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Earn Over £4,700 per month with this award winning and unique opportunity!

Welcome to your opportunity to run a highly profitable and scalable business, whether you are working in the business or on the business.

Become part of UK’s Elite100 highest ranked Sports coaching franchise and be supported from the best to achieve a six-figure income.

Are you already a hands-on sports coach with the desire to engaged in sports coaching, if so SportsCool Coach would be ideal for you and would ensure your success.

SportsCool Image

“I have worked as a sports coach for 15 years. I am passionate about sport but reached a stage in my life where I wanted more. Owning a SportsCool Coaching franchise has allowed me to achieve my goals within and outside of work, now that I have a young family. Financially, I feel secure, I’m creating a legacy for my daughter and feel like my destiny is in my own hands.” - Franchisee for Lancaster.

Or, do you appreciate the importance of physical education but, you do not want to directly engaged in the day to day coaching delivery yourself. If so, SportsCool Director is the business model that will quickly deliver you highly profit levels.

“Operating the Director Model of the SportsCool franchise has enabled me to focus on planning, business growth and the relationship building required to make my first year a huge success. I was ambitious and we actually managed to exceed the first-year revenue target by more than 50%. It has taken absolute focus on sales, marketing and planning to get the franchise where I want it. It isn’t easy, but it is certainly worth it.” - Franchisee for West Essex

It is our objective to always be the best, so we can make sure you are the best too.

We always set out to provide more than any other: that said, it isn’t just about the franchise package! What is important is how we deliver your success and work with you.

Reading on and you will realise that this opportunity really is unlike anything else and fully deserves to be described as a unique life changing business opportunity. 

Yes, a very bold statement we know!

The key numbers, you really want to know

Which route is for you? Your route to success is dependent on your background, time available, lifestyle choice and financial aspirations.

  • SportsCool Director – working on the business, creating strategic growth and appointing managers to deal with day-to-day operations.

*£24,999 + VAT *150 School Territory * Scalable % based royalty

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  • SportsCool Coach - working in the business, delivering hands-on coaching or working with a small team of coaches as you grow.

*£15,995 + VAT *75 School Territory * Scalable % based royalty

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Multiple Income Streams

Our products range is immense with over 20 of activities including…

Parents have the desire to give their children the opportunities they deserve and match that with the government support with the PE & Sport Premium providing £320 million of ringfenced funding gives us the power to make a difference with the children in your local community. There is also the £200 million Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme.

Typically, parent paid, after school clubs, before school clubs, holiday clubs and birthday parties.

Paid for by the School or LEA, enrichment sessions, lunch clubs, PPA Cover, CPD and HAF Programmes.

Individual SportsCool franchisees have in the last few months secured £340,000 HAF contracts.

Will you require funding?

We can support you in an application from a popular government backed loan scheme.

So, who are SportsCool and why are they different to all the rest?

SportsCool Image

SportsCool is a primary school sports activity coaching company and was founded by three highly passionate sports coaches, Lee, Matt and Andy who had already been franchisees in the same sector themselves. This gives them a unique understanding and empathy for just what you need to ensure your success.

In 2014 following the success of operating their own highly successful £1m+ pilot territory since 2008 the decision to franchise was taken. Not be just another franchise but be the best by being different to the rest!

Supporting, mentoring and training you is as natural as breathing to them.

SportsCool - the unique difference:

The founders started as franchisees themselves – So, they know exactly what you need to succeed.

  1. The founders still run their own territory – So, they know exactly how to succeed.
  2. The founders are above all coaches and mentors – So, ensuring your success is part of their DNA.
  3. SportsCool guarantee product sales initially set up for you, to ensure you are earning from the start.
  4. SportsCool’s range of products and homegrown offerings are forever dynamic, with new creations, moving with the times and adaptions, always with making a difference at the heart of any changes.
  5. We measure our success on what you achieve, not how many franchisees we sell.

Are you the perfect SportsCool Franchisee?

You could be if…

  • You want to invest in opportunity that will forever have a need for the services offered (irrespective of the government and economy)
  • A passion to make a difference is the one of the most important attributes we look for in you. Skills can be taught but passion can’t be bought
  • You are positive, motivated and have a can-do mindset
  • You are excellent at communication
  • You having coaching experience and even if you don’t have coaching experience… Coach or Director

Our franchise has been proven over many years, as long as you have what it takes SportsCool will help you create a thriving business.

Are you ready for change and the next steps?

Fill out the form below to get in touch with a representative from the brand:

Leading sports education business launches in the Rhondda Valley

SportsCool works with schools to enhance the delivery of curricular and extra-curricular physical education, with the view that every child should have the chance to participate, progress and achieve

Its newest branch in South Wales is set to begin working with schools in communities across the Rhondda Valley

Founded in the North West of England, SportsCool currently has 28 operations across the whole of the UK.

It currently works closely with more than 400 education providers and has over 100 people working within its organisation.

The company’s management team has a wealth of coaching, sport, education, and business knowledge and has set out plans for the next 12 months to accelerate its growth journey. Those plans include opening 20 new franchises in all parts of the UK.

SportsCool’s latest franchise will deliver its diverse range of sports to local schools, ranging from fencing and archery to ultimate frisbee and tri-golf.

It will be headed by Dai Williams. The 31-year-old is a native of the Rhondda and is looking forward to making a difference through SportsCool’s operations and seeing the operation grow.

SportsCool Image

He said: “I’m passionate about making a real difference in the lives of young people in this part of South Wales and giving something back to the community
“SportsCool’s vision is all about boosting the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of children and that’s what drives me.”

Dai, who is also a volunteer at Penygraig Boys and Girls Club near Tonypandy, added: “There is a sport out there for everybody, it’s a question of finding it and encouraging youngsters to get involved and get active.”

All SportsCool’s activities are underpinned by the company’s ethos of “Educate: Motivate: Participate”. Its coaches make it their mission to find a sport for every child to love.

SportsCool national director Lee Lysons said: “We’re really excited about opening our franchise to serve the Rhondda Valley as part of our national plans for growth. The service we offer can benefit schoolchildren across its communities.”

He added: “We’ve witnessed solid growth over the last 12 months and as a result we are now set to accelerate that programme further, with plans to open 20 more franchises.

“At SportsCool we believe that sports education is fundamental to a child’s development and for 15 years we have been working with primary schools to that end.

“We also believe that every child should have the chance to participate, progress and achieve in physical activities. This in turn has a profound effect on self-esteem, confidence, motivation, physical aptitude, and all-round mental and physical health.

“We use positive rewards in everything that we do, our sessions raise aspirations, are accessible to all, and, most of all, they are fun. As a result, we see the youngsters that we work with blossom into confident, healthy and aspiring individuals.”

He added: “We are also giving people the opportunity to make a career of something that they love, setting up a coaching company, confident in the training, support and business development that we give them.

“We are with them every step of their business journey. We look for people with passion, who want to make a real difference to children. That is at the heart of everything we do.

“Our coaches continue to train in new areas of sports education and take part in continual professional development so that we can offer the best experience to the children and teaching staff that we work with.

“We aim to continue to be leaders in our field, inspiring increasing numbers of children and giving people the chance to forge winning careers in sports coaching.”

SportsCool Success Stories

Success Story: Liam - SportsCool Walsall

November 15, 2022
Learn why Liam decided to become part of the SportsCool Franchise network.

Success Story: Gary - SportsCool Belfast

November 15, 2022
Learn why Gary decided to join the SportsCool network.
SportsCool Testimonials
We quickly got accepted into the HAF programme in only 5 days, we believe it’s incredible how fast we were accepted and the impact that has on so many vulnerable children and their families. Furthermore, we had a surplus amount of aid and help from SportsCool, we got assistance with the meetings from Lee, and extremely beneficial help from Matt surrounding the figures for the club. Over the summer we had many children into our sports HAF club, this brought in £17,000 revenue with 50 different children joining for the summer, and we are looking at a £5,000 revenue this winter. In Summer, we did a broad range of different activities to get children with all sorts of different personalities and likings such as; Football, archery, Tri-golf, Curling, Badminton and Volley ball for the sports side of the list. However, we did some more relaxed activities for children who aren’t massively keen on sports. We also conducted; Lego activities, air drying clay, arts and crafts and experimenting with plants and seeds. For the winter, some of these activities are coming back while also adapting these activities to be Christmas themed and as well as a visit from Santa Claus. This winter we are having separate HAF sessions for SEN children which includes specialised sensory equipment and adapting existing activities for their needs. It’s been amazing I’m so proud to be involved bringing happiness and sports to the children in my community.
Daniel, SportsCool Derby South,
Lee and the team at SportsCool have been fantastic in all the support, advice and encouragement. He has shown me first hand the different ways to ‘sell’ our product and it has been invaluable to me. I was apprehensive about visiting schools but his polite and friendly manner showed me it’s highly effective. Not only have they helped with face to face sales, Lee has shown me how to structure my week to make sure I use my own time efficiently. I now meet regularly with my coaches, send letters, call and visit schools each day. Lee has also suggested initiatives like advertising birthday parties, providing evening and weekend clubs, plus advice regarding HAF funding and holiday camps. His experience and knowledge is vital to making a success of the business and he has installed confidence and belief in myself. It’s amazing to know this level of support is on offer and has been vital in my start as a business owner.
SportsCool Videos
SportsCool Testimonial | Chris: Leeds North

SportsCool Testimonial | Chris: Leeds North

Chris of SportsCool Leeds North discusses his experience of the franchise.
SportsCool Testimonial | Steve

SportsCool Testimonial | Steve

Steve from SportsCool discusses his SportsCool journey.
SportsCool Testimonial - Matthew

SportsCool Testimonial - Matthew

Matthew of SportsCool Maidstone discusses the support and training he received from the SportsCool franchise network.
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SportsCool Gallery
SportsCool Gallery
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Opportunities available across the UK (Excluding Scotland).
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