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Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts

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Take control of your own future and start earning from day one! Why should you join the UK’s best lawn care franchise?

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You may have never thought about starting a lawn care business, but we’re here to change your mind. This is an incredible opportunity that includes work-life balance, exciting earning potential, and unmatched support – and you won’t have to mow a single lawn!

How would it feel to wake up every morning being in control of your day-to-day schedule? That’s exactly what you’ll get by becoming a part of Greensleeves.

Our franchise model is flexible. You can start by doing the work yourself, building your customer base and multi-van business, or you can start as a manager from day one. Either route will ensure you start earning income immediately.

Ultimately, you’re in control of your destiny and growth of the business. Your role is to become a manager and motivator for your team of Professional Lawn Care Experts, whilst driving the growth of your business.

This year is an exciting and important milestone for Greensleeves with significant investment in the brand and business. This includes a rebrand, brand new website, customer portal and marketing support to further increase brand awareness and customer acquisition.

This is your opportunity to create the working environment you have always wanted!

At last, you can make money for yourself and not someone else, with your earnings being respective to the hard work you put in. Top performing Franchisees can earn upwards of £90,000 in net profits per year, all for just a £9,995+VAT joining fee.

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Greensleeves at a glance:

An award-winning brand founded in 1998, with an impeccable reputation. We have over 100 franchise territories nationwide. We also have over 150 professional lawn care experts working with our franchise owners.

Our core values, 5-star Trustpilot rating for quality customer care, and over two decades of franchising experience means you will be in safe hands, allowing you to build your business from home alongside dedicated support.

Greensleeves is proud to have won multiple industry awards - we are:

  • Full members of the British Franchise Association (bfa).
  • Double winners of the bfa's approved WorkBuzz 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Awards for 2021 & 2022.
  • An Industry Leading 5 Star Rating on the independent monitoring scheme, Trustpilot.
  • Part of Neighbourly, the world’s largest group of 31 Home Service brands.

Greensleeves Image

Greensleeves Image

What you’ll get:

When you join Greensleeves, you will be enrolled onto our Sure Start programme. This includes pre-launch training tasks, business planning and a 10-day new franchisee training course at the Greensleeves National Training Centre. Here you will explore all aspects of your new business including the marketing, sales, systems, software, and technical skills that will ensure you launch successfully.

Our expert team is on hand to provide you with the support and knowledge base you need to grow and maintain your local operation including:

  • Recruitment
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Full training and support means you need no industry experience
  • Bulk buying discounts for products and equipment
  • 100% Funding available (subject to status)
You’ll also have regular, ongoing visits from a dedicated in-territory support manager experienced in lawns treatment and business coaching.

Our community of Franchise Owners also offers peer-to-peer support every step of the way sharing their wisdom and experiences.

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What our Franchise Owners say:

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"Really, the training and learning never ends at Greensleeves. There are regular training events all year, and we talk to each other all the time. Everyone shares stories and advice and best practice. I have new franchisees ring me all the time, asking me how to do this or do that, or what systems I am using etc. It’s really good – there might be a lot of franchisees now, but it still feels like a small, friendly, family business."
Oliver Wood, Greensleeves Huddersfield
Greensleeves Image
“I would say to anyone: take the opportunity!”
David Davison, Greensleeves Surrey North

Ready to take the next step?

There are many driven, ambitious individuals that want to start their own business, however in a lot of cases, they either do not know where to start or do not have the funds to get started.

At Greensleeves, we want to break down the barriers for any determined, self-motivated individual to take control of their future and start their own business.

As a proven business system, we have been approved by government-backed funding partners which could provide you with up to 100% of your investment, with NO DEPOSIT (subject to status).

To learn more Greensleeves host regular regional Discovery Days for serious candidates. Get in touch now to find out how you could meet the team, or to simply request an information pack.

Join Greensleeves and you’ll also be a part of Neighbourly, the world’s largest parent company of home services and property-related franchises. With annual network sales of $3.5billion, and resources beyond any other franchisor in the UK, you’re in safe hands and have a very bright future as a Neighbourly brand franchisee.

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Establishing customer loyalty as the foundation of franchise success

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business landscape, the relationship between a brand and its customers has never been more critical.

For franchisees, this relationship is the linchpin of success – serving as both the foundation and the driving force behind sustained business growth.

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The concept of being customer-centric is not just a trendy buzzword but a strategic approach that ensures the loyalty and satisfaction of customers. Here, Cheryl Harper, Managing Director of Greensleeves Lawn Care - the UK's number one trusted lawn care provider - discusses why embracing a customer-centric approach is imperative for franchisees who aim to foster loyalty, ensure customer happiness and secure a competitive edge in the market.

Ask any CEO or business owner what’s more important, customer retention or customer acquisition, and they’ll probably tell you both! Customer acquisition is about attracting new prospects, understanding their needs and convincing them that your product or service is the solution they've been searching for. It's an essential element of expanding your customer base and entering new markets. But attracting new customers has a cost – in fact, it’s estimated that acquiring a new customer is five times as expensive as retaining an existing customer. And if you fail to nurture these new customers, you’ll quickly find your short-term investment garners short-term results.

But businesses that effectively retain their customers historically succeed. A Harvard Business study has said that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%1. It’s crucial to note that customer retention doesn’t just happen overnight. It involves listening to customer feedback, anticipating needs and providing value.

Customer feedback

The success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%2. Simply put, there is a financial incentive for customer retention. But loyal customers can also become brand advocates, sharing their positive experiences with others. You can have the best marketing strategies in the world but there’s no substitute for word-of-mouth referrals. And, in today's digital marketplace, online testimonials play a crucial role in serving as modern-day word of mouth. They can significantly influence potential customers and have the power to either enhance or harm a business's reputation.

Think of your online presence as your digital shop window, where online reviews heavily influence new customers' perceptions. Positive reviews can provide a substantial advantage, especially in a competitive market, by boosting your credibility and attracting more customers. It's equally important for customers to have a platform to express both positive and negative feedback. A negative review, while initially disheartening, can be invaluable as it highlights areas for improvement, helping you refine your business strategies.

At Greensleeves, we’re incredibly proud of the feedback we’ve had from our customers. With over 8,500 reviews and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, our customer reviews have been crucial for building trust and growing our business. Being customer-centric isn’t an overnight fix; it’s a culture that you need to instil in your business and constantly refine

Anticipating needs

Successful franchisees don't just react to customer needs and issues; they anticipate them. By proactively engaging, you can identify trends ahead of time, allowing for smoother and more efficient solutions.

At Greensleeves, our franchisees have collected a lot of data over the years. We know what services our customers need and when they need them. Lawn care is a year-round service, but the treatments required for the perfect lawn are largely seasonal. Using this information, we can tailor our marketing efforts for the best results. It also helps guide our franchisees trying to upsell or offer new services to our clients.

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It's also important to ensure that there is a seamless method for customers to provide feedback and that this feedback is quickly addressed. This could involve follow-up calls or emails after a service is rendered to enquire about the customer's experience and any additional needs that were not met. Utilise this feedback to refine products and services continually.

Providing value

If you were to look on the Greensleeves website, you’d find a treasure trove of information – packed with handy tips and advice on lawn maintenance. This resource is invaluable for homeowners looking to understand the essentials of lawn care, including when they can manage tasks themselves or when it might be wise to call in a professional. This blend of guidance not only empowers users by boosting their gardening confidence but also highlights the accessibility and expertise of Greensleeves.

Whether it's through engaging social media posts, informative blogs, or personalised email marketing campaigns, by showcasing your value to potential customers, you’re starting to build stronger customer relationships. This approach doesn't just enhance brand visibility; it also significantly boosts word-of-mouth referrals. Satisfied customers are more likely to share their positive experiences with others, ultimately driving more business to their local franchisees.

Cheryl concludes, “The journey towards becoming a customer-centric franchisee is both rewarding and essential for carving out a significant presence in today's competitive market. Invest in your customers. Their loyalty, happiness, and advocacy are not just the by-products of exceptional service but the cornerstone of sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Embrace the strategies that prioritise customer needs and values and you will not only meet but exceed expectations, setting your franchise on the path to enduring success.

1 – Harvard Business Review, The Economics of E-Loyalty, 2000

2 – Hüify, Acquisition vs Retention, 2018

Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Success Stories

Greensleeves Franchisee Case Study | Oliver Wood

March 06, 2024| Franchise News
At just 19 years old, Oliver decided to jump into the world of business and became a franchisee with Greensleeves. It was a bold move for someone so young, but Oliver was determined to make it work.

Greensleeves Franchisee Case Study | David Daivdson

March 06, 2024| Franchise News
We recently had the opportunity to catch up with David Daivdson, Greensleeves Franchisee for Surrey North. Since diving into the world of franchise ownership with Greensleeves Lawn Care Ltd, David Daivdson, Greensleeves Franchisee for Surrey North, has driven forward his business. We recently had the opportunity to discuss his business has given me a great insight to how David operates!

Greensleeves Franchisee Case Study | Scott Garrod

March 06, 2024| Franchise News
Scott, Greensleeves Lawn Care Franchisee for East Anglia, is not even 12 month's into his time as a business owner, and he's already flying. We were able to discuss with Scott his first year in business, and how he's found the whole process.

Six months on as a franchisee – Neil Grainger’s franchise journey

September 08, 2021
The first six months of new business ownership are likely to be a rollercoaster ride for anyone. Not only will you experience the highs of building a new business but also the challenges of global and local business landscapes continually evolving. However, for franchisees, the wisdom of a supportive franchisor can help you come through the opening months to create a business with a strong and lasting foundation.
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Testimonials
After 38 years in the corporate world, I was looking for an opportunity to run my own business. I wanted a professional company that would leave me alone to get on with it but always be there to offer advice and support when it was required. With the passion, enthusiasm and honesty of David Truby I knew that Greensleeves was a firm I could work with. I have subsequently discovered that Cheryl Harper and the support team are even more incredible and nothing is too much trouble.”
David Fortune,
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts
Once I had decided to buy a franchise I was unsure which direction to take, all became clear when I met Greensleeves. The business model is solid and combined with the experience and personalities of the head office team I knew that a Greensleeves lawn treatment franchise was for me. I love being my own boss and the satisfaction I get from transforming a customer’s lawn is fantastic. The support that I have received has been second to none, it is reassuring to know that I have a team of business experts at my fingertips. ”
James Crossman,
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts
The initial support and training were excellent and the ongoing support is there for you, but not invasive. In particular David Truby and Cheryl Harper, have been great and are, just as they appear to be, passionate and professional, with a desire to help you build the business and brand. It is key to have a plan and work with it, striving in both short, medium and long term goals. This business works well, but planning, marketing, work ethic and people skills are all required to drive it to maximise its opportunity.”
David Mason,
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts
“We found Greensleeves to be very approachable and flexible throughout the joining process. Their staff were always available to answer and deal with the many questions we had and they were and still are extremely accommodating and accessible at all times. The friendly and helpful relationship was invaluable during the early stages and has continued unchanged through our early months of operation”
John & James Bushrod,
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts
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Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Franchise
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Gallery
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Gallery
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Gallery
Greensleeves Image
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Gallery
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Gallery
Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts Gallery
Available Locations:
Opportunities available across the UK.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
£9,995 + VAT
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