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The Cost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions Company

Start your own business to be proud of, helping organisations by reducing costs and carbon emissions and in becoming verified carbon neutral.

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Become a ‘Member Firm’ or ‘Partner’ of the Auditel Business Community and you’ll be part of a 100-strong network of cost management, procurement and carbon solutions consultants who are really making a difference – for themselves, their clients, and the planet!

Established since 1994, Auditel’s heritage as leading energy specialists has meant their journey has evolved into carbon solutions thanks to the immense talent pool within the Auditel network, all collaborating on a ‘level playing field’ thanks to the balanced franchise licence structure.

You can enjoy considerable benefits by joining Auditel, from as little as just £20,000 providing a potentially huge return on investment whilst helping the planet too.

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I started my Auditel business with training in October 2022 and already by the end of the year I had secured my first client, with two more proposals out for imminent decisions and have another twelve prospective client meetings in the diary over January and February. I’m very excited to have joined Auditel at a time when cost and carbon reduction is so high on the agenda for UK businesses. The training and support I have received since starting has been superb and I’m looking forward to growing my business over the years ahead and enjoying the wide-ranging benefits that an Auditel business offers.” - Julie Adams, Auditel Franchise Partner

With an Auditel Partner Business you can:

  • Develop a personal income stream that can exceed £200,000 per year
  • Leave behind the corporate world, politics, wasted time and commuting
  • Have a better work/life balance where your business works for you
  • Have a business based from home, but scalable to suit your objectives
  • Make a real difference to UK businesses and enjoy pride and recognition for your results
  • Develop your business on a part-time or full-time basis as suits your circumstances.

Three ‘Partner Business’ Models To Choose From

Associate Partner Business: £20,000

Auditel’s ‘entry level’ business model can fit those seeking a part-time long-term business, or used as a ‘stepping stone’ to upgrade to a Full Partner Business model, or can even be used by existing businesses that wish to become a Member Firm of Auditel’s network in order to support their existing activities.

Full Partner Business: £40,000

The Full Partner Business covers approximately 80% of the existing Auditel network, and will likely be to model that is appropriate for the majority of people exploring Auditel ongoing. It provides scope to your business to get the benefits you want, and can develop further into an Auditel Practice in which you can scale up employ multiple staff.

Auditel Practice: £60,000

An Auditel Practice can be developed over time however an option for an ‘Investor’ is this package where you can have five people trained and supported from the outset with some other additional support tools too.
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Auditel’s High Quality Carbon Solutions

Auditel support clients in navigating their path to Carbon Neutrality, but a double-benefit is that it can be funded through the cost savings in procurement from within the business that Auditel also achieve.

By combining the expertise of Auditel’s own Carbon Strategy Group and partnering with British Standards Institute (BSI) they are assisting clients towards the only internationally recognised standard, PAS2060. “Specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality”, positioned to clients as a simplified 4-step process.

Auditel franchise partners can generate revenue through a mix of monthly retainer fees and fixed fee projects and then also develop a range of additional income streams that will be developed alongside. Carbon is also great for cash flow as you’ll start billing at the outset of the client engagement.

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“I started approaching clients by leading with carbon solutions in October 2001. By February 2022 I had already secured seven new clients all paying me monthly retainers totalling nearly £100k per year, and I had more clients sign throughout the year. By the end of 2022, I had more clients than I could manage by myself, so I ‘joint venture’ the project work with my Auditel colleagues. Carbon acts as the ‘door opener’ from which procurement and cost management projects then come on top. The financial rewards are enormous, in January 2023 I’ve billed over £25k alone, but I feel great about the impact of the work that I do, especially the positive environmental impact – I’m passionate and proud about helping businesses manage and reduce carbon emissions.“ - Sean Connaughton, Auditel Partner

Powerful Procurement Solutions

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Auditel Partners boost cash-flow within their client’s business by saving money through better procurement, process improvement or identifying how technology can play a greater part in their business.

Auditel deliver ‘best value’, saving client’s money, increasing profit, and making a tangible difference. The savings made can also fund complimentary projects such as carbon management solutions including investing in renewable energy solutions, purchasing carbon offsets or becoming verified carbon neutral by trusted partners such as BSI and NQA. Procurement and carbon go ‘hand in hand’ and Auditel are very unique in offering both service offerings that are both in such high demand at the moment.

Auditel can achieve for their clients’ incredible results that any business just can’t achieve by themselves – through cost category expertise, supplier and pricing knowledge, and collated buying power. This creates long-term income streams with flexible fee-earning methods including share of savings, retainer, fixed fee and day rate options.

An Auditel Business Can Be Ideal For People From Diverse Backgrounds

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Auditel is a collaborative network of around 100 franchised partners who have come from varied backgrounds but usually at senior-management or director level. By playing to their strengths, Partners can work together to deliver procurement, supply chain management and carbon solutions to organisations of wide-ranging industry sectors and sizes.

Auditel can suit people from all industry sectors and areas of expertise. You do not need to be an accountant or a procurement specialist! Auditel offers a broad array of ‘pathways’ to suit your skills, experience and business objectives. This means that if you enjoy client management and business development you can focus your business on these areas and utilise the expertise of other Auditel Partners who can deliver the project management aspects.

Equally, if you have experience and knowledge in certain areas, for example, Logistics, Packaging or Waste Management, you can develop this expertise with Auditel and over time, undertake projects for other affiliates alongside your own client activities.

You can play to your strengths in Auditel, though every Partner is thoroughly trained and supported ongoing in all aspects of the business.

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"I’ve got a stable, profitable business with a great team behind me, and financially I am in a better position than I would be if I was still in full time employment. I was fortunate and very grateful to be able to build our dream home for my family and I last year. I wouldn’t have been able to start my property journey without the income from Auditel and I wouldn’t have been able to build the house if I didn’t have the time – so the flexibility of the business has played a pivotal role." - David Kendall – Auditel Practice

Multiple Income Streams and Long-term Clients

Auditel help you identify, target, and win clients with a comprehensive marketing and client acquisition programme that includes multiple methods of direct and indirect routes to developing your client base.

By carefully targeting your clients, it’s possible to build a six-figure income business from as little as half a dozen clients, and once secured client retention is extremely long. Some clients have benefitted from Auditel’s solutions for over 20 years!

Explore Starting Your New Business With Auditel

Funding of up to 75% of your combined Initial Fee and working capital is available from major franchise banks. Personal loans for starting up a business can also be sought through the British Business Bank. This can provide 100% funding for the Associate Partner Business model. schemes.


  • Associate Franchise: £20,000+VAT. Personal Investment required min. £8,000
  • Full Partner Business: £40,0000+VAT. Personal Investment required min. £12,000
  • Auditel Practice: £60,000+VAT (for high-level investors)
The financial performance opportunity with Auditel is huge. Some Partners are receipting well over £200,000 per year but remember there are a multitude of other benefits that Auditel Partners enjoy too!

If you would like a professional, b2b opportunity and to build a business that works for you, not someone else, and is effective in all economies then explore Auditel today!

Auditel Partner, Mark Appleton: '“I already upgraded my business within just two months of starting!”

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Mark Appleton joined Auditel on the Induction Programme of December 2022, ready to launch his business at the start of January 2023, and such has been the pace of his business growth, he has already upgraded his Associate Partner Business to a Full Partner Business, increasing his business resource capacity and reducing his monthly management fee percentage.

Based in Cheshire, Mark previously had Director and ownership roles within the Renewable Energy sector, and this experience has been helpful in getting involved with project work for other Auditel Partners alongside developing new client opportunities too.

Mark explains “I can see the income streams are already developing. Within 6 weeks of starting my business after training, I’ve secured a good-sized client for projects around Carbon Inventory and Energy and there is plenty more scope for additional projects with this client too.”

He continues “In addition I’ve engaged with the wider Auditel network and this has also led me to get involved in a project with an Auditel Partner on electric vehicle charging. Another Partner had a client with a need for expertise in bio-fuels, so I’ve been able to start a project doing this as well. I’ve several other new client opportunities for whom I have proposals submitted, plus a building pipeline of many more prospective clients.

To help with understanding why one would invest in the Associate Partner model and then upgrade to the Full Partner model, the Associate Partner model provides a lower cost route into initial investment of the business at £20,000 compared to the Full Partner Business at £40,000, but carries a higher percentage of turnover as a management fee. So, other than for those running the business on a very part-time basis in the long-term, it will be financially beneficial to upgrade to the Full Partner model once clients and income streams are building to a certain level. Using the models as a ‘stepping stone’ is a great way to lower the initial risk and outlay, and also reduce need for funding at this time of higher borrowing levels.

So, what’s behind Mark’s flying start? Well, actually, nothing more than following the proven business system coupled with hard work and proactivity on Mark’s part.

“I started with the approach of ‘find out what works and do a lot of it to a very high standard’. I’ve found that the Auditel marketing plan, from prospecting to lead generation, presentation and proposals works well which is the first step. I’ve been supported really well by the whole Auditel team. Rob Allison (Carbon Director) has masses of experience in carbon and client engagement and has helped me with securing my first clients as well as giving me the tools to win business by myself. Chris Aston produces excellent marketing materials which are continually being updated and improved. Fiona Steels provides first-class support, mentoring and encouragement around establishing my business which invaluable.

If I’d started on my own it would have taken two years and a lot of money to get to where I am already – and then I’d still be on my own. Instead, I immediately have a network of support and Auditel colleagues providing a wealth of knowledge and experience to help me deliver more value to my clients across a whole range of areas which I could never do alone.”

He adds “Last week, I ran a carbon workshop in Scotland, which went really well, and opened up further opportunities within the client. Previous experience in a relevant sector helps in that I‘ve been able to promote this internally within the Auditel community as well working hard to develop a good portfolio of my own clients in the same way any new Auditel Partner would do.”

Looking back at the last few months and his whirlwind start Mark reflects “In terms of my experience so far I been very impressed with the Auditel team, and also the wider Partner network. When you join a new organisation, as an employee or a business partner it’s always hard to know if the values and culture they promote at the outset are the same as those they live day to day. This is definitely the case with Auditel who are a pleasure to work with.

The training was great but the learning curve is huge and I feel like I’m picking up new knowledge every day which is very exciting. It really is a ‘Business Community’ that I am part of and I’m enjoying getting to know people with very different backgrounds, skills and experience. Best of all, I’m not just making a positive difference to my clients, and generating a commercially and financially rewarding business, but I’m making a positive impact on the planet in doing so!”

He concludes “With so much happening in such a short timeframe, I’m absolutely delighted to have become part of the Auditel Business Community. I decided to join as an Associate Partner Business as this provided a lower-risk route into the business, at a reduced investment of £20,000. I still had all the same training and support as with a Full Partner Business, but my management fees to Auditel would be greater. Now that I can see my pipeline of clients and income streams growing, it makes sense to upgrade to the Full Partner Business. It was always my plan to do so, but I had envisaged this maybe towards the end of my first year of training, not within just two months!!”

Nick Tubb, Head of Partner Recruitment adds “It’s fantastic that Mark has had such a flying start and has upgraded already. It really shows the depth of opportunity available right now and the interest from prospective Partner in joining Auditel is very high. The Auditel Partner Business is a great ‘lower cost’ route into starting an Auditel business. It can reduce reliance on funding, or provide a ‘part-time’ route into developing a business alongside other activities. Many people currently joining Auditel are following in Mark’s footsteps by investing in the Associate Partner model but with a fairly full-time initial application you can upgrade to the Full Partner Business at the right time that suits you.”

Auditel Success Stories

Auditel Partner, Julie Adams, outlines her progress and discusses highlights, just over a year after joining the Auditel Business Community as a ‘Full Partner’

February 27, 2024| Franchise News
Julie speaks to Auditel Head of Partner Recruitment Nick Tubb in late January 2024, having joined Auditel in late Autumn 2022. Having made a good start to her business as featured in December 2022, Julie has continued to successfully build her business and is now early in her second year.

“I joined Auditel and had my first prospective client meeting 30 minutes later!”

May 24, 2023
Paul Harper shares his exploration journey in becoming a new Licenced Partner of the Auditel Business Community.

Auditel franchise partner Gordon Brearley - Success Story

August 04, 2021
Here’s your chance to get hear from an Auditel franchise partner.
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Auditel | Impact of Carbon Solutions

Auditel | Impact of Carbon Solutions

Using Carbon Reduction as a door opener.
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Auditel | Partner Benefits

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Auditel Franchise Gallery
Auditel Franchise Gallery
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