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Earn Over £100K Teaching The Next Generation Digital Skills! Jam Coding provides UK primary schools with digital workshops, E-safety lessons and inspires the next generation to prosper in the digital world.

The Franchise Opportunity

Jam Coding is proud to be the official UK market-leading provider of curricular and extra-curricular digital education to children. Jam Coding teach over 7000 primary school-aged children each week. Operating within schools across the UK, our vision is to make a real difference to local communities by teaching the future generation digital life skills.

Be a part of the digital revolution and benefit from a low overhead, premises free, educational franchise business.

We offer a range of digital subjects to the children we teach, all of which are fun, dynamic engaging and educational. The children develop at their own pace and we provide a bespoke package to the schools we work within.

Jam Coding have a high retention rate with schools and we offer a range of services to suit to all school budgets.

We offer a full franchise package that includes all the equipment, literature and tools required to operate, full product and service training, sales training and much more.

Reasons to Become a Franchisee

Jam Coding provide their franchisees with the highest standard of training, business development training and ongoing support. With the 'Jam Coding School Products Guarantee' you will benefit from an accelerated start as 5 school products will be signed for you ensuring profits from the very start.

Scalibilty is huge with Jam Coding's exclusive 200 schools territory and uncapped earning potential.

Be a part of the digital revolution and enjoy low overheads as the majority of your digital workshop delivery will be carried out with schools both in and around the school day.

Jam Coding currently assists in the delivery of the government funded HAF* scheme. The HAF programme is funded by the DfE, to offer eligible children and young people access to free holiday activities and a nutritious meal during the Easter, Summer, and Christmas School Holidays.

You will receive all the equipment you need to deliver your lessons as well as over 300 hours worth of lesson plans on our Jam coding shared sytems.

For an additional £6,000 we offer an accelerated growth add on to our package. With our Django franchise package, we offer twice the amount of equipment enabling you to run 2 classes at once and more schools products on launch of your business as well as training for you and one other person.

Jam Coding Image
Jam Coding Image

Franchisee Requirements

Our franchisees have come from all backgrounds, career paths and lifestyles. You do not need to be a computer expert, come from an IT background or be a teacher!

We welcome individuals that are motivated, driven, creative, imaginative and hard working.

We are seeking people who want to make a difference to children's futures and help shape their development in being the best possible digital citizens.

A willingness to run and develop a thriving business under a successful brand name is paramount, and we will support you and you business along the way.

You will need to be focused and work in line with a proven business model.

We will provide all the necessary equipment, training, literature and a bespoke booking system to ensure you have the tools you need to develop your business. We will also cover your accounting and HR needs in the first year, taking away the responsibility while you focus on the business.

We can also help you apply for funding through a government backed scheme.

The Next Step

Don't miss out on this exciting franchise opportunity! Simply fill out the form below to find out more information and speak with a representative from the brand:

What to Expect from Your Role as a Franchise Owner

Thinking of investing in a Jam Coding franchise? Here are some of the business functions you’ll be required to do on a typical day as a franchise owner:

Jam Coding Image

Sales, sales, sales

Depending on your background sales can either be an exciting aspect to a new business opportunity or a daunting one. And while it’s an important part of any business, it’s all about how you are trained and supported through it. Jam Coding have got you covered.

It’s true, our business model relies on attracting a steady flow of sales but don’t worry; we support you in this area right from the get go. We want our franchise owners to be successful, so we set you up with 5 school products from the start of your journey and will be there in the room showing you how to ask the right questions to make those sales, giving you the confidence from day one!

We will also accompany you on school visits, letter drops, ad campaigns, training sessions and mentor meetings, we will help you get the sales you need to hit the ground running.

To keep up the momentum, we ask franchise owners to dedicate 70-75% of their time selling to schools. Full calendar? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to book in customers for the following term.

Client relationships

Once a school has invited us to deliver a workshop, we’re always asked to come back and deliver more. At Jam Coding, we rely on repeat custom to thrive.

But customer loyalty doesn’t come over night. We dedicate time to building and nurturing these relationships, creating a sense of trust between Jam Coding and the schools we teach. We become a part of the community with our schools and develop lasting relationships.

Schools are working with tight budgets, whilst trying to deliver the very best education to the children they teach. In this industry, a reassuring phone call, email or face-to-face conversation will go a long way. We have the procedures in place to quickly show schools we are a solution to the problem.

With our new product offering – The Bespoke Curriculum – we have another way to get our foot in the door with schools who may have less budget initially, and later down the line it may become a part or fully serviced option for them.


Once your sales start rolling in you will quickly need to recruit your team. Whether you prefer scouring job sites or attending careers fairs, recruitment is a time-consuming process. But identifying, interviewing, hiring and inducting a strong team is vital to ensure the smooth running of your franchise.

With our support, training and processes our franchise owners are able to swiftly and compliantly recruit and onboard staff to help their business to carry on growing.

Employee Management

You have your trustworthy team, now you need to ensure they have the tools they need to be excellent. Again, Jam Coding have you covered… Our Jam Coding Academy (Business Management System) sits in the middle of everything we do at Jam Coding and is where you can start to manage your employees. You can ensure they are fully inducted, quality checked and DBS checked and have access to everything they need to train and keep up to date with all of our workshops and services. Keeping our service as engaging and streamlined as possible.


As a franchise owner, you are responsible for the welfare of the staff you employ and if they need guidance, feedback or a morale boost, you must always be available to listen and support them in any way you can, but just know you have all the necessary tools at your disposal in order to do this successfully.

You’ll also need to conduct regular performance reviews to help them see their progress and set new goals, whilst determining what motivates them and how you can help them progress in their roles.

Just like every area of the business, the training, tools and resources are given to you to allow you to do this efficiently. We also have a HR specialist on hand to help you any time you require.

Teaching the future!

What all of our franchisees are here for, whether they are running their franchise as a hands-on business or management approach…

If you’re the type of franchise owner that prefers to be in the classroom, delivering workshops and teaching the future, then you’ll probably spend at least an hour a day within this function. If you have opted for more of a management approach you will still be entering the classroom from time to time, this could be observing your staff or running the session yourself in the absence of a team member. Jam Coding is first and foremost about giving children access to a quality digital education.

As a franchise owner you are the backbone of the business. Your role will be varied, fun and rewarding using proven processes, working in tandem with others, to help close the digital divide in your community.

You’ll also be helping the wider network achieve our goal of reaching as many children as possible with life-changing digital skills.

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