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Brokerplan Academy

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Join the Brokerplan network and become a self employed Finance Broker

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The Brokerplan Academy is an award-winning opportunity for ambitious individuals looking to build their own finance brokerage with a six-figure earning potential. Brokerplan training is accredited by the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) and will give you the knowledge and tools you need to launch your business and offer a range of financial products and services.


Established in 2004, the business has been operating as a brokerage for nearly 20 years. We have been training and supporting new brokers in the market for over a decade, sharing our years of collective experience with you. You will always have an expert in your corner.

With our support and packages, there are options for individuals with experience and individuals who do not have a background in financial services.


Earning Potential

Six-figure earning potential from multiple income streams

Brokerplan Academy fast-tracks your entry into the lucrative financial services industry.

Once trained and if operating on a full-time basis, we would anticipate a first-year income projection of between £25K and £65K, with the potential to develop six figure income annually from years 2-5 and beyond.

Brokerplan options can also provide an additional income stream to existing businesses. We have many successful partners who have added Brokerplan to businesses such as accountancy firms, estate agencies, business consultants and more.

Training & Business Set Up
  • All partners will be enrolled on our LIBF (London Institute of Banking & Finance) accredited training programme
  • Access to online training systems
  • 2 day Business Launch Training Event
  • Full Business Set Up – logo design, website, business cards etc
  • FCA Authorisation – relevant permissions and ongoing compliance
  • Ongoing business & deal structuring support from your dedicated case team
  • Ongoing training modules to increase knowledge and stay up to date


  • High demand for financial products and services
  • Access huge lender panel via inhouse sourcing system
  • Uncapped earnings potential
  • Increased demand for broker support
  • Fully supported learning & education
  • Access to an experienced broker support team
  • Full business set-up


Brokerplan Academy is known for supporting individuals to launch their own business in financial services. Brokerplan Academy has vast experience in setting people up as commercial finance brokers. We arrange your FCA authorisation application and give you access to our whole of market lender panels. Joining the Academy helps to minimise barriers to entry into the financial services sector by offering the following:
  • Regulatory authorisations
  • Lender/Provider relationships
  • Solution sourcing (systems)
  • Deal structuring
  • Advice process & administration
  • Deal processing
  • Branding & online presence
  • Continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Business launch & ongoing training
  • Business development and network support


We are looking for driven and enthusiastic individuals, who want to build their own sustainable business in financial services. We welcome applicants from any business background, without the need for prior experience or qualifications in the finance sector.

We require all individuals who join the Academy to undergo our Fit & Proper, you must pass this process in order to proceed with us.

Complete the enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch.

Why join a dual-authorised network?

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Generally, networks will provide you with the necessary authorisation to broker commercial or residential mortgages, Brokerplan Academy will allow you to do both – Under one brand!

(Or if you decide you’d rather not go through the required exams to offer regulated advice, the team at Brokerplan Academy will handle these cases for you – paying out a referral fee!)

This means that you can take on a wider variety of deals, generate more income from fewer clients, and provide further support to your clients. It creates the opportunity to become a one-stop shop for your clients, meaning you can control their entire client journey ensuring they have a positive experience and the right solution for them is found.

We can see this with a recent deal from one of our network partners, when a short-term ‘bridging’ loan turns out to be regulated.

£675k Bridging Loan Success

In this deal, the client currently has 2 semi-detached cottages with land valued at c.£450-£475k each – Because the client currently lives in one property, the deal will be classified as regulated. Any advisor who doesn’t have the necessary qualifications and permissions will have to outsource to a residential broker. However, our broker submitted this deal to our head offices where we have advisors on hand who can help.

After submitting the case to Glenhawk and completing all of the necessary documentation, an offer was issued to the client which was gladly accepted. The loan was used to clear existing charges with an ex-partner and mortgage provider, and allow the owner to split the land titles and to get planning on the new title for a residential property.

The total case income generated from this £675k bridging facility was £15,485.58

Want to Find Out More?

To find out how you can join the Brokerplan Academy and work on rewarding client deals, please fill out a contact form and we will be in touch!

Brokerplan Academy Success Stories

2 Recent Holiday Let Deals

March 10, 2023
One of our network partners, Ian Pask of Pask & Pask Commercial Finance has recently completed on a deal!

£300K Secured Business Loan

January 10, 2023
One of our Brokerplan network partners, Barbara Cação of CC Finance has recently closed a £300,000 business loan.

£350k for Trucking and Repair Company

November 09, 2022
Invoice Finance Facility

October Network Deals

October 24, 2022
Brokerplan Network Deals

Brokerplan Academy Case Study: Harry Singh - Business Partner

September 06, 2022
Harry Singh of Veer Capital joined the Brokerplan Network in September 2018 under our commercial finance package.

Brokerplan Case Study: Tim Woodman

June 24, 2021
Learn how Tim Woodman and his wife began their Brokerplan franchise journey.

Brokerplan Case Study - Geggs Aujla

June 24, 2021
"Geggs enquired into Brokerplan looking to find out more about our Academy opportunities after finding us on Franchise Direct."

Partner Closes First 2 Deals

June 14, 2021
Martin Cook of Exel Finance is an AR that started with the network last year and even he won’t mind admitting that his has been a steep learning curve. He has however thrived from being able to self-manage some of his own cases and with a genuine dogged sense of never giving up this has helped him to close two deals that other brokers would have let slide.

Brokerplan Receives Official LIBF Accreditation

December 21, 2022
The Brokerplan Academy has been recognized by The London Institute of Banking & Finance by being LIBF accreditation.

Case Study – Birmingham Buy to Let Purchase

June 14, 2021
For this project, the client wanted to purchase a six-bedroomed HMO (house of multiple occupants) in their limited company. The Birmingham property has two kitchens and is spread over three floors, it needed to be valued ASAP as the agents had had have a lot of interest in this property.
Brokerplan Academy Testimonials
Awesome Finance Training and Ongoing Support Network Fantastic couple of days spent at Broker Plan Academy training. I left feeling confident and prepared for my journey in the financial market. The training with Andy Boycott and team is very interactive and quite elaborate, not just in giving you a roadmap for your deals but also making you look at all aspects that are necessary to ensure that you have expert support on your path to grow your business. All in all very pleasant and extremely knowledgeable people. Well done team!
Helder Dias,
Brokerplan Academy
Best broker network bar none! Having previous experience of a broker network I can positively say that Brokerplan is by far the best broker network. The course was engaging, informative, and extremely helpful. The cohort was made up of people from varying backgrounds and timelines in their commercial brokerages. For those that are considering starting their own finance brokerage with no previous business experience – this is the course for you. After a two day course you will leave here with a business plan, a marketing plan, a panel of lenders, system and processes, a head filled with positive thoughts, and a burning desire to help your customers achieve their financial goals. I can’t praise them enough for the time and effort they have put into the course. Thanks for the experience.
Robert Partridge,
Brokerplan Academy
I joined the Brokerplan Network in January of 2017. Before joining the network I was in an employed role as an asset finance broker. Brokerplan provides a first class back up support system when joining them. The support is superb but ultimately it is up to your own quality and belief
Rob Griffin - Aspired Finance,
Brokerplan Academy
I joined Brokerplan in November of 2019, after working as an account manager at asset finance brokerages. The best achievement I have had since joining would be the full FCA approval to enable us to be a fully authorised and regulated firm.
Jamie Stokes - Astmoor Finance,
Brokerplan Academy
Brokerplan were instrumental in assisting me to establish my brokerage. Becoming part of the network meant that I was able to operate compliantly in a very short space of time and have immediate access to a large pool of lenders. The broad lending pool available as part of the network ensures I can find the best deal for my clients from traditional banks to fin-techs and alternative lenders. {…} Joining the network was a great decision for me and since joining two years ago I have seen the network go from strength to strength by introducing new technologies and investing in staff to make the job of brokering commercial finance as efficient as possible. I would also add that in my experience they are thoroughly nice people to work with and emphasise the importance of good relationships with network members. The culture is one of positivity and integrity.
Michael D,
Brokerplan Academy
I joined in March 2018 after sabbatical from a successful career in estate agency and mortgage advice. Given my background and business set up the majority of business I do is property related (bridging, development& buy to let) as I have a good client bank and existing relationships to generate leads on.
Mark Everard,
Brokerplan Academy
With no prior finance experience, Brokerplan not only allowed me to position myself at a level I was comfortable with, but it also comes with a whole back-office of professional support and ongoing training which has been the key reason for my development and building up of my business so far.
Özgen Halil - Acumen Finance,
Brokerplan Academy
Brokerplan Academy Videos
Advice for those Considering Brokerplan

Advice for those Considering Brokerplan

If you're considering an investment in the Brokerplan opportunity, watch this video to get expert advice.
Brokerplan | Tell us about a deal you funded... VAST Commercial Finance

Brokerplan | Tell us about a deal you funded... VAST Commercial Finance

MD John Kent speaks with network partners Dan & Luke of VAST Commercial Finance about one of their property development deals.
Brokerplan Academy Testimonial | Darren Street - Network Partner

Brokerplan Academy Testimonial | Darren Street - Network Partner

Darren talks about the excellence support he receives from the Brokerplan network.
Brokerplan Network Conference 2022 | Darren Street

Brokerplan Network Conference 2022 | Darren Street

Network Partner Darren Street discusses what he likes about Brokerplan's systems and set up.
Brokerplan Academy | White Board Explainer

Brokerplan Academy | White Board Explainer

If you join Brokerplan Academy, how could it change your life? What new opportunities would you have? Watch this brief explainer video to find out more about the Brokerplan Academy opportunity, and how the business could support your future in finance.
Q&A with Darren Dow - How did you generate leads now and in the early days?

Q&A with Darren Dow - How did you generate leads now and in the early days?

Darren Dow of Acumen Edinburgh, along with Lee Hesketh and John Kent the BDM and MD of Brokeprlan, discuss how a financial broker might generate leads, including some of the standard and quirkier means, and the different things you can do to grow your brand and create or join a network of referrals.
Q&A with Darren Dow - Do you have any interesting cases in the works at present?

Q&A with Darren Dow - Do you have any interesting cases in the works at present?

Darren Dow, of Acumen Finance Edinburgh, and Lee Hesketh, the Business Development Manager for Brokeprlan, discuss Darren's most interesting active case with a professional footballer, and how much commission he expects to make by assisting the sportsman in transforming his property portfolio into a buy-to-let portfolio.
Q&A with Darren Dow - What Products have you Sold Since Starting?

Q&A with Darren Dow - What Products have you Sold Since Starting?

We asked Darren Dow, a network partner of Brokerplan Academy, what products he has been selling since he finished his training and started operating as Acumen Edinburgh, progressing from commercial finance to regulated mortgages and Wills, Trusts & Estates Planning.
Brokerplan Image
Brokerplan Image
Brokerplan Academy Gallery
Brokerplan Gallery
Brokerplan Gallery
Available Locations:
Business opportunities available throughout the United Kingdom.
Business Type:
Business Opportunity
Minimum Investment:
£ 9,597 (full investment £15,995)
Financing Assistance


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