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InXpress has its origins in the world's largest business management franchise in the transportation industry.

Your exciting and rewarding future

InXpress gives you the opportunity to build your own successful and profitable start-up business with the security of the world’s largest franchisor of global courier services.

A long history

Founded in 1999 and with annual system revenues in excess of $165 million USD in 2018, the company has a long history in managing successful businesses around the world. This is combined with the facilities and know how to train and support franchisees in running a sales and business management franchise.

Now located in 14 countries, with over 350 franchisees, the multi award-winning business has its global headquarters in Manchester, UK.

A respected partner to global carriers

InXpress has already established strong and lasting relationships with trusted courier partners around the globe and access to highly competitive rates. This leaves you free to concentrate on building sales, working towards your goals, and creating the lifestyle you want.

“I absolutely adore my business. It’s given me and my family a great life and I really enjoy it.”

Neil Hatt, Birmingham South franchisee since 2006.

What’s your advantage?

There are many advantages to becoming an InXpress franchisee:
  • Low investment
  • High return
  • Recession-resistant
  • Scalable
  • Flexible
  • Based on proven trade/business models
Not only that, we provide you with everything you need to get your business off the ground and ready to build as you wish.

Start-up made easy

No experience is necessary to become an InXpress franchisee. We are looking for people who are sales-oriented, with an aptitude for business. Our highly acclaimed trainers teach you everything InXpress knows about sales and the shipping industry! With low-overheads and high-earning potential, we give you a secure foundation to build a successful business. This gives you a highly flexible business, helping you achieve your lifestyle goals.

“InXpress gives you a business concept and plan that you can run with. All you need is the right work ethic to deliver and make the business successful. There’s a model in place so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – that was the biggest attraction for me,” Lendy Mazur, Salisbury franchisee since February 2013.

2020 vision – Innovative training and support

Innovative and constantly evolving, InXpress delivers comprehensive training designed to put you ahead of the competition. Benefit from our two-week Boot Camp training, which covers:
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Utilising our software
  • Effective sales management
  • Motivation skills
  • Product and industry knowledge
  • Managing your time, territory and customers
Although you are in business for yourself, you will never be in the business by yourself.

Tech-enabled business opportunity

InXpress are different! Our franchisees stand out from the competition. Not only do we offer customers a VIP service, retaining an average 80% year-on-year, we are also technology disruptors in our industry.

Our powerful, award-winning proprietary software combines an automated shipping platform, a franchisee business management program and a franchise performance tool. InXpress customers save hours on their shipping. Franchisees are empowered by the insight into their business performance.

Delivering the full package

The InXpress franchise fee is £35,000 plus £1,000 for events you must attend throughout the year. We also strongly recommend you plan an 18-month budget, for living expenses.
Within the franchise package we include everything you need to get your business off the ground quickly and successfully. Your business can be run from home or from an office space and you don’t need space to store vans or parcels. This means that overheads are low, giving you the advantage of being able to grow the business in any way you wish to.

You will become the owner of a business that represents a significant capital asset in a relatively short period of time. Every time your customer sends a parcel, you will make a profit on each consignment. InXpress is a true residual income business; exciting and financially rewarding.

“With InXpress you don’t buy or sell stock so the business has low overheads and you don’t lose money on damaged stock. You’re selling the services of world branded products and it’s much easier to sell DHL services than white van. E-commerce is booming at the moment because more and more people are now buying online,” Craig Atkins, Reading franchisee since 2007.

Are you the next InXpress franchisee?

If you are sales-minded, driven and enthusiastic, then InXpress’ franchise model could be for you!

With the freedom to build your franchise however you want, you can start out alone and progress to premises and a workforce, or you can go all-in and have a team and offices from the start. Whatever path you wish to take, InXpress can give you the flexibility and lifestyle you have been looking for.

To find out more about building a scalable, profitable business, please fill out the enquiry form below.

InXpress Gives Back: Every Shipment Counts in Transforming Lives

InXpress Image

InXpress franchisees are driven by compassion and a commitment to making a tangible difference to people around them. Which is why, as a franchise, we stand tall with our annual Penny per Shipment initiative. More than just a business, we’ve woven Giving Back into our core, transforming each shipment into a beacon of hope and change, throughout November.

Many franchisees see the impact our campaign has, so are starting to pledge above the minimum donation per shipment, of 1p, increasing the collective impact of every shipment booked. This November, InXpress have raised an incredible £9638.40 which is already being put to good use.

It means InXpress Gives back can help families like William's. Toddler, William, has complexities of the RYR1 gene which affects movement. His mum, Charlie, was determined he would attend The Neurological And Physical Abilitation Centre (NAPA) when it recently opened in London. She knew from other families, the positive impact the centre has had on helping children like William, thanks to the personal, hands-on therapy they provide. But, funding posed a challenge – until a chance conversation with Stuart Vant from InXpress Cambridge led to a significant donation from InXpress Gives Back. William loves his weekly visits to NAPA, and Charlie doesn’t have to worry about funding for a while. "This has absolutely changed our lives, without a doubt. We’ll be forever grateful. Thank you."

And support franchisees with their charitable actions

InXpress Gives Back also donated to Pets As Therapy (PAT) thanks to the tireless work of Ellie the PAT dog. Along with her ‘hoomans’, Mike and Vanessa of InXpress Manchester South, Ellie embodies the spirit of giving back in every paw. Her presence amongst children and adults brings comfort and happiness, even on the ruff-est day. She's not just a furry friend, her warmth brings smiles to children as they read to her, and to patients and staff at her local hospital who benefit from her cuddles. Ellie is also a joyful participant when there are singing and dancing sessions among the dementia patients. She definitely deserves a round of a-paws from us!

InXpress Image

So, as you can see…

Our Penny per Shipment initiative is about more than logistics; it's the power of collective giving. Every penny donated brings hope, healing, and transformation to those who need it most.

Our franchisees’ dedication to their community is demonstrated through their passionate commitment and continues to redefine corporate responsibility. With each shipment, we don't just deliver parcels—we deliver possibilities, changing lives one penny at a time.

What could you do?

InXpress's commitment to Give Back is built into the fabric of our franchise. If this is a value you can align with, we might be a good franchise for your future. So, why not speak to us today.

InXpress Success Stories

Breaking Barriers: From Family Business to Independent Female Franchise Owner!

February 21, 2024
As we #InspireInclusion this International Women’s day, who better to talk to than one of our first independent female franchisees, Jess Vant, owner of InXpress London!

From Military Service to Entrepreneurship, with InXpress

November 15, 2023
Are you a military veteran looking to make a bold career transition into entrepreneurship? Discover how you can follow in the footsteps of one former Navy Engineer who found success with an InXpress franchise.

Personal dreams and business motivation combine for a beautiful

July 26, 2023
InXpress has been described as “the brand to make your dreams come true, if you follow the model”. Something Sales Rep for InXpress Cambridge, Chloe Vant-Abbott is experiencing for herself.
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InXpress Image
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Available Locations:
Franchises available throughout the UK
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
£35,000 (+ £1,000 for events)
Financing Assistance
3rd Party
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