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Husse operates on a franchise model that empowers entrepreneurs passionate about pets and premium nutrition. Aspiring franchisees partner with Husse to become local ambassadors of superior pet wellness within their communities.

About Us

Husse UK is dedicated to providing top-tier nutrition for pets, offering super-premium food that's carefully crafted to meet their unique dietary needs. Our commitment lies in delivering exceptional quality, using wholesome ingredients that promote the health and happiness of beloved furry companions. What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to superior pet nutrition and personalised service, ensuring every pet receives the best possible care through our products.

Husse presents an incredible opportunity in the pet industry with a diverse catalogue boasting just over 200 products, featuring a rich assortment of supplements, snacks, and accessories. Yet, where our brilliance truly shines is in our dry and wet food selections.

Since our inception in 1987, Husse has consistently captured multiple prestigious European awards, underscoring our commitment to excellence. Our super premium dry food for cats and dogs stands at the forefront of the industry, setting new standards and continually receiving accolades. What truly sets us apart are the unbeatable prices per portion we offer, ensuring not only top-tier quality but also affordability that remains unmatched in the market.

The Franchise Opportunity

Investing in a Husse franchise isn't just about joining a brand; it's about aligning with a legacy of quality, recognition, and competitive pricing that sets a new benchmark in pet nutrition. Husse stands out as the global leader in rapid expansion within the pet food franchise market, setting itself apart as the sole brand achieving international acclaim.

Notably deemed 'recession-proof' by Forbes and various influential publications, the pet food industry has become a magnet for entrepreneurs and investors, drawing them into the vibrant and resilient £7 billion market in the UK.

Husse operates on a franchise model that empowers entrepreneurs passionate about pets and premium nutrition. Aspiring franchisees partner with Husse to become local ambassadors of superior pet wellness within their communities. The process begins with a thorough assessment of the market and potential territories, ensuring a strategic fit. Once onboarded, franchisees receive comprehensive training covering product knowledge, sales techniques, and operational aspects.

Franchisees gain access to a diverse range of high-quality, exclusive pet food products developed by Husse's nutritional experts. These offerings cater to various pet needs, allowing franchisees to address a wide customer base. Additionally, ongoing support, marketing materials, and a proven business model bolster franchisee success.

With a focus on flexibility and scalability, Husse franchisees enjoy the autonomy to grow their businesses while upholding Husse's commitment to premium pet nutrition and exceptional customer service. Franchisees benefit from Husse's established brand reputation, fostering trust and loyalty among pet owners, ensuring sustainable business growth and community impact.

Reasons to Become a Franchisee

  • Work from home
  • Recession Proof
  • High Profits
  • Low Overheads
  • Training Provided

Franchisee Requirements

Husse UK seeks franchisees who share a genuine passion for pets and their welfare. While prior experience in the pet industry isn't mandatory, a strong interest in animal health and nutrition is highly beneficial. Franchisees should possess excellent communication skills to effectively engage with customers, understand their pets' needs, and build lasting relationships within their communities.

Entrepreneurial qualities are key; individuals who demonstrate leadership, initiative, and a drive for success tend to excel within our franchise model. Financial stability is essential, as franchisees must be capable of investing in the business and sustaining its growth.

Flexibility is crucial as franchisees navigate the dynamic pet industry and engage with diverse customer needs. Husse UK values active community involvement, so a willingness to participate in local events and initiatives is advantageous.

While comprehensive training is provided, a willingness to learn and adapt to our established business systems is important. The training equips franchisees with in-depth knowledge of Husse's products, effective business strategies, and exceptional customer service practices, ensuring a consistent and high-quality experience across all franchises.

Ultimately, a successful Husse UK franchisee embodies a blend of passion for pets, strong business acumen, excellent communication skills, financial stability, adaptability, and an active engagement within the local community.

The Next Steps

To find out more about the franchise opportunity, simply fill out the form below to speak with a representative from the brand:

Husse: Unleashing Opportunities for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Husse Image

In record time, he has already triumphed in selling his first batch of super-healthy Swedish products to delighted local pet owners. Now, Cameron's sights are set on conquering more markets and events this August, keen to expand his customer base and establish a robust network of loyal patrons throughout the Inverness area.

As many seasoned entrepreneurs know, success is no accidental feat. It demands a strategic arsenal of tools, a wealth of knowledge, and meticulous planning. Embodying these key ingredients, Husse has reigned for an impressive 35 years in the thriving pet food industry. Boasting an array of over 300 meticulously crafted and all-natural products, Husse's recipes stand unparalleled in the market, with a distinctive touch that sets them apart from any other brand.

Pioneering innovation lies at the heart of Husse's accomplishments. The bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system enables seamless management of franchise clientele, while the universally applicable concept is engineered to thrive in any landscape. Ensuring the utmost quality, all Husse franchisees undergo comprehensive training led by the in-house vet, empowering them to provide expert nutritional guidance to their valued local customers, and serve their beloved furry companions with only the finest pet fare available.

For those yearning to seize the reins of their destiny in a lucrative, recession-proof industry—one that flourishes with each passing day—look no further. Venture into the world of entrepreneurship and embark on your own Husse franchise journey. Waste no time, for a transformative opportunity awaits. Contact us today to schedule an illuminating, no-obligation Zoom meeting. Discover the boundless potential of this franchise opportunity in your area and unearth the incredible prospects within the UK's colossal £4b pet market.

Join Cameron and countless others who have discovered the extraordinary allure of Husse. Fulfill your entrepreneurial aspirations and embrace a future brimming with possibilities!

Husse UK Success Stories

Husse Success Story | Diane - West Lothian

February 06, 2024
Hear from Diane, a Husse Pet Food Representative in West Lothian, as she elaborates on her choice to establish a Husse business.
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