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The Wheel Specialist

The Wheel Specialist

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The Wheel Specialist is a management franchise putting you in control of your future. Deliver high satisfaction to customers visiting your showroom for the ultimate wheel refurbishment experience, and enjoy a share in the network-wide £30m quotable work to 20,000+ customers.

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About The Wheel Specialist

Enabling people to turn passion for quality into a profitable business. With your own The Wheel Specialist management franchise, we’ll give you the tools to build for your future, in a strong sector.

We first started franchising in 2006, but our model is built on the success of a business founded in 1955! Three generations later and we continue to thrive through recessions, the pandemic, and economic crises. We now have over 25 franchisees across the UK, delivering what our customers want: alloy refurbishment – and in 2021 we celebrated the refurbishment of our one millionth wheel!

How do we know our model works? Our first franchisee, Andy Thompson, bought his and the very first The Wheel Specialist centre in 2007. He’s since invested in multiple units and is now our technical director.

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How does The Wheel Specialist franchise work?

As a management franchise, operating from an exclusive territory, The Wheel Specialist offers you the chance to grow a business exponentially. With our easy-to-follow model, and many additional income streams, you could be enjoying profits in excess of £190k (based on the audited adjusted accounts from a high performing franchisee, rather than submitted accounts). You could also choose to open multiple-units, further accelerating your business growth.

Operating from a plush showroom, rather than a van, you’ll soon build trust with your customers and stand out from the competition with a professional, friendly service and rapid turnaround in all weathers. This is the strength of The Wheel Specialist

So, whether you choose to work on your business, or in it, we’ll support you to achieve your growth goals as quickly as you can, with our cutting-edge technology and proven processes. Including our bespoke management software suite.

When you combine your determination with our expertise and guidance, you’ll soon build a rewarding business to be proud of. Built on an ethical approach to business management, you’re in business for yourself; never by yourself.

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What is The Wheel Specialist looking for in a franchise owner?

You don’t need experience in wheel refurbishment, to run one of our management franchises. You do need an ability to manage your people, a desire to know every aspect of how your business works, and the ambition to grow it. You also need an openness to learn The Wheel Specialist way, aligning with our mission to exceed customer expectation.

What does the franchise package with The Wheel Specialist include?

  • A heritage of success from which to grow
  • Full technical and business training so you understand what you’re offering
  • Business management support throughout, so you can build your business
  • A dedicated trade sales rep to sell on your behalf, for the first few weeks you’re open
  • Marketing guidance, including 200 trade leads, to help you start strong
  • Our customised CRM and our contactless customer processing system

What training and support does The Wheel Specialist provide franchisees?

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We’ve been operating as a business since 1955; we know what customers want, and how to deliver it. As our partner, we aim to give you everything you need to succeed, including: operational and technical training, sales training to convert leads generated for you from our customer website (including 200 trade leads upon opening), HR, health & safety, and business management.

We have a Trade Sales expert, who will visit prospective customers in your territory, on your behalf when you first open for business. He will then give you a list of warm leads, and show you the best way to follow-up with them, giving you the confidence to connect with trade customers.

You’ll also receive full support with every aspects of starting and growing your new business from finding the right location for your showroom, regularly check how you’re doing as you prepare to launch, with supportive communication throughout the lifetime of your franchise.

What market opportunities can you expect as a The Wheel Specialist franchisee?

The automotive industry in the UK is enormous, worth over £82bn in turnover, and the growing trend in alloy wheels means there is a huge market available, for businesses to provide services to both consumers and commercial customers. As a well-established and trusted brand, The Wheel Specialist has gained a strong reputation of trust, knowledge and reliability, and has a national presence across the country.

With your own The Wheel Specialist franchise:
  • Your staff will help to deliver job satisfaction to our nation-wide share of 20,000+ trade and public customers each year.
  • You’ll also enjoy a share in the total quotable work received by the network: £30m p/a,
  • which is what makes The Wheel Specialist a great opportunity.

With your skills, and our unbeatable training and support, you can immediately wow your customers with a superior service, and expect to breakeven within 12-18 months.

How can I get started?

To start a franchise with The Wheel Specialist, first contact them by filling out the enquiry form on this page, and arrange an initial call back to discuss the process with the franchise team.

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The Wheel Specialist News

How viable is an alloy wheel business?

Let’s look at the UK market statistics. You will be surprised!

Looking for a healthy business you can manage and grow?

For some entrepreneurs, building a portfolio of businesses doesn’t always give you time to invest in the day-to-day, which is what makes The Wheel Specialist such a great option.

Benefits of a motivated network – collective success

This month, we were excited to host our first in-person conference since the pandemic! There’s nothing like being in a room with people who share your passion and aspirations. For some of our new franchisees and staff, it was the first time they’d met the rest of the network in-person!

Don’t miss out on delivering customer experiences which set you apart

In 2022, our franchisees discovered more people chose to keep their vehicles pristine. When you invest in your own The Wheel Specialist franchise, you’ll see this too, as customers shout about their experience to others.

Not everyone can run a business; could you?

It’s typically at this time of year, when we look at what we have and assess if it’s really what we want. Take your career, for example. Could a new business be on the horizon?

It all starts with one step…

Starting your own business, with the support of The Wheel Specialist franchise, doesn’t have to be complicated. It all starts with one step, and then we build together!

A strategic approach to selling to the trade

If you’re wanting to start a business, but have no idea about some aspects of running a business, such as sales and marketing, then franchising may be the best approach for you.

The Wheel Specialist | 12th Annual Conference

Jack Murphy discusses The Wheel Specialist’s 12th Annual Conference.

Content pro joins The Wheel Specialist to help franchisees shine online

Franchisees of The Wheel Specialist - already a hit on social media - will soon be seeing their businesses look and sound even better online.

Lightning lead-handling means more profit for wheel refurbisher’s franchisees

Franchisees of The Wheel Specialist can guarantee a response to incoming business enquiries within 60 seconds - even if they’re up to their eyes with refurbishing wheels or spending time at home with their family.
The Wheel Specialist Success Stories

Discover the story of Jon King, who started his business during the last recession

October 06, 2022
How are you feeling about the current situation, when it comes to thinking – or dreaming?! – about starting your own business? There’s no denying these are very unsettling times for everyone.
The Wheel Specialist Testimonials
Training was great and very valuable. I couldn’t quite believe the initial response from both public customers and trade customers alike.
Tony Carter TWS Weston Super Mare,
The Wheel Specialist
The model works. We did 7 sets of wheels yesterday and we have only been open 7 weeks! If it carries on like this we will need an extra member of staff sooner than we thought, we are both really pleased.
Duncan Scott TWS Colchester,
The Wheel Specialist
“Business has been fantastic from day one. We took in almost £20k in our first month, which far exceeded my expectations. In the early days, I got so much support in setting up the business. Everything was so well planned that we minimised the setup time and had clients booked in for business from day one. The sales and marketing provided by the franchisor has been brilliant. I have been so impressed with the leads generated for me by Head Office for free. Every day I get dozens of quote requests from potential clients off the web. With my average order value at £276, that is nearly £10k of opportunity in a day that the franchisor is giving me. Now that we are also developing trade accounts locally, I can see that the potential is even better than I was hoping for. I was nervous about setting up my own business but I have to say it was the best decision I have made. The first few months have been great and the future looks even better.”
The Wheel Specialist
"I started off my journey running the Edinburgh branch of The Wheel Specialist and I absolutely loved it. After receiving an offer a couple of years later to buy my franchise, I decided to treat myself and accepted the proposal. Unfortunately I soon found myself deeply missing the world of alloy wheel refurbishment, having the opportunity to work on all those amazing cars, it was a sickness for which there was only one cure! To buy another franchise! I’m now very happily back in the world of The Wheel Specialist running the East Kilbride franchise. It’s great to be back!"
The Wheel Specialist
“We were looking for a long time for a franchise business to invest in. After hours, weeks, months and years of scouring the internet it was by chance we came across The Wheel Specialist, after having some work carried out by another franchise. We were so impressed with the finished product we had a brief chat about the business with the franchisee, who was full of praise for the franchise. We decided to look a little deeper into it and contacted Ginny at Head Office and arranged a visit to the Birmingham branch. We were sold straight away - that was in August and by the following January we were set up and ready to go. We were supported all the way through from setup, systems to process and thereafter any issues are resolved with a quick phone call. I am left to run my business on a day to day basis and all of the things that may be neglected as a sole trader are dealt with by Head Office lightening your workload. I only wish we had come across the wheel specialist sooner.”
The Wheel Specialist
"I have owned a TWS franchise now for over eight years. Over the years the franchise network has grown substantially to become the clear market leader. This is not only due to the hard work of individual franchisees but is a testament to the franchise system, corporate branding and the support we each receive every day if required. From the outset, the support has been tremendous, from help with site selection all the way through to opening day support. The technical and computer based systems training received was also superb. Highly recommended."
The Wheel Specialist
"Having realised a niche in the market for a dedicated alloy wheel refurbishment service in the Grampian area, my first thoughts were to 'go it alone'. However, during my market research, I came across The Wheel Specialist, who had an opening for a franchise in the area. I visited TWS HQ and two existing franchises to get a feel for the business and what a franchise set up would offer compared to setting up my own, and there was no debating that the franchise model was the way forward. TWS offers full technical and front office training prior to start up, easy access to existing suppliers and credit terms, and full time support in technical and sales and marketing. Our online CRM system covers every aspect of running our business and our website is user friendly and allows our clients access to online quotations, none of which I would have had access to on my own. The TWS brand is dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the best value for money service, which can be very demanding on a franchisee, however this is geared to ensure a healthy return on my investment. If the brand is followed, TWS allows you the feeling of running your own business, with the assurance of network support and experience to make it a success."
The Wheel Specialist
"It is essential for me that any company or product I have worked with is at the top of their game in all aspects. Delivering consistency is absolutely crucial. Every week we make sure that standards are pulled back online, every month questions are asked if standards have slipped. Sure it’s hard work – but what isn’t if it's worth having? Part of our success has to be due to Ginny and her team being cut from the same cloth. Being the best every time – not accepting second best. We shortly have our annual conference in a beautiful location in the Midlands, where all the franchises get together share best practise, catch up with what’s going on in other parts of the country face to face (although there is an excellent forum on the extranet for daily communication if required). Awards are given for various achievements – great to see a variety of branches each year succeeding with the smashing of goals and targets! I thoroughly enjoy the time as it re-enforces how big the franchise is now and how each year the brand becomes stronger and more defined… incidentally did I mention that HO pay for the whole occasion, not often happens these days! The journey is interesting, challenging and great fun, not to mention rewarding. I am thrilled and delighted with the opportunity that social media has brought us and am loving the way that business shifts and changes. This year my plan is to get bigger – watch this space and keep bringing in those wheels!"
The Wheel Specialist
"It has been busier than we could have ever anticipated, we are over the moon!.. We found The Wheel Specialist after looking for a franchise involved in the motor trade, the set-up of working from a fixed premises within our area, giving our customer a warranty on the finish knowing they would not deteriorate within a short period of time was just up our street. The owners of the franchise, Neill and Ginny, along with their franchise support team have put into place a first class operation giving loads of support and encouragement once the process of setting up is underway. From the day we started receiving interest from customers to opening the doors the stone has been rolling faster, with customer of all types coming in. Month before we opened we quoted £30k; month of opening: double, with an increase month on month. So with the support of The Wheel Specialist team we are onto a winner!"
Mike & Jon,
The Wheel Specialist

Jon King | The Wheel Specialist Cardiff | Franchise Interview

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Wheel Specialist Auto Service Franchise
Wheel Specialist Auto Services gallery
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