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SmartPA are the leading providers of outsourced administrative, secretarial and PA support to businesses around the world.

Who are SmartPA?

SmartPA is a business support and administration franchise transforming the way professionals work.

With more than 10 years’ experience offering remote administrative support to over 5,000 business clients globally, demand for our services has grown almost 30% in the past year - now is the perfect time to launch your franchise business under our SmartPA brand. We offer lifetime business support from the minute you sign up with us.

Our business equips you with all the tools you need to succeed, including a six-week accredited training course to get you started and ongoing support from a dedicated team. When you join SmartPA as a franchisee, you become part of a supportive community of over 300 SmartPA Partners and can tap into a wealth of expertise and business knowledge. You’ll reap the rewards of flexible working and being your own boss, with all of the support and guidance you would gain from working in-house.

Why now?

Franchisees who work full-time earn, on average, between £84,000 and £120,000 each year (and those working part-time earn between £30,000 and £48,000 on average).

We don’t restrict you by geographic territory and our recurring revenue model means that you can secure repeat business, ensuring a stable source of income and limitless earning opportunities. SmartPA have worked with brands such as Krispy Kreme, BBC and Total Oil. Launching your business with us gives you the opportunity to tap into our trusted brand and achieve instant recognition.

Key Features

  • COVID-resistant business
  • UK funding available
  • Work virtually from home
  • Enjoy flexible working hours
  • No restrictions on geographical territory
  • Recurring revenue model
  • Six-week accredited training programme and lifetime business support
  • We secure your first client on your behalf for free, worth £6,000 per year
  • Access to our global peer support network of over 300 SmartPA Partners
  • Work under our trusted brand and achieve instant recognition

*Full UK funding is available for this franchise opportunity, meaning you pay nothing upfront. International funding pending.

To take the next step towards owning your own SmartPA franchise, request your free consultation by registering your interest below:

Why hire a Virtual Assistant from SmartPA? The top 10 benefits

SmartPA Image

Because virtual assistants tend to support multiple clients at the same time, you only pay for productive time, helping you save on average 50% compared to hiring a PA.

In recent years, advances in everyday technology has made it easier than ever to build strong working relationships remotely. There has never been a better time to hire a virtual assistant.

Read on for the Top 10 benefits of hiring a SmartPA virtual assistant:

1. You maximise your productivity

Hiring a virtual assistant to manage your day-to-day tasks, gives you more free time. to work on the things that make a bigger difference to your bottom line.

Too many business owners and leaders get bogged down in things that, while they might be necessary, don’t actually help their businesses grow.

2. You gain a cost-effective alternative to a permanent PA

The benefits of having a PA are widely understood, but full-time employees can be expensive. As well as salary payments, you also have to contribute to NI, pensions, workplace consumables, and then factor in holidays and sickness.

One of the key benefits of hiring a virtual assistant instead, is that you pay a monthly package rather than an annual salary. This gives you a reduced long-term commitment and as a result, less risk. And when your nominated PA is ill or on holiday, you’ll have access to another member of our team who already understands you and your business.

3. You get regular, accurate reporting

Your virtual assistant will commonly provide you with weekly reporting on their tasks, giving you complete visibility of how long each task has taken and helping you prioritise future workload and budget.

4. You can scale your package up or down

Business growth is rarely completely linear. Using a virtual assistant enables you to manage the peaks and troughs more effectively, as you can typically scale your monthly package up or down.

5. You only pay for productive time

Your employees may be contracted to work 7 or 8 hours a day, but a study of around 2,000 employees found that most people aren't actually working for the majority of that time. When you hire a SmartPA virtual assistant, you only pay for productive time.

So, for example, if a virtual PA takes 45 minutes to write up your meeting minutes, you only pay for 45 minutes of work. Before you know it, you're getting more admin for far less cost.

6. You access the best talent

Finding skilled PA staff can be tough work. With many of the best PAs switching to becoming a VA as a result of the benefits it offers them, they are a great way to bring the best admin talent to your business.

At SmartPA you can also tap in to our wider teams of PAs, giving you access to specific skillsets as and when you need to. Have a look at our blog for a complete list of services that a virtual assistant provides.

7. You can learn from your virtual PA

Our virtual assistants come with bucketloads of experience and support multiple businesses. This gives them a unique insight into the best industry practices.

They can even help you delegate and show you how to manage a virtual assistant.

8. You gain a trusted assistant

Whether you're a leader in a big organisation or the founder of a small business, you’ll find that an experienced virtual PA will quickly become a trusted assistant, making sure you can focus on your business rather than admin. All at a fraction of the cost of a traditional PA.

9. You can rebalance your personal life

If you're fully utilising your virtual assistant, you'll feel the benefits across your personal life as well as your working life. Many people use their virtual assistant for personal support too, helping to make life altogether less stressful.

10. Our virtual PAs support your business growth

SmartPA virtual assistants come with flexibility and agility, meaning you can utilise them as and when you need them. As a company, we’ve supported countless businesses to grow and thrive, making us the perfect partner to support your business growth.

SmartPA Success Stories

My SmartPA business is growing by £25K year on year!

August 19, 2022
SmartPA Lisa Woolnough won her first client in her first week!

SmartPA Partner Theresa Wood on securing 4 clients in 4 weeks!

June 15, 2022
SmartPA Theresa Wood, who launched her SmartPA business in March of 2022, secured 4 clients in her first 4 weeks, massively exceeding her initial goals.

SmartPA… Empowering women to empower women…

June 08, 2022
SmartPA Partner Marine Ekoro, originally from Cameroon and currently based in Germany, hopes to move back to Cameroon one day with her focus to empower women in her country.

Meet our partners: Sarah Mann

September 29, 2021
When Sarah separated from her husband of 8 years, she took the step to launch her own business with SmartPA to get the flexibility and stability she needed as a single mother.

5 Questions with Sarah Mann, SmartPA Partner

July 13, 2021
A life-changing event led Sarah to the SmartPA partnership, to build on her varied career and create stability for herself and her children. Fast forward a year and Sarah is a successful business owner, enjoying all of the benefits of owning a SmartPA franchise. Read on to find out more about Sarah and her business journey so far.

Lorraine Kneebone - SmartPA Interview

May 14, 2021
Becoming a SmartPA doesn’t just offer important flexibility like being your own boss and choosing your working hours, it also offers you the opportunity to play to your skills and the work experiences you enjoy most to increase your self-satisfaction at work ..with our SmartPA professional network there to support your success.

SmartPA People: Yasmin Jay

February 16, 2021
Each month, we profile one of our valued SmartPA People who will explain what they do and what they like about working here.

Success Story - Carol Thawley

February 03, 2021
Learn more about Carol's franchise journey here...
SmartPA Testimonials
Feeling really valued, feeling indispensable, and feeling like you are making a difference to people.
Lorraine Kneebone, SmartPA Partner,
Life challenges took me to move home and hence change of job back into the Administrative sector. When I really understood I had the experience and ability to do this for myself - after all there wasn’t anywhere to go in my current job. I always had a deep desire to be a business owner, but just didn’t know in what field. When I found out about the support and guidance that SmartPA supplies, I didn’t look back
Jessica White,
I was made redundant and had come across adverts for SmartPA but wasn't sure it was for me. A friend bought into SmartPA and I had seen lots of her posts. After 6 months of no luck with getting a job other than temping, I decided to take the plunge. My biggest achievement? Completing accreditation and launching it in lockdown.
Kate Vayle, SmartPA Partner,
“I had been toying with the idea of starting my own business for a couple of years. In all the industries I’d worked in there was always the same issue that senior management didn’t really understand the importance of good administration or what was really involved in keeping an office running smoothly. I knew about VA’s but I wasn’t sure if it was something I could really do on my own so kept putting it off. When I came across SmartPA and read more it lit up a light and made me realise that I could start my own business but not be totally on my own, there would be support AND be part of an already established brand. The best- selling point of the SmartPA brand is our fabulous head office and support network and access to a vast talent pool of accredited, professional partners from a wide variety of backgrounds offering a variety of experience and skills. Yes there are other VA’s out there and other VA franchise companies, but SmartPA is nearly 6 times the size of competitors… so to me it is definitely THE brand in this industry.”
Jane Charteris,
I have found the support from SmartPA's Business Support Team to be invaluable, and my monthly call with them enables me to stay focused. It helps to put together an ‘Action Plan’ to ensure that I am taking all the steps necessary to help grow my business. They’re always quick to respond with any queries I might have, and are always friendly, helpful, and approachable.
Louise Turnidge, SmartPA Partner,
"I certainly have that Friday Feeling this eve! I have just finished my first week as a fully accredited SmartPA Partner and am so blessed to have some fab clients already and amazing support from the Business Support Team and the SmartPA community. I was so worried about making the move into having my own business and now I feel so positive and ready for anything!!!"
Laura Elliott, SmartPA Partner,
“Having researched various startup options offering business support, I chose SmartPA for their professional approach from the outset. At no point did I feel under pressure to purchase the franchise and I subsequently received excellent advice and support throughout my training and recent launch. The training programme is the most thorough and enjoyable I have ever completed and receiving accreditation gave me the reassurance I needed to start my business. The on-going support from the Business Development Team and other SmartPA partners ensures there is always someone to help if you require assistance or you just need a bit of moral support. During the Covid 19 pandemic, the world is becoming accustomed to remote working and the SmartPA model is a fantastic, flexible option for anyone looking to start a rewarding new business that fits in with their lifestyle.”
Christine Cuthbertson, SmartPA Partner,
"I have to say, everyone that I have spoken to so far has just been so reassuring and helpful and I really feel that if at all I start to struggle, I can contact someone for help and advice and not feel awkward about it... It's really strange, as I know I am only just starting out, but already I feel I am becoming 'part of the family' - and this is because everyone is so helpful and approachable. I have that nice warm fuzzy feeling - it's great! I really do mean everything that I say as the team is just amazing!"
Fiona Mackay, SmartPA Partner,
My journey with SmartPA has been brilliant! I can't fault the whole process. Jo was amazing to deal with, I loved speaking to partners and Andrew the CEO. My workshop was really valuable too - it was all very reassuring. Training - I loved it!! Steven was brilliant, I'd always feel anxious before training but by the end I was absolutely buzzing! I signed up when my little one was really little and I had my hands full, but I haven’t stopped since I launched. SmartPA was the best thing I've done for myself and my children. The whole onboarding process, speaking to people - you feel so included and part of the community from the start."
Sarah Mann, SmartPA Partner,
My SmartPA journey from discovery to accreditation was possibly rockier than most, as we moved house 3 times, renovated one of them and began a new life in Hong Kong, all in the space of 9 months! The training team was unfailingly supportive and gave me all the time and encouragement I needed to persevere through the process. I was in the interesting position of learning about SmartPA’s culture and values while receiving that support from the Head Office at the same time! It gave me a great deal of confidence that I am investing in the right company.
Kerry Wilson,
SmartPA Videos
Monica's Story | SmartPA Partnership

Monica's Story | SmartPA Partnership

Hear more about Monica's journey to becoming a SmartPA partner.
SmartPA Spotlight | Tracy Jones

SmartPA Spotlight | Tracy Jones

SmartPA Partner Tracy Jones discusses her journey to becoming part of the franchise network.
SmartPA Testimonial | Angela Dewitt

SmartPA Testimonial | Angela Dewitt

SmartPA Testimonial | Angela Dewitt
Sarra Bejaoui | SmartPA Founder

Sarra Bejaoui | SmartPA Founder

Hear from SmartPA founder Sarra Bejaoui about the business and franchise opportunity.
SmartPA’s bespoke Insourcing model…

SmartPA’s bespoke Insourcing model…

Watch this video to learn more about SmartPA's bespoke Insourcing model.
SmartPA Partner Nicola Connor | Testimonial

SmartPA Partner Nicola Connor | Testimonial

SmartPA Partner Nicola Connor discussing the value of SmartPA’s community.
SmartPA Partner Angela Dewitt on working under the global brand name SmartPA

SmartPA Partner Angela Dewitt on working under the global brand name SmartPA

SmartPA Partner Angela Dewitt on working under the global brand name SmartPA
Become a Virtual Assistant in 6 Weeks

Become a Virtual Assistant in 6 Weeks

Not only do we offer comprehensive training, we give you lifelong support. Our dedicated team are here to offer mentoring and you will have access to our amazing community network of over 300 fellow SmartPAs.
Meet our Partners | SmartPA

Meet our Partners | SmartPA

Throughout 2021, we have been catching up with some of our SmartPA Partners to get an insight into how they founded their businesses with SmartPA and their successes so far. In this video, our partners are giving their perspective on key questions that we are frequently asked.
SmartPA Partner Spotlight | Tracey Jones

SmartPA Partner Spotlight | Tracey Jones

SmartPA recently caught up with one of its SmartPA Partners, Tracey Jones, to get an insight into how she founded her business with SmartPA and her successes so far.
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SmartPA Gallery
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Partnership opportunities on offer globally. International master licences available upon application.
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