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Trends and Facts About Recruitment Franchises

If your passion is in helping other people maximise their potential then a career in recruitment is ideally suited to you.

The world of work is continually evolving, and 2020 has seen one of the most radical shifts in employment infrastructure in post-war history.

This shift in working practices is likely to see many people facing a change in career direction with a greater focus on homeworking. This will impact customer-facing roles in a variety of ways. Many people will see these changes as challenging in a time full of uncertainty. Other people will see them as an opportunity to get involved with a dynamic new industry and an opportunity to help shape how people work for long into the future.

If you currently work as a recruitment agent but would like to be in charge of your own destiny then taking on board a recognisable recruitment franchise could be your way into this super-competitive market. This is an exciting time for recruitment agencies and finding the right role for the right person presents a whole new roster of challenges.

It’s about successfully identifying a person’s transferable skills - and this ability is essential to meet the future challenges in the recruitment sector.

Ready to Open Business

For starters, franchising offers a wide variety of existing platforms that are ready to go: no setting up of infrastructure, no admin system to create, and no complicated constitution. In essence, a franchise is a ready-made company just waiting for you to grab your keys and open the doors for business.

Franchising is a simple gateway towards self-employment and you’re never on your own with a franchise; you’ll receive additional support from the parent company whenever you need it. It is in the franchisor’s best interest that your franchise is a success so they will give you the support you need to make that happen.

Invest in a Tried and Tested Formula

Franchising provides a proven and secure financial history and a sensible and sustainable business model which makes it easier to secure the collateral required for getting started. You can start your business with the confidence that you are buying into a tried and tested formula.

Associating yourself with a trusted and recognisable brand is a sure way to gain access to an existing client base, ready to sign up for your assistance and expertise. The franchise sector has continually grown in the UK and has weathered the storm more robustly than independent companies when it comes to dealing with economic downturns.

When the going gets tough, franchises offer greater security, minimising the financial and commercial risks associated with start-ups. Inherit a familiar brand identity and a hard-earned reputation to get you access to existing markets right from the off.

Decreased Financial Risk

Independent companies are frequently open to financial risk. The first two years of trade are particularly challenging for most independent businesses as they struggle with economic instability that endangers the survival of the company.

Sadly, over 50% of independent companies in the UK fold within those tricky initial two years.

Franchising, however, offers the stability a new business needs so that it can endure those difficult first years. Banks generally consider franchises a safer financial risk because the nucleus of the operation is grounded in a proven, established economic model.

Invest in an Established Brand

If you’re hoping to get started in the recruitment industry you can give yourself a healthy start by adopting recognisable branding, while inheriting a hard-earned reputation for customer care and reliability. With a franchise you won’t have to work as hard to show people they can trust you – you get to take advantage of an already well-established brand. This also means you won’t have to undercut the competition to try and give yourself a foothold in the market.

You also won’t have to spend as much time or effort on marketing. The franchisor will typically market their company themselves – often nationally. This further decreases your financial risk and means you have more time to focus on the running of your new business.

Recruitment Franchises

There’s a wide range of well-known recruitment franchises in the UK, each offering a specific niche and access to distinct industries.

Some franchises focus on manufacturing and hospitality while others specialise in clerical and admin posts. Some will target the smaller but more profitable executive market. Some will require in-depth knowledge of the industry they are recruiting for; others will require a broader knowledge of recruitment in general.

Recruitment agencies offer a healthy range of income streams, including permanent, commission-based assignments along with temp agencies that specialise in short-term contracts.

Find true independence and flexibility in the way you run your new business along with ongoing support and expert guidance from the parent company.

Ideal for Recruitment Experts

The recruitment industry can be very nuanced, making a recruitment franchise best suited to somebody who already knows the industry well. This is a good thing if you are already an expert because it means less competition. If you are experienced in the industry then you will likely already know how to make the business a success and a recruitment franchise can be very successful indeed.

It is not uncommon for businesses to use the services of particular companies, or even specific franchises, for their temporary and permanent recruitment needs. This raises the potential for some long term, profitable contracts with some of the largest businesses in the country. If you manage to win several long-term contracts then it spells a secure and steady income for years to come.

Browse our Range of Exciting Opportunities

Browse our excellent recruitment agency franchise opportunities today and make that positive first step to fulfilling your dream of self-employment. We bring you opportunities in a variety of sectors if you wish to focus on a particular niche, or maybe you’d prefer to appear to a broader range of potential clients instead? Whatever your preferences we likely have just the opportunity you are looking for.

Find your brand new start with Franchise Direct.

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