of home services and property-related franchises. With annual network sales of $3.5billion, and resources beyond any other franchisor in the UK, you’re in safe hands and have a very bright future as a Neighbourly brand franchisee.

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Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts News

Neighbourly® UK Expands to Six Brands with the Acquisition of Greensleeves®

The world’s largest home services company has more than 30 home service brands across 18 service verticals.


Forget fuel costs: Greensleeves will pick up the tab for your first year!*

Digital innovation keeps Greensleeves a cut above the rest

This month, lawn care franchise, Greensleeves, has announced two ground-breaking advancements in their digital technology platforms to enable franchisees to run their businesses more efficiently.

Greensleeves serves an ace at its first in-person conference for two years

Last month saw the return of the annual conference for Greensleeves and their network of franchisees.

How franchising can help you switch the office for the outdoors

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of running your own business? Is it being stuck in an office, making phone calls or working long hours? In reality, it does not have to be like that at all.

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER: Forget fuel costs: Greensleeves will pick up the tab for your first year!*

Deciding whether or not to invest your money in a franchise is a big decision. We understand how difficult it is to put your hard-earned money at any kind of risk during such uncertain times in the economy, which is why Greensleeves is now offering an extraordinary deal to the first 5 franchisees to sign up between now and the end of 2022...

Greensleeves franchise ramps up Scottish presence with two new locations

Lawn care experts, Greensleeves, announces further expansion into Scotland with the launch of two new territories.

Greensleeves has netted the 5-star Franchisee Satisfaction Award from WorkBuzz for the second year running!

Top notch franchises like Greensleeves never rest on their laurels. They’re always looking for ways to improve their systems, and looking after their franchisees is their number one priority.

How outdoor franchises can grow in 2022

While most businesses have struggled over the course of 2021, lawncare franchise Greensleeves has achieved a record-breaking network turnover for the second year in a row, proving that the outdoor sector has continued to flourish despite the pandemic. David Truby, the MD of Greensleeves, has some advice for outdoor franchises on how they too can push on into 2022.

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side

With the average Brit spending 42.5 hours at work each week*, it is a good idea to make sure you’re doing something you enjoy.

Greensleeves Franchisee Case Study | Scott Garrod

Scott, Greensleeves Lawn Care Franchisee for East Anglia, is not even 12 month's into his time as a business owner, and he's already flying. We were able to discuss with Scott his first year in business, and how he's found the whole process.

Name: Scott Garrod

Territory: East Anglia

Year you commenced/How long in the business: March 2023/ 11 months.

Number of staff: Myself and one to be recruited in March 2024

Greensleeves Images

The UK's most trusted lawn experts.


👔 Professional Background Overview: I spent 40 years as a Tesco store manager running 17 different stores across this time from Metro to superstore format. Turnover up to £1m per week with a management team of 24 and 300 colleagues per branch.


💡What motivated your decision to venture into running your own business? I retired in 2022 and took a year off travelling, playing golf, enjoying fishing and football refereeing. I always had an interest in grass and having worked in the corporate world for 40 years mainly indoors, I fancied the chance to manage my own business and work outdoors. At 56 I felt I still had a lot to give but not the 24/7 operation I had been involved in previously.


🚀 What factors influenced your selection of Greensleeves as your franchising avenue? Although fundamentally it is your own business, the franchise model helps support with marketing, HR, structure, brand awareness, process and routine, purchasing power for materials, IT support, business development support, fantastic trust pilot score, consumer confidence. It is a fully packaged business. And although this comes with a fee, it would take time and money to build these things. With the package you receive for your initial fee, your business can go live from day one.


📈 From a managerial perspective, what aspect of operating a Greensleeves franchise yields the most satisfaction? Customer service has always been my driving force and seeing the difference you can make to people’s outdoor space and wellbeing has been the most rewarding.


🌐 Reflecting on your tenure as a Greensleeves franchisee, what achievement stands out as particularly noteworthy? I would say achieving £41,000 sales off just 80 customers in my first 12 months with the highest average customer spend in the network and positioning myself to employ my son at the 12-month point was something I look back on with pride


💼 In what ways has your ownership of a Greensleeves franchise facilitated opportunities wise, that you wouldn’t of been able to do previously? I now have more flexibility of hours, control of my own diary, and a better work life balance. Working outdoors has helped with weight loss, fitness and wellbeing, as well as maintaining a positive mindset.

🏢 What advice would you impart to individuals contemplating franchise ownership? Definitely to in with your eyes wide open. Be clear on your first 5-year plan, don’t just buy yourself a job.

Year 1 experience the job, understand the machines and products but then have a clear plan to grow the business so you can step back more and manage / lead progression and change.

You are part of a network with a contract and process and routines so be flexible in your thinking and appreciate the freedom it brings but with some clear deliverables and non-negotiables.

Work within the guidelines as they are proven. Have a bit of capital in year 1 & 2. It is not a get rich quick scheme. If you will rely on this for an income in the early years then have a clear financial plan understanding year 2 marketing costs etc.


Greensleeves are committed to delivering beautifully healthy lawns that can be enjoyed all year round.


🤝 Reflecting on your franchise journey, what insights have you gained about yourself? I have many transferable skills, process, routine and good customer service skills have served me well in both retail and lawns. I am resilient, driven and self-motivated and I am able to work on my own as well as in a group.

🎣Outside of work commitments, how do you typically spend your leisure time? I really travelling, playing golf, and fishing. I am also a senior county football referee, whilst also being a referee mentor/coach for the FA progression pathway.

📅 What are your aspirations for personal and professional development within the upcoming five-year horizon? I want to develop the business to a minimum 2-van operation with my son, in a lawn manager position with at least one other operative. Personally, to remain current and in tune whilst maintain a healthy work life balance for me and my wife.

👨👩👧👦 Describe your approach to commemorating the attainment of your initial business milestone. We approached our first year as a family, my daughter works for an accountancy outsourcing firm so she completes Sage/Tax returns etc. My wife assists with the admin and my son joins shortly so we will be having a celebratory meal looking back over the last 12 months and agreeing targets for the following 2 years. This is a business that eventually we hope to hand over to our two children, so we wanted to involve them in the journey from the start.

🔑 What strategic objectives have you outlined for the advancement of your franchise over the subsequent 5 years? I believe building a strong local brand is key. Royal mail and personal leaflet drops and local magazine marketing will be key, also driving our recommend a friend scheme. Getting the balance right between great customer service and going the extra mile versus good time management and productivity.

🎓How valuable did you find not only the initial training, but the ongoing support from your franchisor? The 1st weeks training is invaluable but does leave you a bit flooded and with many questions and a few insecurities.

I would have preferred this to of been 2 weeks with time spent going through the end to end process of customers in a training app mode.

That said over time things do drop in place, but I would have appreciated more time practising with the various software platforms, prior to going out in the field.

The support from the business development manager is good and working side by side with the machinery I found useful and this drops in place easier than all the system work. Setting up a Whatsapp group has been really good and allows you to get instant support.

🏪Lastly, for prospective franchisees considering taking the plunge, what message would you give them? I would say do lots of research, understand all aspects of running your own business and what is expected of you within the franchise agreement.

Try and have a trial with an existing franchise. Understand your finances so you don’t apply pressure to yourself as you build your business, how will you fund your family in those early years etc.

It will require discipline and hard work. Make sure everyone around you understands this, so your support network is in place and you can then put in what is required as you build your business. You are your own boss to a point, timescales, processes, deadlines etc must be met, so be open minded and don’t let closed thinking hold you back.

Greensleeves Image

It was fantastic chatting with Scott, it really provided us with a great insight into how franchising has enabled him to have a much better work life balance, compared to the corporate world he previously worked in, which the Greensleeves franchise model has allowed.

For those considering joining the ranks of over 100 thriving Greensleeves franchises, Scott's story gives us a great flavour of the possibilities that await within our network. Whether you're seeking to escape the constraints of traditional employment, embark on a new venture, or simply want to take control of your future, franchising with Greensleeves could be the answer you've been looking for.

Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Testimonials
After 38 years in the corporate world, I was looking for an opportunity to run my own business. I wanted a professional company that would leave me alone to get on with it but always be there to offer advice and support when it was required. With the passion, enthusiasm and honesty of David Truby I knew that Greensleeves was a firm I could work with. I have subsequently discovered that Cheryl Harper and the support team are even more incredible and nothing is too much trouble.”
David Fortune,
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts
Once I had decided to buy a franchise I was unsure which direction to take, all became clear when I met Greensleeves. The business model is solid and combined with the experience and personalities of the head office team I knew that a Greensleeves lawn treatment franchise was for me. I love being my own boss and the satisfaction I get from transforming a customer’s lawn is fantastic. The support that I have received has been second to none, it is reassuring to know that I have a team of business experts at my fingertips. ”
James Crossman,
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts
The initial support and training were excellent and the ongoing support is there for you, but not invasive. In particular David Truby and Cheryl Harper, have been great and are, just as they appear to be, passionate and professional, with a desire to help you build the business and brand. It is key to have a plan and work with it, striving in both short, medium and long term goals. This business works well, but planning, marketing, work ethic and people skills are all required to drive it to maximise its opportunity.”
David Mason,
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts
“We found Greensleeves to be very approachable and flexible throughout the joining process. Their staff were always available to answer and deal with the many questions we had and they were and still are extremely accommodating and accessible at all times. The friendly and helpful relationship was invaluable during the early stages and has continued unchanged through our early months of operation”
John & James Bushrod,
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts
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Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Franchise
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Gallery
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Gallery
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Gallery
Greensleeves Image
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Gallery
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Gallery
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Gallery
Available Locations:
Opportunities available across the UK.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
£9,995 + VAT
Financing Assistance
3rd Party
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